Partridge lakes , fishomania qualifier

Saturday 20th June , Covey three peg 73


Today was my last chance for qualifying for fishomania 2015 and it was rather a funny day to be honest as i didn’t really feel up for it which was strange for me on a competition like this as i usually get really nervous about doing them , i think this might be down to the fact that i did the big festival at Tunnel barn in the week leading up to it and might have felt a bit drained . On the morning of the match the weather was a bit iffy with it being overcast and drizzly plus the wind was forecast to increase steadily during the day , after my short drive to the venue i picked up some maggots from the on site tackle shop before meeting up with a few mates who was also contesting this event and after joining the queue towards the back i didn’t fancy drawing on coveys 1-5 because they have an awful record in these big matches for some bizarre reason , when peg 73 on covey three stuck to my hand i had a mixture of emotions because i had fished it recently on an open match and caught quite well so at least i should get a good days fishing ( of course it was one of  the twitter hot pegs )


On arriving at my peg which was the second one over the bridge i had a nice mud-bank with plenty of reed cover and there was also a couple of cut outs in the margin bank as well so i decided to fish a nice uncomplicated match ;

Starting between my keep-nets at 4ft

Across at either side of the mud bank at 2ft

Both right and left hand margin at 2ft

Shallow for the channel mid match and also a deck rig for fishing under the loose feed .


My bait was to revolve around ;

Worm and micro for across + margin + top kit between my nets

Maggots for fishing in channel shallow and on the deck


When the all in sounded at 11 o’clock i began on my top kit line and after a couple of feeds through a kinder pot full of worm+pellet resulted in my first f1 of the day  the indications i was getting on this line where slight dinks on the float and as a result i began missing a few so i had to reduce the size of worm to allow me to hit more of them , this worked a treat with ten nice sized fish hitting the net for nearly twenty pounds and if it carried on like this i thought that i might have had half a chance but when the wind began to get a bit stronger blowing towards my right it seemed to push the fish out of my peg .

A change of tactics to fishing across was in order while i primed my shallow line at six meters towards my right which was just on the edge of the ripple , after a kinder pot full of worm+pellet i began getting liners but no bites so i needed to reduce the depth of my rig so i could get it really tight to the bank this resulted in me getting some proper indications with half a worm being the best hook bait as the weight of it prevented it getting wafted around and the bites where proper elastic rippers i added a further four f1s plus a carp on this line before faded on me .


After half the match of feeding my six meter shallow line so i expected an instant response as there was the odd bubble coming up but no fizzing which i felt ment that the loose feed wasn’t reaching the deck but after forty minutes of searching the depths and trying my bottom rig all i could manage was two ide ! ! this swim clearly wasn’t working so i began feeding my margin line one side with worm the other with just maggot to see which was best and while this settled i went back across but twenty minutes of inactivity got me putting in a new swim further towards the ripple this time i fed just maggots i got an instant response but not from the f1s but ide + small silvers not exactly what i wanted to be catching .

Ninety minutes of the match remaining and it was time for a look on my margins so with half a worm on the hook i pushed the rig tight into the cut out five minutes of inactivity before my float shot under and a firm strike resulted in an 8oz ide flying towards me ! ! but no more bites ensued on either margin so i was left with rotating my swims to try to get another bite  and as a last resort i went back on my top kit line between my keepnets i started feeding heavy with maggots as this is a method which has worked for me on a few occasions when fishing at Partridge lakes , it did again today as i managed four more f1s before the all out which called time on a pretty bad match even if it was a bit expected at the start .


When the scales arrived i put 31lb on which was a bad weight for on here especially on what is usually a good peg in the opens , after i had packed up i went to the presentation i was feeling a bit dejected after my match especially with the good start i had and when they began to call out the sections covey three was won with just 54lb and surprisingly mine was won with just 34lb so yet again another second in section which was twice from three fishos this year .

Well done too Connor Barlow on winning the qualifier and another Partridge regular heading to Cudmore im sure he will have a fair few people watching him there , i just hope it fishes better than what i expect it too .

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