Weston pools fishery

Canal peg twenty , August 2nd


After a couple of weeks of feeling rather disheartened with the way my fishing was going i decided to try a change of scenery to see if that would help get my spark back and out of the blue i got an invite to contest a big eighty pegger at Weston pols which is a place that i have heard great things about so i jumped at the chance especially after my first visit there a month ago when i caught a shedfull and a real mixed bag as well .

The draw was due to take place at ten o’clock which meant that i didn’t have to set off that early which i was pleased about and in fact i only left the house at 730 which is when i would normally set off to Partridge lakes the sixty mile trip to the fishery went really well and i was glad to leave the grim weather conditions of Wigan for the sunny if rather blustery Oswestry, i arrived just before nine o’clock this gave me plenty of time to book on the match then check out all five of the waters in the draw bag apart from the Clay pit which is situated a mile off the complex this was also the one i didn’t fancy drawing mainly because i hadn’t have a clue on how to get there .


At ten o’clock they started the draw which went really smoothly and i picked out canal twenty this didn’t mean a great deal but no doubt it will be a flyer if previous experiences where to go by , when i finally located were i would be fishing it was found on the end of the split and like majority of the pegs on here i had a really nice margin on either side with the far-bank being nearly thirty meters away which would be ideal for a feeder chuck if i hadn’t left it at home a novice mistake but to be honest i didn’t expect to use it after my last visit here .

Upon settling in at my peg i decided not to over complicate things and target just three areas which were ;

Shallow , i had three rigs set up to cover the upper layers which were 1ft , 2ft, 3ft and i used an 0.1 Matrix series one float with 012 Matrix line to a 010 garbo hook length which had a size twenty matrix bagger hook elastic was orange size 10 matrix ..

Top kit , i used a 4×14 malman speedy float with 014 matrix line and a 012 garbo hook length which had a size 16 matrix bagger hook elastic was red size 12 matrix .

Margin , i used a 4×12 malman speedy float with 016 matrix line and a 014 garbo hook length which had a size 16 matrix bagger hook elastic was yellow size 14 matrix .


With the fishery having a strict five pint limit i was in a bit of a quandary on what to take with me but i finally settled on ;

2 pints of casters

2 pints corn+hemp

1 pint fishery 4mm pellets

As the all in sounded in the distance i cupped in some corn+hemp on to my top kit line and went over the top of it with a piece of corn on the hook , with the aerators always being left on while the match took place my rig was towing through and i had to lay six-inch of line on the deck to keep it still long enough to attract a bite and i should really have changed it for a heavier float but as I’m still getting used to the venue i will know for next time . On my last visit when i fished Belvidere the top kit was quite prolific for a wide variety of fish today though it was slow with only the odd crucian+barbel and i think it was a mistake not feeding pellets , in the first hour i had 15lb on my clicker not really what i expected and all the time i had fished i was pinging half a dozen casters on to my six meter shallow line this was usually a banker method at this time of year on here but yet again it was slow going and i had to work extremely hard to attract bites ;

changing depths

changing shotting patterns

constantly laying my rig through the falling bait

I found the 3ft rig was the best depth and letting it hang at full depth for ten seconds sometimes got you a bite from a bigger f1 but most of the time i was getting ide upto the 2lb mark , after two hours i had thirty pounds on the clicker plus the silvers net which i didn’t count  and i could only see a couple of other anglers due to the bank side vegetation i was keeping up with their catch rate but i had noticed that both of them were already fishing in the margin catching the odd carp+barbel i thought it was a bit early in the match to be doing it but as my other lines were not really producing so i decided to follow suit and put in two cups of corn+hemp+pellets on to my left hand swim leaving what i would hope to be the better right hand swim towards the point of the island for later in the match .


After spending another twenty minutes shallow with just the odd fish to show for it so i decided to have a look on my margin almost straight away i was getting indications and it didn’t take long before my float shot under after a spirited fight i had a pristine five-pound common in the net , a couple of smaller ones followed before i began catching crucians around the pound mark so i refed with two more cups of bait and normally i would feed after every fish but the five pint limit had me a bit concerned . While i had been fishing my margin i had fed my top four line quite heavily with casters by hand to see what response i got when i saw a few swirls plus some dark shapes under the surface so i grabbed my shallowest rig and began laying it through the falling casters , it didn’t take too long before i was picking up some nice ide but they began to back off and as we was approaching the final ninety minutes i decided to concentrate on my margins .


I mixed all my remaining bait together which gave me just over two pints of particles perfect for the carp+barbel and i put in one cupful on each side before topping up with a kinder pot after every fish , this worked really well as i went on a run of carp on my left hand swim before swapping swims to my right hand side with the same result and my clicker was ticking along nicely . In the last thirty minutes i thought that i could be approaching the ton but i then had a dreadful spell of bumping off four decent carp none of which i felt was foul hooked and where no doubt down to me being a bit eager with the side puller although i don’t think i was overly aggressive , i did manage to catch a couple before the all out sounded including one right on the whistle which called time on a very enjoyable match in pleasant surroundings .


When the scales arrived i felt that i would be just short of the magical ton and unfortunately that was the case when after three weighs it was added up to 96lb i followed the scales down my section and was still in front until the last person had 103lb so near yet again but on my first try at a match on here i was really happy learning a great deal . overall the match was won with 150lb and 16 tons in total from the eighty anglers which were spread all over the complex although Weir + Clay pit seemed to have fished the best and my weight put me in the top 25 .

After speaking to a few of the locals after the match plus looking at the results on the internet it seems that the method feeder across , fishing the top four and margins was the best tactic on canal and i cant wait to get back there again which will hopefully be next weekend either the rover on Saturday as i quite fancy trying Canal twenty again or the open on Sunday i am going to find out which lakes are in the draw bag before i decide .


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