Review of my fishing year 2015

Well this was my first proper year away from club fishing and on to the hustle & bustle of the open scene so I was expecting a very steep learning curve but, I felt that if I stuck to a couple of venues that held smaller twenty to thirty peg opens I would more than hold my own, that’s what i set off to do but as you will find out, I kind of got a bit carried away and started fishing too many big matches on lots of different fisheries which although I did hold my own there is plenty for me to improve on.


Partridge lakes section win

Sycamore fishery 4th in match

Partridge lakes second in section

Cunneries fishery 4th in match

Not a bad month for me and I wasn’t that far away from improving my position on all the matches and, I decided to spend all February fishing the same venues.

Cunneries fishery 4th in match

Partridge lakes fifth on lake after standing in on the Leigh tackle + bait winter league

Cunneries fishery 3rd in match

Partridge lakes section win

In the next couple of months I started fishing a few different places as I had my first and last attempt at putting a team in the Angling times Supercup, there was also the spring festival at Old hough which got cancelled shortly after me going down to try the fishery for the first time.


Old hough fishery dnw

Sycamore fishery 3rd in match

Hall lane Merlin’s 3rd in match


Hall lane Merlin’s supercup match, team drew on points but lost on weight and I managed 2nd in the match.

Sycamore fishery nowhere

Partridge lakes nowhere

Partridge lakes nowhere

Sycamore fishery 4th in match

Moorlands fishery, my first attempt at the fish’o qualifier were I managed my first section in the competition although it was by default.


Partridge lakes 56lb for nowhere

Oaks fishery, my second fish’o qualifier drew the wrong lake and had 45lb for nowhere

Bradshaws fishery 4th on lake with 50lb

Old hough my first win of the year 90lb on big max

Partridge lakes section win with 60lb

Partridge lakes section win with 50lb

June was a very big month for me as I fished the pole fishing masters which was my first ever festival and I was pretty much in at the deep end, with the amount of big names in attendance plus i had the north vs south match which was a near two hundred pegger, both of which were at Tunnel barn somewhere i had wanted to fish for a very long time.

Partridge lakes 70lb for nowhere

Tunnel barn extension pool 90lb got me third in the section

Tunnel barn high pool 60lb for a section win

Tunnel barn club pool 70lb for third in section

finished the festival with a respectable 7 points which got me in the top 25 of anglers in the competition.

Partridge lakes fish’o managed 40lb for second in section

Sycamore fishery evening match dnw

Tunnel barn new pool 60lb for nowhere

Tunnel barn north vs south on high pool 70lb got me second in section behind Des Shipp


I had a little break from fishing this month, I only contested four matches and two of them was evening contests

Sycamore fishery evening match 50lb for nowhere

Sycamore fishery evening match 60lb for second in the match

Partridge lakes second in section

Partridge lakes maver match this which was my only one of the year and I managed second in section with 90lb

August and I had signed up for the natural bait festival so I started fishing Weston pools which is somewhere that I had never been before but had heard great things about.

Weston pools canal 96lb for 4th on the lake

Weston pools canal 80lb for 5th on the lake

Weston pools belvedere 60lb for nowhere

Weston pools stretton 99lb for 5th on the lake

September and yet again lots of big matches for me to fish

Hall lane bessies pool 90 peg charity match 50lb got me a section win

Tunnel barn top pool for the pole+match fishing subscriber classic 50lb for a section win

Weston pools stretton 75lb for nowhere

Weston pools belvedere start of the natural bait festival 50lb for third in section

Weston pools stretton last day of natural bait festival 40lb for third in section

Weston pools weir pool for welsh national team of four match were I fished for matrix Leigh tackle+bait I managed 45lb for 7th on the lake and the team finished sixth with 14 points.

Another easy month for me in October with just three matches

Partridge lakes 50lb section win

Partridge lakes 15lb for third in section

Sycamore fishery 40lb for 4th overall

November was the start of my winter league at Old hough and I had expected it to be a series of f1 matches but it turned out to be more silver fishing which made a pleasant change.

Weston pools belvedere 20lb for nowhere

Old hough winter league rnd one , goose lake 36lb for lake win

Old hough winter league rnd two , goose lake 15lb for fourth on lake

Old hough winter league rnd three , prospect lake 8lb for fifth on lake


Old hough winter league rnd four , boulders pool 20lb for fourth on lake

Horns dam another new venue as a stand in for Jeff’s floats team in the winter league 12lb for fifth on the lake

Partridge lakes 20lb for third in section

Old hough winter league rnd five , prospect lake 15lb for third on the lake

Partridge lakes two hundred peg xmas match , Ribbon pool a bit of a struggle of a match to finish the year and ended up with a dnw .

Well thats my fishing year done and dusted, only two wins but loads of frames and sections on venues that I am relatively new at fishing which I’m pleased about, I feel I have learned a great deal most importantly; do your own thing and not to over complicate things. I have contested lots of really big matches this year and I can only think of those on the Old hough winter league that had less than 25 anglers in attendance.

My top five matches for the year are ;

1st – Pole fishing masters festival at Tunnel barn where I finished with 7 points and the match that sticks in my mind was when I finished third in section behind Luke Sears and Lee Kerry but beat Alan Scothorne for the second time in two matches.

2nd – Subscriber classic at Tunnel barn winning my section from what I felt was a poor area.

3rd – North vs South at Tunnel barn getting second in section behind Des Shipp and the North winning the event as well.

4th – My first visit to the highly impressive Weston pools were from a good peg, I managed 96lb of carp + barbel and got me eager to go back.

5th – my first section win in a fisho qualifier at Moorlands farm a venue that I hadn’t even seen before the match.

Lets hope I can improve on my results again next year; starting with a top three finish in the overall winter league and after that I will be having a think on what to do for the rest of the year; either stay local fishing smaller venues which will give me more ticks in the win column and money in the bank, be a one venue angler and learn the ins & outs of every peg on the fishery which should give me the same money in the bank, carry on like this year and enjoy the challenge of the highly contested matches against the top names in angling where its mega hard to win some coin or i could try to do a mixture of all three?

Thanks for the sixty thousand people who have read my blog this year and, I hope I can keep it just as entertaining next year, tight lines and have a good new year.

Gary Matthews