Limbrick fishery match lake

November 7th , peg four match lake


I had intended on contesting the open match at Partridge lakes but with the rain continuing to pour down and now there was the threat of a strengthening breeze so i decided for an extra few hours in bed , around dinner time it was forecast to get a bit better and luckily for me it did as i spotted some blue skies in the distance this was all the incentive i needed to back my gear into the van before heading off to Limbrick fishery . I arrived at the venue around 1230 and unsurprisingly i was the only person there so with all the lake to choose from i settled on peg four as this would give me chance to give both sides of the water a chance , with only a few hours on the bank i decided to keep it pretty simple choosing to concentrate on dobbing bread which i have never done much of in the past but it will come really useful in the coming winter months .


Dobbing rig , i plumbed up across to the far-bank reeds where i found an average depth of 4 foot so i set my rig at 3 1/2 foot which was six-inch off the deck this is always a good place to start and i also left a longish lash between float + pole tip so this would give me plenty of depth to work with , my float was an 0.2 series three matrix float which had a strung out shotting patterns of number 11 stotz and my line was 012 garbo direct to a size 16 lwg hook .

Pellet rig , between the two reed beds in front of the mud bank i plumbed up to find a flat area at 3ft on both sides which would give me a couple of options regarding feeding and with the wind increasing a bit i decided to use a 4×14 malman roob float with a bulk above the short 3 inch 010 hook length my main line was 014 garbo .


Bait for the day was ;

Small tub 4mm expanders

Half pint soaked micros

Slice of bread cut into 4 pieces with two punches one 7mm the other 10mm

I began dobbing bread in a hole towards the left of my swim i managed to push the rig right in among the reeds with a 7mm disk of bread on the hook and i began lifting+dropping the float but five minutes of inactivity got me moving to another area which was directly in front of me i still stayed at the same depth as i started at because i felt it was right and would only alter it if i began to miss a few bites , another five minutes past without a sign when out of the blue it shot under and after a spirited fight a mirror carp around the 2lb mark hit the net it’s always nice to get your first fish under your belt when using a new method on a relatively new venue . By fishing in the same area of my peg i managed a nice run of ten carp including a couple around the 4lb mark plus a couple of hand sized silvers and it was all so simple really the bites would usually come just as the float settled from lift+dropping the rig with the disc of bread catching their eye as it fluttered down .



In the distance the dark clouds started grouping together and it wasn’t long before the rain started again because the fishery was near rivington it can often get the worst of the weather as the clouds need to lighten their load before going over winter hill which is something to bear in mind if you plan on giving the place a try in the near future , i was struggling to keep my bait dry and the damp conditions had a detrimental effect on my bread that i was using as i could only manage half a dozen punches before it got to fluffy for the hook then kept falling off on the ship out although when i did get it across to the far-bank the carp were still feeding and seemed to be coming even shallower as now 2ft was the best depth to use .


The rain didn’t look like stopping any time soon so i decided to try my pellet swim until conditions improved and i choose to fish on the right side of the mud-bank a bit further up the shelf than were i was catching dobing bread , i wanted to try a different feeding pattern today my plan was that i would begin by sprinkling in a few micros every couple of minutes to try to draw some fish into my feed zone and then when i began catching i would change to dumping the pellets in i hopped this would keep the fish on the deck making them easier to catch well thats what i intended on doing but fishing doesn’t always work out like that . As i mentioned earlier i started sprinkling in the micros and almost instantly i began getting line bites with fish not wanting to stay on the deck this gave me no option but to change to the dumping method earlier than i wanted , this kind of worked as i was managing to keep my hook bait still right over the top of the micros which resulted in me picking off the odd f1 including a couple around the 2lb mark but it was a lot slower than the last time i fished pellets here which was round the other side of the lake and it seemed there was less f1s on the lower number pegs although i may be wrong as this is only my second trip to Limbrick fishery .


With the rain finally easing and some blue sky appearing in the distance i decided to spend my remaining time back dobbing bread because it was definitely the method to use as i was getting more bites using it and the carp were of a nice stamp as well , i had to stick my 14m section on to find another area which held a few fish and yet again i had a good run all caught at about 2ft off the deck and when i started being bothered by the silvers again i changed to a bigger 11mm punch this reduced the amount of indications i was getting but the fish i was getting were of a bigger stamp .After nearly three hours and the light fading fast i decided to call time on a short but enjoyable session here i ended up with thirty fish on my clicker which included half a dozen hand sized silvers for around 30lb i was a bit disappointed with my pellet line but that’s fishing for you and it was obvious that they wasn’t happy feeding on the deck probably down to all the cold rain going in over the last few days .

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