Sycamore fisheries , Evening open match

July 8th , peg 37 Rowans canal

Rowans canal

Rowans canal

Well it soon came round to Weds again and that meant only one thing another try at the Sycamore fisheries evening match i was especially eager to go after last weeks bit of a nightmare with foul hookers which i had given some thought to all week with me not getting on the bank at the weekend and i had hopefully come up with a plan that would enable me to solve it ( more about that later ) The weather leading up to today had seen a drop in temperature plus constant rain although it was forecast to stop in the evening and that it did just in time for me to start packing the car although it was replaced by a rather strong gusty wind which could make fishing long a bit problematic .

On arrival at the fishery and you guessed it i was first there but at least it would give me chance to have a look at the match canals and see just how bad the wind would be in fact it was a strange kind of breeze blowing in a circular motion but i had a feeling that if it got any stronger it would be towards David’s pool , as i was walking round the canals i noticed the water levels had increased slightly and after talking to Phil the owner he has said the leak seemed to have thankfully subsided which was obviously a good sign also he had strimmed away some of the near side margin rushes and as i had only seen a couple other anglers doing the same as me ( this should give me a bit of an edge )


So with a couple of pegs in mind which had a nice margin to fish i went to pay then pick a number that would put me in line to choose a peg ( no surprise that i had second choice ) my first option was 34 Rowans which also won last weeks match this went straight away so i settled on 37 Rowans only one away from last week but it had a lot better margin , on arriving at my home for the next few hours i originally set up the full extension of my pole intending to fish across but with the wind strengthening i decided against it choosing to just target ;

Margin top kit to my right , after plumbing up i found twenty inch depth as tight to the bank as i could manage and here i will feed ground-bait with a hard 8mm pellet on the hook . My rig consisted of an 0.3 Matrix series three float with Matrix power micron 014 main line which had an 012 garbo hook length and a size 16 Matrix rigger hook with a bait band attached .

Margin top three to my left where i had found a nice flat spot at the side of some rushes which was just over 2ft deep , this will enable me to see which margin and feed approach would work the best as i was a bit unsure of the depth that the carp could be settled in due to the recent cold rain going in and i would be cupping in 4mm hard pellets on this line , i decided to use a My rig consisted of an 0.3 Matrix series three float with Matrix power micron 014 main line which had an 012 garbo hook length and a size 16 Matrix rigger hook with a bait band attached .

Bottom of near slope on the top three-line and i found a nice hard spot slightly up the shelf at around 4ft deep i would have normally just used my top kit but with the lack of fish showing shallow i expected the carp to be feeding in the slightly deeper water and i choose to put in 4mm pellets on this line through a cupping kit rather than throwing or using a kinder pot i hoped this would help to keep them on the deck , i used a 4×14 Malman Roob float with Matrix power micron 014 main line which had an 012 garbo hook length and a size 16 Matrix rigger hook with a bait band attached .

My bait for the evening match was going to be ;

3 pints of ground-bait

3 pints soaked 4mm pellets

Tub mixed hard pellets for the hook

I was just about ready for the 545 start and as the all in sounded my first line of attack would be on the right hand margin hoping to sneak a few quick fish so i feed a cup of ground-bait before dropping my rig among it and it didn’t take long before i began getting indications my first fish was a near 2lb mirror carp in fact i managed eight of these in the first hour i topped up with another cup after every couple of fish being careful not to get too many of them in my swim at once which would make them difficult to catch ,i was well on my way to the thirty fish target that i had set myself which i felt would be good enough to get a framing place . Unsurprisingly the swim started to slow down so rather than empty it i swapped to my left hand margin where i had thrown a dozen 4mm pellets every ten minutes from the beginning of the match strangely on this line i managed plenty of bites and fish but mainly hand sized 8oz crucians or slightly bigger tench with the odd carp in between , i kept swapping between my two margin lines but i kept getting more and more pre-occupied with the carp on my right hand ground-bait swim and not really putting anything in the net ( think i was a bit too eager with the bait )

I decided to let this line settle and went onto my top three swim which i had kept topped up with pellets through a cupping kit every twenty minutes and as we was two hours into the match i expected a response straight away which is what i got with five big f1s+carp in a twenty-minute burst , towards the last forty minutes i worked out that i could catch a quick carp on my right hand margin before feeding then letting it settle for a while , on the top three-line i had begun kinder potting in pellets which had brought the fish up off the deck ( making them harder to catch ) by shallowing up a touch so i was fishing six-inch off the deck got me catching again although not as quickly as at the start .

When the all out sounded i felt i had done ok catching thirty f1s+carp plus a dozen crucians and tench it was a little short of my target off 35 but i might be in chance of a framing place if i was lucky , the scales soon arrived as i was the first to weigh in so it was the moment of truth and my two nets totaled 58lb which is what i thought that i had ( but felt not enough ) i followed the scales round and was still in front until we reached peg 25 who had 130lb maybe more because both of his nets bottomed out the scales and that was some weight to catch in under four hours all caught on corn in his margin , both David’s pool and Silver birch did not produce any weights over fifty pounds although most had caught over 35lb this meant that i had finished second overall but a long way behind the winner in fact the three pegs that i made a mental note of when walking round at the start filled the framing positions .

I enjoyed the match tonite feeling that i had learned a great deal as i have not fished the venue a lot so far this year and will hopefully be back next Weds where i might go a place better , before that i am going tp Partridge lakes on Sat to contest the open which should be fun because i haven’t been since i struggled from a good peg in the fisho qualifier .

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