Sycamore fishery evening match

July 1st , peg 38 Rowans canal


With the weather during the week being really hot and stuffy i decided to have another try at the mid-week open at Sycamore fishery but this time i would be using my more normal approach for the venue and i hoped that this would get me back on track here , after getting to the fishery extremely early last week i decided to set off a little later but this time i got stuck in the rush hour traffic and it’s a fine line between them both as i got to the complex at 430 just before the draw when i arrived there wasn’t that many anglers knocking about and as it turned out there was just twenty of us contesting the open match this i put down to the forecast thunder storms that was due to hit us at 8 oclock .


After paying my money then picking my number which was 23 as it’s a rover this gave me a middle position in the draw and as the names were shouted out one by one all the better pegs went with most choosing to go towards the bottom wind ward end of the canals and i decided to sit on peg 38 which is an area that i have had a lot of success it also thankfully allowed me a bit of room unlike last week when i was rather hemmed in . On arriving at my home for the next few hours the water level seemed even lower than on my previous match and i noticed lots of fish showing up in the water about two-thirds across , as i mentioned earlier i planned on keeping things really simple deciding to set up just the two rigs although these would allow me plenty of options ;

Mud bank and shallow at around 18 inch

Far shelf at 11m , top kit at side of the keepnets and margin all of which were between 2.5ft + 3ft

My bait was also very uncomplicated ;

Two pints red and white maggots

One pint of soaked micros

Three pints of f1 dark ground-bait

Small tub of 4mm expanders


When the all in sounded i potted in two big cups full of ground-bait on to my far bank but shipping in and out was a problem as the pole kept sticking to my arm maybe due to the heat or the sun cream i was using im not to sure but it did get more manageable as the day wore on , as usual on matches these days i started on my top kit at 3 ft besides my keep net while my far-bank line settled and i primed my shallow swim . I used pellets here feeding balls of micros with an expander on the hook being careful when lowering my rig in as they fell , it took only a matter of seconds before my float slid under with a chunky 8oz crucian hitting the net and i had twenty of hand sized fish in the first thirty minutes i was a bit surprised not to catch any proper carp there which i needed to catch if i was to frame today .

I had thrown half a dozen maggots every few minutes since the match started at six meters and there was plenty of carp moving about just under the surface so i hoped that i could catch a few fish shallow , i began on my 2ft rig fishing on the drop this produced a few indications but nothing that positive so i began altering depths trying to find the fish but i felt they wasn’t really feeding properly yet becoming a little spooked easily by the pole tip and when my only positive indication resulted in a carp hooked under the chin confirmed it so i decided to leave it for a while longer .

I had fished for about an hour now so i felt it was time to go to the far-bank although shipping in and out was still being a problem with my pole sticking to my arm first drop across over the ground-bait with double maggot on the hook resulted in a crucian then a baby mirror carp and these were becoming a real pain but i kept persevering , finally the carp+f1s turned up and i began putting some weight in the net although my next problem was keeping them on the hook as i lost three nice fish on the bounce with hook pulls a change to a lighter Matrix orange elastic didn’t solve the issue as they were flying all over the place when hooked ( maybe foul hooked ) after a bit of a toddler T tantrum chucking my top kits around as my head had really been done in and i needed a time out to gather my composure .

I decided to leave my far-bank choosing to fish my margin swims i fed the left with maggots and right with ground-bait plus micros , i started on my left and was getting bites almost instantly from crucians but the constant loose feed soon dragged the carp into the swim after catching them for a while they began swirling causing yet more line bites and more foul hookers ( it really wasn’t my day ) although rather than getting wound up i just big potted some maggots then went onto my right hand swim and caught almost instantly again including some nice sized carp . A return to my left hand swim and the big pot of bait had worked its magic getting them back on the deck this time barbel had got in on the act including some that where almost 2ft long they have certainly grown since last year but as you all know they take ages to get and don’t weigh a great deal , by rotating between my margin swims i kept the fish coming right until the last ten minutes when a big carp shot off resulting in a trashed rig with time running out i had to make do with my shallow rig which was half depth of my margin rig but this failed to get me a bite .


The all out soon sounded and in the distance loomed some dark threatening rain clouds it looked like the thunderstorms were on their way luckily i was the first to weigh in and i knew that i wouldn’t be troubling the leaders but at least i had done better than last week with my twenty carp+f1s+barbel plus a shed load of crucians took the scales round to a high 40lb weight and this kept me in the lead for all of two pegs before a 50lb then a 70lb took over , with the storm heading my way i made a quick exit and got home just in time to get soaked to the bone unpacking the car then while eating my tea i watched some natural fireworks through the living room window .Well i learned a great deal today and going back to basics certainly worked for me i just hope that i can get my head round the foul hookers but at least it will give me something to think about over the coming few days , i hope to be doing a double-header at Partridge lakes next weekend in preparation for the Maver match this in a couple of weeks .


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