Hampton Springs Fishery (Meadows) 06.09.15

Jake Fowles

Hampton Springs Fishery 06.09.15

The Build Up
Today marked the final match in the Stockton Heath Angling Group 2015 Summer Series and as has become tradition in recent years the final venue of the year would be Hampton Springs Fishery, not only a personal favourite of my own but also many of the others in the club as well.

Hampton Springs Fishery is a well established, picturesque venue in Malpas, Cheshire. The complex consists of eight pools, all with their own character and layout. In the past the club has tended to fish either Rock or Long Island Pools and have had some fantastic days from them both, in particular on Rock Pool over the last two years. This year however, we would be on Meadows Pool, and on hearing Rock had been stripped of many of the bigger carp and re-stocked with F1’s this proved to be a brilliant…

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