weston pools , open match

August 9th , Canal peg ten


After last weeks enjoyable match at Weston pols i was really keen to get back so i booked on for the open which would take place on just two lakes those are Weir+Canal and i really fancied another try on the latter , word had got round on how well it had fished lately as there was a big turn out of forty anglers including a few familiar faces from round my way .At 730 i began packing the car for the sixty mile trip to the fishery and the weather was forecast to be warm+sunny but yet again it ended up being a bit breezy later in the day , the only real downside was the change in air pressure which could make the fishing a bit harder especially shallow .

On arrival at the complex i booked on for the open and also for the two-day natural bait festival at the end of September which will be run in conjunction with Pole fishing magazine , i then spotted a couple of lads i know from Leigh tackle who hadn’t been here before so we had a quick walk round the lakes in the draw bag . Getting back to the cabin it was nearly time to start queuing for the draw this week they called out your names in the order of when you booked on to the match similar to how they do it at Sycamore fishery and as i only rang on Friday i was right down towards the bottom of the list , when it came for my turn i pulled out peg ten on Canal this didn’t mean a great deal which is something i like about fishing here because you don’t know if you’re on a flyer or not but at least i was on the lake that i wanted to be on .


Before i got my gear out i had a quick walk round to find where i would be sitting for the next few hours as it turned out it wasn’t far from where i was last week although it was on the opposite bank with my back to the campsite , i had some open water to fish shallow in , a lilly pad bed to my right at about eight meters out and some well established margins there was also some dense fir trees separating each peg and it meant you could only see a couple of anglers this was something i really like about the place because you can just concentrate on your own match not getting pressured into changing what you are doing to keep in contention .

Yet again i decided to keep things simple and i tackled it the same as i did last week ;

Margin , it was 4ft deep so i used a 0.4 malman speedy float with 0.16 garbo main line to a 0.14 garbo hook length and hook was a size 14s gamma power .

Top four towards the aerator to my right , i plumbed up to find it 5ft deep and with the stronger under tow i used a 0.6 malman roob float with 0.14 garbo main line with a 0.12 garbo hook length and my hook was a size 18 matrix bagger hook .

Shallow , i had 3 rigs set up covering 1ft , 2ft , and 3ft i used a 0.1 matrix series 3 float with 0.12 garbo direct to a size 20 matrix bagger hook .

As i was fishing the natural bait two dayer i choose to revolve my bait around what i would be using in the festival ;

2 pints maggots

2 pints corn+hemp

1 pint fishery 4mm pellets just in case things went a bit pear-shaped

When the hooter sounded for the all in i put a cup of maggots onto my top four line and one of corn+hemp in my left hand margin i then had a quick look over the top of it with a piece of corn on the hook just to see if any carp had followed the breeze into the peg but a bite less ten minutes put paid to that , so i changed tactics going on my five meter swim with double maggots on the hook it didn’t take long before i began picking the odd fish up a mixture of carp+f1s+barbel and with the aerator being left on all the fish thought like stink which must have something to do with the added oxygen in the water .

After ninety minutes bites started to slow down even though i topped up with a cup of maggots every few fish and i made the decision to start kinder potting every five minutes but all this did was bring them up off the deck which resulted in me foul hooking f1 after f1 so i decided to feed some corn+hemp which i later found out wasn’t the way to go because it killed my peg , luckily i had been loose feeding maggots on to my shallow swim since the match had started and even though i hadn’t seen any swirls i still expected a good response because the f1s can often be found just inches under the surface without giving themselves away .


I  had a quick couple of fish before they backed off i tried all sorts of different things but struggled to get bites and the ones i did get i kept missing , before i knew it i had wasted ninety minutes putting just ten pounds in the net exactly the same thing happened last week and as you can imagine it cost me because you can not lose that amount of time in opens and expect to compete . With two hours remaining i decided to concentrate on both my margin swim which i had kept topped up every thirty minutes with corn+hemp while i was fishing shallow and my first try on my left hand side with corn resulted in a barbel then a carp , i remembered that last week i caught three fish before it went quiet so i choose to refeed hoping this would settle them down and while i rested it i swopped sides which got me another couple of fish .


By rotating the two margin swims i kept putting fish in the net and in the occasional bite less spells i went back on my five meter maggot line which i had topped up with a cupping kit full of maggots this produced f1s+carp around the 2lb mark before i foul hooked a big carp which i played for nearly five minutes and just as i was guiding it over the net the hook pulled , i then went back on to my left hand margin nearly straight away my elastic got ripped out and i was attached to a bigger than average barbel but for some reason i played it a bit more gingerly this gave it chance to dive straight between my nets . The last thirty minutes were a complete right off apart from catching two small carp on my top four line both margins were devoid of fish this might have been down too ;

1, the disturbance of losing that barbel

2, the conditions had got a lot brighter meaning both margins had got no shade

3, the fish had moved up in the water but i wasn’t getting any liners

4 , i had began to run out of bait and had started adding pellets to my corn+hemp although that worked well last week

A bit sooner than i had wanted the all out sounded and called time on a confusing but enjoyable match with the middle part still causing me trouble and i need to make fishing shallow my main swim or ignore it all together because my feeding isn’t working at present so maybe concentrating more on the top four line could be a better tactic , i had 72lb on my clicker plus my silver net which i thought would be good enough to challenge for my section although the end peg 13 had caught well plus i had venue expert Matty Dawes on the other end peg and when they came round to do the weigh in i learned that they was paying top three on each lake rather than sections with it being a new venue i should really have asked about the pay out instead of  just presuming it would be the same as last weeks bigger open match .

My nets weighed 77lb which would have got me a default section but in the end i finished 5th on the lake which wasn’t to bad as it had fished a lot harder than i expected which wasn’t surprising with so many anglers on the lake , two lads that i know won both lakes so we had a drink to celebrate in the clubhouse before we set off home and we was made to feel really welcome even the owner came over for a chat although i didn’t particularly enjoy his choice of happy hard-core dance music but each to his own . I have already booked on for next Sunday were the open will take place on Weir , Stretton plus Clay pit all three of them i haven’t fished yet so i am really looking forward to the challenge and if i can sort out my mid match quiet spell i might be able to get a framing position catching a ton in the process .

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