Volunteer Angling club , Wallsuches long lodge

August 22nd , peg four


With the weather for the weekend forecast to be very wet and stormy i decided not to tie myself into fishing a match then i could choose at what time i would go out depending on the conditions , my mate had asked me to fish his club water for some time so we made plans to fish that on Saturday morning hopefully we would be home before the heavy rain hit us , it had lashed it down for the last 24 hours but on the morning it was dry with the odd patch of blue sky in between some rather threatening grey clouds . I hadn’t been to the lodge before so i met my mate at mcds at the Macron stadium we then grabbed a bacon roll and had a chat about how best to target it we settled on a pellet approach which would suit me as i hadn’t done a lot of expander fishing so far this year .

After a short ten minute drive we arrived at long lodge it didn’t look like your typical sixteen peg canal with it being twenty meters wide with lots of overhanging trees along the far-bank and near side rushes but the water was down at least 2ft meaning we had to sit at the water’s edge just like the old days when there was no platforms on fisheries , after getting my box level then sorting my gear out i decided to fish at the bottom of the near slope which was found at four meters and i also put a line in at eleven meters because the trees behind me would make it hard to fish any further out both lines were the same depth so at least i didn’t have to set up multiple rigs although i did set up two which were ;IMG-20150822-00713

4×10 malman roob

4×14 malman roob

As i mentioned earlier my bait revolved around pellets ;

1 pint soaked micros

1 pint soaked 4mm pellets

1 pint ground-bait

small tub 4mm expanders

I mixed some micros , 4mm and ground-bait together so i could feed balls of bait .


At ten o’clock we was ready to get started we both began out long but with different feeding patterns i decided to kinder pot balls of feed in easing my way into the session , where my mate put in a cupping kit full of pellets then another one with loose ground-bait and this would give us an idea on how best to target it . My mate had an almost instant response netting three f1s before i caught my first one but by slowly building up the feed the peg got stronger and we was fish for fish during the next ninety minutes that was even after losing a few due to having to wait for people to pass before shipping back it felt like i was back on the canals at one point with so much traffic behind me my peg began to fizz due to being a bit eager with the feed causing me to miss lots of bites and also fearing that i might damage my pole i went onto my four meter line this was an inspired move as i began catching a lot quicker they was also a bigger stamp of f1 plus more of the stockie carp .IMG-20150822-00715

After 2 1/2 hours fishing the lodge just switched off with both of us struggling for bites apart from gudgeon or small silvers it was really strange as everything was identical apart from a short rain shower and apparently it was always the same on here between 12+1 usually lasting around forty minutes i think the person which can find away of putting fish in the net during this spell will do the best in matches on here , after a while the fish began feeding again although the bites were now very finicky and i needed to keep working the rig by changing shotting patterns , the way i was laying my rig in etc to keep them coming my mate kept rotating his lines long, short, shallow , margin and was picking the odd fish from each of them .IMG-20150822-00716

When four hours had passed i had 70 on my clicker only a few in front of my mate and with the forecast showers not materializing yet we decided to have a one hour sprint match to see who could catch the most fish not including silvers , i decided to go back on the long pole as the fizzing had subsided my mate went on the four meter swim and if he got them feeding he could catch really quickly from there . After a slow start we both began catching well but i was slightly in front my mate had to resort to fishing shallow long which helped force his way ahead we was catching that quickly a small crowd stood behind us watching , my mate could not handle the pressure and lost four on the trot but i couldn’t get my nose back in front when time was called it was 17-15 to my mate so we settled on a respectable draw .IMG-20150822-00717

It was a nice fun days fishing catching a lot of f1s+stockies it isn’t really something that i would like to do every day as they was all the same stamp around the pound mark although there is bigger carp in it and i saw a few dark shapes cruise along the far-bank and it would be a good place to learn a new method or get your confidence back after a couple of bad results , i found that my lighter more delicate rig worked better than my more positive rig today probably due to the calm conditions and i would no doubt have caught a lot quicker fishing shallow but was enjoying my soft pellet fishing .IMG-20150824-00729

Hopefully i will be back at Weston at the weekend on the bank holiday match which i think is going to be a rover before that i am going for a trip to Tunnel barn on Friday to see if anything has changed because i have the 100 pegger Pole+match fishing subscriber classic there at the beginning of September .


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