Partridge lakes , open match

July 11th , peg 54 Covey 3


With the Maver match this looming round the corner ( next week in fact ) i felt that it was time to re-acquaint myself with the venue and booked onto the open at Partridge lakes and after Weds good result at Sycamore fisheries i was keen to see if the same approach would work on there , the weather leading up to today was a bit patchy to say the least the forecast for the Saturday was overcast but dry although the wind would strengthen during the day .

As i was travelling on my own yet again (which I’m quite happy doing to be honest ) i decided to set off a bit later than i normally would and arrived around 830 so after booking on where i found out there was 83 contesting the match ( yet again another big turn out ) i then picked up three pints of maggots for fishing shallow and joined the queue for the draw towards the rear , when it came for my turn i fancied a try on Covey four but unsurprisingly peg 54 on Covey three stuck to my hand ( will i ever get off covey three ) on arriving at my peg i was on the corner with my back too Covey two + Spey canal , i also had the wind blowing into it this could make fishing across hard work but on the plus side i was more than happy with my margin as it was full of reeds floating in the mud-bank meaning it had blown that way for some time and i spent a good five minutes clearing it .



I decided to set up a few rigs to cover my options ;

Margin , i used an 04 ruddy float with 014 Matrix main line to an 012 Garbo hook length and my hook was a size 18 Matrix rigger with a bait band attached.

Far-bank , i used a 03 Matrix series three float with 014 Matrix main line to an 012 garbo hook length and my hook was a size 18 Matrix rigger with a bait band attached.

Shallow , i had two rigs set up one at 3ft the other 2ft and i used an 02 Drennon float with 012 garbo direct to a size 20 Matrix rigger hook with a bait band attached .

Channel, i used a 4×12 Malman roob float with 014 Matrix main line to an 012 garbo hook length and my hook was a size 18 Matrix rigger .

My bait today was ;

3 pints maggots

2 pints 4mm pellets

3 pints ground-bait

Tub mixed hard pellets


As the all in sounded i shipped out to the corner of the island were i had earlier plumbed up to find a flat area and i then tapped in half a dozen 4mm pellets through a kinder pot before lowering my rig in among it , it didn’t take long for my float to shoot under and F1 number one hit the net a further five followed including a carp in the first forty minutes before the bites began to fade so i set up a new line towards my left i caught another couple here but after losing one at the net ( which may have been foul hooked ) it disturbed the fish and the bites ceased .

I had been loose feeding a dozen maggots on to my shallow line at five meters which wasn’t as far across as i wanted to but the wind was making it very awkward to group the bait any further out although the ripple should give the fish a bit of cover and after seeing a few swirls i was keen to give it ago , i started out on my 2ft rig and began getting a few Ide i was missing lots of indications from the shy biting fish though so i had to keep working the depths to try to keep in touch with them but after about ninety minutes the fish seemed to drift off .

With half the match gone i started to feed my right hand margin with a few cups of ground-bait but it took quite awhile for the fish to turn up and i spent the next forty minutes struggling to get a bite from anywhere in my peg setting up multiple new swims to no avail ,finally they turned up in my margin but it was from being prolific although putting fish in the net which kept me in touch for what was becoming a really tough section , i did lose a couple of fish including a carp which got the float caught up in some reeds breaking my hook length in the process and these fish were beginning to cost me .


With ten minutes to before the all out i lifted into another carp which took me on a merry dance before finally gracing my net after a five-minute battle and i just had time for another look down the edge which resulted in a missed bite , it was noticeable that i got more bites when feeding some pellets plus a nugget of ground-bait like you would if you was fishing across to the far-bank rather than big potting which would draw too many fish in resulting in foul hooking . As i was the first to weigh in i didn’t have long to find out my fate with my 29 f1s+ide+carp registering a tad under 40lb , three other anglers choose not to weigh in before the lad on peg 51 who i had targeted as my main threat for the section put 40lb 6oz on the scales and he had beat my by just 8oz anyone of those lost fish cost me big time but I’m sure he would have the same tales if it was the other way round .

With an unexpected couple of days off from work i am going to make the most of it by going too Weston pools in Oswestry hoping to catch some big barbel and even though it’s only sixty miles away i have never been there leaving my club has opened lots of options for me fishing venues that i just didn’t have time to do before , if i do ok i might try a couple of the opens and there is also the two-day natural bait festival run by Pole fishing magazine which i might be interested in doing .

A quick side note Sundays match at Partridge lakes both second + third came from adjacent pegs too where i had drawn both of which failed to weigh in on Saturday but this seems to be the case for on here strangely even if the weather conditions are exactly the same .


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