Partridge lakes , open match

June 6th , Covey five peg 121


I was back on the Partridge lakes open match today and after Thursdays good day here on Marsh canal i was eager to get back on Coveys 1-4 so i could give my worm+caster+pellet approach another workout , as i was going to be meeting up with a couple of mates their i set off a bit earlier than i normally do so i could grab a bacon buttie and have a bit of a catch up before the draw .

When i arrived at the complex i booked on and got told the match would be taking place on Coveys 1-6 which would allow the eighty anglers contesting the match plenty of room as you will find out later this worked really well because even in the overcast blustery conditions there would be lots of weights over the ton , i was a bit sceptical that Covey six would be able to compete against the others even after Friday’s OAP match on it when 70lb was only good enough for fourth place but in fact it fished better than Covey five .

At the draw i didn’t really fancy being on five or six as those where you’re out-and-out pellet water and i was going to be using the earlier mentioned worm+caster+pellet method , for once my drawing arm let me down putting me on Covey five peg 121 although it was in a reasonable area i was up against pegs 113-115-117-119 all of which i felt were better than mine and with this in mind i decided to fish my original plan to see how this fared against those anglers fishing pellet around me .



After driving around to Covey 5+6 car-park i soon found my home for the day and luckily the wind was being kind blowing off my back as it was slightly protected from the high bit of banking behind me , with this in mind i decided to set up four rigs which would cover my options and these were ;

1ft shallow , 0.2 Matrix series three float with 012 garbo line which had a size 18 matrix bagger hook .

2ft top kit too my right , 0.3 Matrix series three float with 012 garbo line which had a size 16 matrix bagger hook

3ft top kit too my left , 0.3 Matrix series three float with 012 garbo line which had a size 16 matrix bagger hook

Top three situated in between my keepnets , 4×12 malman Roob float with 012 garbo line which had a size 16 matrix bagger hook .

My bait today was going to be ;

1/4 kilo worm

1 pint casters

1/2 pint micros

all mixed together in one three-pint bait tub and i had another 2 pints of casters for fishing shallow .

When the all in sounded i decided to start on my top three-line between my keepnets this worked well on the last couple of trips here and it did today as well , i tapped in a kinder pot full of feed then lowered my inch long segment of worm hook bait among it and after ten minutes i had my first F1 which was just over a pound this was an above average stamp for Cover five .In the next forty minutes i had a nice run of fish putting a dozen in too the net but even after being carefull with the feed my bites began tailing off , i had thrown a dozen casters on to my six meter shallow line since the match started and with a few fish topping in my swim i expected a good response but no bites after twenty minutes wasn’t what i wanted so i gave up on it and went onto my right hand margin , this produced another run of fish although they were a bit smaller than i had caught previously plus the indications wasn’t what you would normally get when worm fishing as they were being just little dinks more like when using pellet and this resulted in me missing a few because if you left them to develop into something more positive they never did , i tried a caster on the hook to see if this would improve things but they just didn’t want it and putting just an inch segment of worm on the hook ( nipping a piece off just below the saddle ) allowed me to hit more bites .

After a while my bites started to tail off so rather than emptying the swim i went onto my left hand margin this was six-inch deeper because i couldn’t get closer to the bank due to the vegetation and i had to wait longer for an indication but the fish were nearly twice as big so well worth waiting for , by swapping in between both margin swims i kept a steady run of fish coming up to the last sixty minutes when the lake seemed to shut down but unlike my usual bad last hour i decided to try something a bit different and i had began to feed my top three-line quite heavily with casters giving me some were to go , by fishing there with half a worm or double caster on the hook produced some bigger stamp F1s and carp .

The all out soon sounded and i had enjoyed my match today thinking that i had done reasonably well catching 65 fish but after speaking to the lads either side of me while packing up it seemed that i hadn’t done as well as them because one had caught 90 fish the other over a hundred , while waiting for the scales man i found out that both my neighbours had fished pellet in the margin or shallow and rumour came our way of lots of tons and one lad even had 170lb .As Mel finally came with the scales 83lb was winning the section from peg 113 , they guy to my right on 119 had 73lb and my 65 fish went 69lb for third in the section , that lad on 121 which wasn’t in my section weighed in 103 lb i think that got him fourth overall and all the top ten had over a ton so as you can imagine it fished extremely well i hope they continue to put the opens on Covey 1-6 when they are able too .

I am not planning on going fishing this week because i need to start preparing for my first ever festival which is at Tunnel Barn and with all the top names attending I’m probably going to get battered on both sides on every match but you need to fish against the best to keep improving , i will no doubt learn a hell of a lot which will only make my fishing better and then when i come back from there i have the small matter of a Fisho qualifier on my home water Partridge lakes so just a nice easy week .


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