Partridge lakes Covey six

June 12th , peg 139

covey six

covey six

With my upcoming Tunnel barn festival not far away a confidence booster and bagging up session was what i needed , so with the temperatures rising steadily during the week and blue skies plus light winds forecast i decided to grab a few hours after work and there was no better place to go than Partridge lakes especially with Coveys 5+6 being available on day tickets .

After arriving at the fishery i grabbed a quick double cheese burger while i decided on which lake i wanted to fish , i quite fancied ago on Ribbon because it would be sheltered from the sun and so hopefully more feeding fish but unfortunately the Oap match was taking place on it plus Spey and Marsh . The recent good weights on Covey six and the fact the F1s were bigger swung it for me so that’s where i headed , on arriving at the covey 5+6 car-park i was a bit surprised to see only half a dozen anglers fishing it including Andy May who was doing a coaching session on a peg towards the bottom of the straight ( it wasn’t long before i heard the typical sound of him ooosshing away every few minutes )


I had only fished Covey six three times before and those pegs were already taken so i settled on 139 which was at the windward end of the main straight , it was the same as most on here with it being 13m wide with far-bank and margin cover . As mentioned earlier my main aim for the day was to get some confidence behind the worm approach which i would be using at tunnel barn and i decided to keep things nice and simple setting up just two rigs ;

2ft for far-bank and margin , 0.3 matrix series one float with 0.14 garbo main line an 0.12 garbo hook length which had a size matrix bagger hook .

1ft for fishing shallow along the far-bank , 0.3 matrix series one float with 0.14 garbo main line an 0.12 garbo hook length which had a size matrix bagger hook .


At 330 i was ready to get started so i filled my kinder pot full of my choppie mix with an inch segment of worm on the hook , i shipped out to the side of the far-bank reeds where i had earlier plumbed up to find 2ft depth and i deposited the feed from a height to try to draw some fish into the area . It wasn’t long before my float dipped but it weren’t the F1 i expected but a small 4oz silver , so back out i went with another full kinder pot and splodged the lot in from a height again then lowered my hook bait in among it my float only just settled before the elastic shot out this was no silver and a nice stamp f1 settled in my landing net .


The first hour went really well with a mixture of 15 f1s+carp coming my way but the constant feeding of the choppie mix had as i expected brought them up in the water this was confirmed when i started getting line bites and foul hooking fish , so i decided to pick up my 1ft deep rig and after taking a couple of stotz off so my hook bait wouldn’t drag the float under . Using this rig i increased my catch rate significantly with a fish coming every couple of minutes and surprisingly they were all a bigger stamp than i had earlier caught .



After two hours i had forty fish on my clicker and as i was approaching my final hour of the short session i decided to see what my margin was going to produce , i had been kinder potting bait in for the previous twenty minutes so when i went on this line i expected an immediate response and i wasn’t disappointed with indications straight away my first few fish were small 8oz tench but it didn’t take too long before the f1s moved in numbers . I was back catching well again although i did miss a few bites and maybe i should have gone a bit tighter to the bank which would have helped solve this problem , just before i was about to call time on my session my float flew under and i was attached to something a bit bigger than the previous F1s after a few minutes i had it under control before i slipped the net under a near 8lb carp which was a fitting end to the day .


In my three hours fishing i had caught sixty f1s+carp , a couple of barbel , a few tench and silvers for about eighty pounds which i felt was a nice warm up before my Tunnel barn festival i just hope that i can do myself proud against the big name anglers that are competing in it and i am extremely looking forward to it .


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