Tunnel barn Friday flyer , club pool

August 28th , peg 11


With the subscriber classic run by pole+match fishing magazine in a few weeks time i decided to have a trip to Tunnel barn farm and see how things had changed since my last visit a couple of months ago , i also wanted to try a few of the waters that i hadn’t fished before especially Jenny’s which is a prolific match water with some big carp + f1s .After ringing up during the week to see what lakes would be free i got told the Friday flyer would be on canal pool and although i had fished it before it was water that i liked so i decided that i would fish that if i got to the venue on time  i then wanted to have a few hours on Jenny’s after it because hopefully that would mean i should miss the rush hour traffic .

After waking up pretty early on the morning of my trip to Tunnel barn i grabbed some breakfast before packing the car with my fishing gear the weather was forecast to a bit breezy with scattered showers but looked quite nice when i set off at 6am with blue skies between the grey clouds it was also reasonably warm at 12 degrees , the drive down went well apart from the usually 50mph zones and getting through Birmingham i finally arrived at the complex around 830 which was just in time to book on the open before the 9am draw .


I ended up on peg 11 which was your usually end peg flyer with the wind blowing my way i just hope that i dont mess this peg up like i usually do , i wanted a nice easy match and decided to fish a few areas which would give me plenty options these were ;

Margin 0.4 jeff’s ruddy float with 0.16 garbo main line with 0.14 garbo hook length which had a size 14 matrix bagger hook i also used yellow size 14 matrix elastic .

Top kit 4×12 malman roob float with 0.14 garbo main line with 0.12 garbo hook length which had a size 18 matrix bagger hook i also used red size 12 matrix elastic .

Six meter channel line 4×14 malman roob float with 0.14  garbo main line with 0.12 garbo hook length which had a size 18 matrix bagger hook i also used red size 12 matrix elastic .

Shallow over my channel swim , 4×8 preston chianti float with 0.12 garbo main line with 0.10 garbo hook length which had a size 20 matrix bagger hook i also used orange size 10 matrix elastic .

Far-bank 4×10 malman roob i later changed to a 4×14 when the wind got a bit stronger with 0.14  garbo main line with 0.12 garbo hook length which had a size 18 matrix bagger hook i also used red size 12 matrix elastic .IMG-20150828-00730

With no bait limits at Tunnel barn i decided to take with me ;

4 pints fishery 4mm pellets

2 pints corn

2 pints mixed maggots

tub 4+6mm expanders

I was set up well before the start of the match which gave me time to have a good look at my peg and give me a plan on how i would hopefully get the most out of it , the all in soon sounded and i kicked off on my top kit between my nets this didn’t work on my last visit here so i was keen not to waste too much time fishing it if it wasn’t producing after depositing a large kinder pot full of 4mm pellets then lowered my expander hook bait among it , a couple of lift+drops off my rig and my float dipped a firm strike resulted in a few yards of elastic streaming from my pole tip before i netted a near 5lb mirror carp . A couple more slightly smaller carp followed and after an hour i had 20lb on my clicker and if i kept up my catch rate i should be on for a ton , predictably my starting line began to die on me but i had been loose feeding maggots at six meters which gave me somewhere to go although i hadn’t seen anything swirling i decided to have a quick look shallow but as i expected i never caught anything apart from small silvers , i didn’t waste too much time before going on the deck and time management is something that I’m trying to improve on recently as i feel this is costing me from catching bigger weights .


On my channel line i began getting plenty indications but not from carp or f1s but small silvers yet again and i felt that maggots just wasnt right today so i began kinder potting a mixture of pellets and corn , with a piece of corn on the hook i started picking up the odd carp again but halfway through the match and i still had not caught an f1 or gone across to the island but i did have nearly 40lb on my clicker a bit of my target and i still had my main lines to fish . With the wind getting increasingly stronger it probably wasn’t the best time to go across but i was itching to give it ago plus my other lines had dried up on me although i did keep feeding them in case things didn’t go to plan i also began putting cups of corn+pellets onto my margin at the side of the reeds , luckily i hadn’t decided to fish really tight to the far-bank so i could leave a longish lash between pole and float by adding a couple of back shots this helped me keep the rig steady enough to hopefully attract a few bites .

By feeding a large kinder pot full of pellets then working my rig over the top i began attracting a few fish into my swim and i soon began catching f1s plus the odd carp i had a good spell of catching one every few minute but after a while i began foul hooking fish losing six on the bounce even changing to a bigger hook didn’t solve the problem so i decided to set up a new swim a couple of feet to my right at the side of some reeds but this time i used maggots , first drop on my new line with double maggot on the hook produced a big carp which was a good start but apart from another f1 that was it from there other than small silvers taking the hook bait on the drop .IMG-20150828-00736

With ninety minutes remaining it was time for my banker margin line this worked extremely well when i last fished it i hadn’t seen any fish movement but the water where i had potted bait in had got a bit cloudier so i expected a few fish to be present and there was but i had a hell of a job getting them on the hook in fact i only managed two , i lowered my rig in with a 6mm expander on the hook and i was getting plenty liners but no proper bites when my float eventually dipped under a firm strike resulted in a small f1 hitting the net not what i wanted , a change of hook bait to a heavier double hook bait which nailed it to the bottom as i felt the carp were wafting the bait of the bottom this kind of worked as my next fish was another mirror carp but i then had trouble with carp hitting my line then bolting out of the swim and i decided to waste anymore time on this line preferring to go back across as the wind had dropped a little .

Luckily my original swim had settled down a bit and i had another good spell of catching f1s including a mirror carp right on the whistle for the all out , i knew that i hadn’t done enough to trouble the leaders because the lad too my right had bagged up in the last half of the match fishing paste on his top kit catching mainly mirror carp and the lad on the opposite corner peg 12 had also done well using paste by alternating both his margin swims, there was also a few other big weights towards the other end of the lake . I was a bit disappointed on how my match went but i felt that i had learned a great deal which was the main reason that i had gone in the first place and with every lake being in the draw bag I’m really looking forward to fishing the 180 pegger there in a few weeks time , before that im off back to Weston pools to contest the rover match on bank holiday monday so i better start checking the recent results to find out the hot pegs .



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