Hall lane Bessies pool

September 1st , peg 65


After having made a late decision to contest the big charity match on Bessie’s pool where all 75 pegs had been sold i thought that i better go and have a few hours fishing it because it isn’t a venue that i visit regularly in fact it must be over a year since i last went , yet again we had to endure some heavy rain over the weekend and although it had dried up when i set off at dinner time when i got to Parbold hill there was some ominous black clouds on the horizon just as i arrived at the fishery the heavens opened which meant i spent the next twenty minutes sat in the van waiting for it to stop . When it finally ceased i made a beeline for peg 65 which was found towards the bottom of the split an area i hadn’t been before so i didn’t really know how good it was but that’s how i like it , there was another angler on the other side of the pool and seemed to be catching a few as i began setting up which was a good sign .

I decided to cover my options and used ;

Malmans 4×12 float this would cover both slopes at 4 ft deep as with all the recent cold water going in i didn’t expect the fish to venture in to water shallower than this , i used 0.14 garbo main line with a 0.12 garbo hook length my hook was a matrix size 18 rigger hook .

Malmans 4×14 float this would cover my channel swim at 5 ft deep and I decided to cover my options by using ;i used 0.14 garbo main line with a 0.12 garbo hook length my hook was a matrix size 18 rigger hook .

IMG-20150901-00744My bait was all pellets on my bait table ;

Two pints of micro coated in green swim stim

Two pints soaked 4mm pellets

Small tub of mixed hard pellets

IMG-20150901-00745At one o’clock i was ready to get started and as i was new to the venue i decided to have two swims going along the far-bank one at two o’clock the other at ten o’clock both of which i fed differently this should give me a better idea on how to fish it on Saturday , my right hand swim i put a small cupping kit full of micros squeezed into a ball the other side i just trickled in some 4mm pellets through a large kinder pot and i also put a full cupping kit full of a mixture of both pellets on my channel swim i would top this up every twenty minutes and keep an eye out for any bubbles on it . I started on my micro fed swim it was very slow going at first as i expected because it would take some time for the fish to find the bait on such an expanse of water , by working my rig i finally started getting bites at first from small skimmers but the stockies soon moved in and these were averaging 1.5lb so you wouldn’t need many to build up a nice weight in a match situation i even managed one of the rare barbel when the indications slowed down i topped up with the same amount as i had at the start this really slowed my bites and it was no doubt the wrong way to go .

IMG-20150901-00741All the time i had fished over the micros i kept shaking some 4mm pellets onto my left hand swim so i decided to see how this feeding regime would work and almost instantly i was into small carp in total i had caught a dozen in the first hour plus a few silvers , the on and off rain spells finally gave way to blue skies but also the dreaded wind got up blowing from left to right this made controlling the float hard work so i decided to stop fishing and set up a heavier 0.4 float with a longer lash plus a few back shot this would help me present a bait properly . I had a quick look on my channel line and as i mentioned earlier i had topped this swim up with a pot full of 4mm+micros every twenty minutes , i still hadn’t seen any signs of bubbling but decided to give it a try anyway but fifteen bite less minutes ensued and i was on the verge of going back across when my float dipped i was attached to my biggest fish of the day a nice ghostie around the five-pound mark another ten minutes of inactivity followed .

IMG-20150901-00743I decided to spend the last hour of my short session fighting the wind across and by regular tapping in 4mm pellets on my right hand swim i had a constant stream of carp up to three-pound but towards the back-end of the session they got a bit shy and i had to ring the changes regarding hook baits , how i laid my rig in etc . At four o’clock i decided to call an end to my fishing because i didn’t want to get stuck in the rush hour traffic in Wigan town center i spoke to the other angler who was fishing on Bessie’s he told me that he caught a proper mixed bag of fish from his channel swim which i found strange as i struggled to get it to work , i ended up with about fifty pounds and learned a great deal which was my main aim of going so roll on Saturday but with every peg being took a good draw will be required plus a low winning weight .

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