Weston pools natural bait festival rules

I have copied this directly from the weston pools website in case anybody has missed it 2015 Natural Baits Festival arrangements…

Thursday 24th September – Pre festival drinks at Weston Club House (for the brave!)

Friday 25th September – Registration starts at Weston Tackle at 08:30 and closes at 09:30 All anglers fishing the festival are to sign in at the shop and pay both days “Super Pool” (optional) by 09:30 no exception.

Draw for day 1 – random draw all pegs in fishing lakes Belvidere, Stretton, Canal, Weir,

Based on 64 anglers fishing (numbers correct as of Tuesday 22/9/15)

16 anglers on each lake.

11:30 – Bait check – strict 5 pint limit to be observed please note this is a Pole only as advertised Natural Baits tournament. – Allowable bait as follows

Caster, Maggot (all types), Worm, Corn, and Hemp no other bait allowed and must be presented in five pints; no ground bait allowed no liquid additives flavours / colours allowed.

 Worm = 1 pint

All bait to be presented in appropriate bait containers, demonstrating quantities. We are aiming for a “fair for all” approach and making the contest the same for everyone. Checks will be carried out by Weston staff and Pole Fishing reps.

All In 12pm fishing till 5pm start and finish by the hooter, matches to be fished in accordance with Tri-Cast Weston’s Open match rules please make yourself familiar with the net rule ALL NETS  must be dipped on arrival and laid out at anglers pegs they are entered into the water ten minutes before the all in. Fish split as follows – Net 1 – All Silver fish, Barbel to 2Lb and anything else under 1Lb.

Nets 2 / 3 direct fish split 50/50 with a limit of 60Lb per net.  Weston representatives will coordinate the weigh in please do not crowd the Scalesmen and checkers.

Day 1 result will take place along with hot food (and beer!!) in the Club House from 18:30.

IMPORTANT Day two draw will also take place after the result on Friday evening. And to clarify the fishery will be closed from anyone walking around after the weigh in.

Friday evening at the club house entertainment in the form of Karaoke (Tom Scholey leading this) and Hardcore tunes will follow the food result and draw….

Keep Nets can be left at the fishery overnight if anglers wish to do so see Richie in the morning for location.

Saturday 26th Day 2 – Anglers will know their peg allocation from the previous evening entry to lakes is allowed from 10:00 and not before to avoid any confusion no one is allowed through the gates less fishery staff before this time. All in 12:00 All out 17:00 with the bait check again from 11:30.

Anglers that fished Belvidere or Wier on day one will rotate and fish either Canal or Stretton on day two, vice versa anglers that were pegged on Canal or Stretton on day one will then fish Belvidere or Wier on day two

The final result will be decided on section points 16 anglers per lake 16 points in each section 1 point for a lake (section win) 16 for last place if there is a tie on points weight count back will decide the eventual winner.

Payout as follows (Based on 64 anglers)

£100 per eight peg sections 1st = £60 2nd = £40 …… 2 sections per lake four anglers picking up section money per lake per day

Over all winners pools = 1st £1000 2nd £600 3rd £500 4th £400 5th £300 6th £200 7th £136. Paid out after two days competition to the top seven over all anglers.

Super Pool – optional and will pay out dependant on numbers entered – based on full entry £10 per day paying top five each day 1st £256 2nd £160 3rd £128 4th £96 5th £64

Final result and celebrations (hot food) in the Club House from 18:30.