Partridge lakes open match

Peg 17 covey one , October 11th


After my recent trips to other venues in the past few weeks and with the temperatures dropping meaning lower winning weights a return to Partridge lakes was in order but as i had not been there for nearly three months i felt that it could take me a few matches to get back into the swing of things although it was at this time of year that i tend to do well because the conditions always favour the angler who is willing to work his peg , after getting as much information as i could through social media and contacting a few venue regulars i felt that i had a plan in mind on how to target the coveys at this time of year but i did make a conscious effort not to over complicate things which is my usual downfall in these matches . The weather leading up to the match was pretty good for the time of year with light winds blue skies although this meant the overnight temperatures had dropped considerably and this would have a big bearing on your target weights and after speaking to the balief he felt that most sections would be won with less than forty pounds with around eighty pounds getting you in the frame , after having had a look round the lakes in the draw bag trying to spot the most likely areas the f1s would be i managed to have a quick catch up with a few mates before joining the queue for the draw and when it came for my turn i pulled out peg seventeen on covey one not exactly the place i wanted to be but i can not be expected to sit on a flyer every match .


After unpacking my gear at my home for the next few hours i decided on a nice simple match targeting just ;

Across and margin at three-foot deep , i used a 4×12 malman roob float with 014 garbo main line which had a short three-inch hook length of 012 garbo and my hook was a size 16 matrix bagger hook elastic was size ten orange matrix .

Channel swim where i plumbed up to find a touch over six-foot and i used a 4×14 malman roob float with a carbon stem the shotting pattern was a bulk at two foot then two droppers  my main line was 014 garbo which had a six-inch 012 garbo hook length the hook was a size 16 matrix bagger hook elastic was size ten orange matrix .


On my bait table i had ;

Three pints of red and white maggots

One pint of micro

One pint of 4mm pellets

Small tub of 4mm expanders .


As the all in sounded i shipped out to the area i had earlier plumbed up and i tapped in a kinder pot full of micros before lowering my rig over the top of it i purposely held my hook bait over the top of my feed area trying to set a kind of trap for the f1s , i kept on dropping in a few pellets every five minutes to try to attract some fish into my swim and it took a couple of feeds before i got my first fish another quickly followed but after a while i began getting strange indications on my float it was even pushed out of my swim a few times this must have been caused by the fish being too eager eating the micros , i reduced the amount that i was putting in but couldn’t cut it out completely as it is what was keeping the fish in the area this kind of worked for me as i picked up a couple more f1s but i needed to spread my bulk to keep the indications coming . In the first hour i had managed to put six f1s in the net which was better than those anglers around me but my section was in with the split and i couldn’t see how they was getting on , my far-bank line had stopped producing indications so i re plumbed a new area further to my right then started again just like before it took a couple of feeds before i began seeing signs of fish and having had an almighty line bite when my float was almost lying vertically on the surface it didn’t take me long to find out the culprit as i landed a bonus five-pound carp which was worth its weight in gold in these hard conditions i persevered on this line for thirty minutes without anymore indications i even retried my original swim but this also failed to produce a bite .


I had fed my channel line twice every five minutes since the match started but i was reluctant to go on it so early in the match as the longer you can leave it the better it gets and i decided to see what my margins would produce first after twenty minutes of fishing both sides with not even an indication so i had no option but to go on to my five meter line , by keeping my feeding tight and frequant i managed to pick up some ide quite regularly although they was only between 8+12oz i was slowly building up my weight which was better than those anglers around me . I was a bit surprised on how difficult it was too pick up the f1s on the deck but i finally found the best way to lay my rig through the water which was suitable for them and managed a run of six f1s before the ide returned , with an hour of the match remaining my channel line was slowing down but i could see a few ide flashing under the surface and i was in a bit of a quandary on what to do and after thinking long and hard i decided to not fish shallow choosing to concentrate on the deck as this gave me the best chance of picking up a better stamp of fish or even another bonus carp . With only a few minutes of the match remaining i latched into a carp which gave me a bit of a run around before the hook pulled out at the net which was my fault as i had noticed that my hook had gone blunt when hooking the maggots but never changed it i just hopped that it wouldn’t cost me  a chance for the section .



As the all out sounded in the distance i was unsure on how i had got on the lad to my right had packed up early and the lad on peg 18 had managed a few nice carp so i would just have to wait and see , unusually for on here i didn’t have to wait long for the scales woman when she arrived at my peg i had 43lb to beat and to be honest i wasn’t sure that i had caught that weight , when the scales went round to 50lb to be honest i was a bit surprised as i had only 19 f1s on my clicker plus a carp and some ide this gave me the section win and also second on the lake which i was happy with after my long break from the venue . It turned out that the best weights came from covey three with 120lb winning by fishing worm in the margin and a mid sixty pound was required for a top six finish which without that hour quiet spell i could have probably managed , overall i was happy with how my match went i have a few things to work on before my return match next sunday and i might try to get a few hours after work on covey five to try to sort them out .


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