Sycamore fishery

April 1st , peg 17 Silver birch


With a few things going on at home i hadn’t planned on going fishing over the weekend so i took the opportunity to grab a few hours on the Friday which was more to clear my head than the actual fishing , with it only being a short three-hour session i decided to stay local and headed off to Sycamore fisheries in Golborne as it was only ten minutes from my house and was another place i hadn’t visited in some times but i had kept an eye on recent results which showed it was fishing quite well for the time of year .  With the weather being rather breezy plus scattered showers i was quite surprised to see a couple of other anglers and they had settled on the low numbered pegs along Silver birch this was the lake that i had also wanted to fish as it held more f1s , i plonked my gear down on peg 17 which is usually a reliable area for a few bites it was also just on the edge of the breeze although it did get a lot stronger as the day progressed .

As i mentioned earlier i was only here for a few hours so decided to just bring pellets with me because it was a method that i could do with the practice using , i also just set up the one rig which in the cold conditions was set at four-foot so i used a 4×14 malman roob float my shotting pattern was an inch spread bulk my main line was 014 garbo and i had a three-inch 010 hook length which had a size 18 matrix bagger hook attached .

After i had set up my gear i plumbed up trying to find a flat area which would allow me to present my pellets correctly , i did manage to secure one towards the left of my peg right on the joint of my eleven meter section this would make things a lot easier . I started my session by tapping in a small kinder pot full of soaked micros and held my rig directly above it which was similar to how you would fish with a small method feeder , it took a couple of feeds five minutes apart before i had my first indication this resulted in a hand sized skimmer but it wasnt long before i was attached to something a bit bigger which put up a spirited fight i just had it under control and was about to net it when it smashed my hook length .After changing up to an 012 i was back out again and didn’t have to wait long before i was back among the fish this time a nice stockie carp around the three-pound mark , a couple more of similar size quickly followed before the bites became a bit iffy and i started losing fish again , i felt that the carp were brushing against my bulk so i decided to move it further away from the hook length and spread it an inch apart this seemed to solve the problem but i needed to settle the fish down again , i resorted to sprinkling in micros every few minutes and after about half an hour i had the carp lined up again including some around the four pound mark. After about ninety minutes the wind got steadily stronger and it became increasingly difficult holding the pole , as a consequence bites began to tail off and i felt that by using expanders my hookbait was getting wafted around so i decided to use my heavier pellets which would help me present a static bait this worked extremely well and i was back catching carp again .

As i approached the final hour of my session i decided to set up another swim towards my right and start my feeding approach again but this time using 4mm pellets as i wanted to see what response i would get using just these , to be honest it was a bit inconclusive as i caught the same stamp of carp and a similar amount as on my other swim but it did take a bit longer to get going .After three hours i called time on my fishing and had really enjoyed working things out as the session progressed ,it is surprising how changing little things can have a big impact on your fishing and i ended up catching a dozen carp upto four ponds , a few f1s plus a solitary skimmer for nearly 50lb which i was very pleased with in the conditions although there is a few things i would still like to try .

Below is a short video on todays fishing trip i hope you enjoy it ,


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