Hall lane fishery , Bessies pool

April 17th , peg 34 Bessie’s pool

After yesterdays long day trip out to Derbyshire with the Mrs and little George I didn’t fancy booking on anywhere for the Sunday because we was up very early and to be honest, I really wasnt in the mood to contest a match preferring a nice leisurely day just catching a few fish so I decided on a couple of extra hours in bed  before heading to Hall lane fishery near Parbold at around dinner time, I choose to go here as it was somewhere that I had not visited for nearly 12 months and I always like visiting as many fisheries as I can for my blog it is also very similar in style as Herronbrook so I could try out a few things before my first Fisho qualifier in the middle of May. I had originally fancied going on Merlin’s lake but when I arrived at the venue there was a couple of club matches taking place which is unsurprising with it being a Sunday and it has always been a very popular fishery, so I settled on Bessie’s pool which is the biggest on the complex with it holding over sixty anglers it is a snake lake style water with the far bank being around 14m on majority of pegs. There was about a dozen other people scattered all over this lake and as I wanted to have a play around with my camera while I was here so I settled on peg 34 which gave me plenty of space it was half way down the long straight with your back to the field it also had a gap between the islands were the two sections of water join together and looked like it should hold a few fish but I had not been down this section before so I wasnt too sure on how things would go today.

As i would be only here for a few hours I decided to set up just two rigs ;

Far-bank swim at 14m were i managed to find a nice flat spot at 3.5ft deep and i used a 4×12 maggie float with a strung out shotting pattern along the bottom half of the rig , my line was the usual 014 garbo which i us on ninety per cent of my rigs and my six-inch hook length was 010 garbo which had a size 18 lwg hook attached .

Top three swim i found quite a big flat area near the reeds towards my right were it was about 4ft deep and i used a 4×14 malman roob float which had an inch spread bulk starting above the four inch 010 hook length , my hook was a size 18 lwg and on both rigs i used NG green 10-12 amber core elastic .

As it was a short session i decided to try something a bit different with the bait settling on ;

Two pints of 6mm cubes of meat and corn

Two pints of micros

Small tub of 4mm expanders

Small tub of white hooker pellets

The weather in the morning when I woke was very cold with frost on the windscreen and cat ice on a few puddles in the front garden but as I headed to the fishery it had warmed up a little with blue skies plus light winds although it never rose above eight degrees all day, so with this in mind i decided to take it easy with the feed and feel myself into the session until i knew just how the fish would respond, I fed half a small cupping kit of micros onto my short line and would top this up every thirty minutes before going on it later in the day, I began by fishing long with a cube of 6mm meat on the hook and half a dozen samples in the kinder pot . It took a couple of feeds before i had my first indication and not long after my first fish hit the net which was a carp around two pounds a couple more of similar size quickly followed before things went quiet, so I made the decision to increase the amount of bait I was feeding this worked very well and i was soon back catching the carp which were all like peas in a pod pristine commons around the two pound mark. In my first hour I had ten carp all caught using meat but with the wind increasing and towing my rig out of position I choose to try a piece of corn hoping this would give me a static bait which it did but surprisingly I failed to get any positive indications when using it, with the increase of feed working previously I decided to put in half a cupping kit of meat & corn onto my long line and give my top three swim a try until the wind dropped enough for me to go back on it.

I tapped in some micros through a small kinder pot then lowered my rig in among it and no sooner had my float settled then it dipped under, a sharp lift of the pole resulted in a hand sized skimmer coming to the bank six more similar samples quickly followed before it went quiet and I was wondering what I had done wrong but I soon found out when I began a run of f1s all around the pound mark , when this swim died a little i decided to rest it and try my far-bank line as the wind had subsided enough for me to present a bait properly, the rest had worked wonders as I was back among the carp again including a couple touching 4lb and when the bites tailed off I would just re-feed with half a cupping kit then I would be back catching. Every so often I would catch a couple of skimmers across and when this happened I would put in a full cup to try to feed them off I then rested it for twenty minutes, while I went on my short line for a couple more f1s and I even managed a nice bream about 4lb on it as well, before i knew it I was almost out of bait and only a couple of carp away from the forty mark so I dragged out my session until I hit this mark but it was noticeable that it took longer for me to get a bite without the feed going in.

All in all I had a really enjoyable four hour session catching forty carp between 2 & 4lb, about a dozen f1s around the 1lb mark and a lot of hand sized skimmers for about 120lb, I felt that I learned a few things that will help on other venues and also on how I played the fish which I could do with the practise on as I haven’t caught a great deal so far this year, not sure where i’m going at the weekend just yet I will probably decide on Weds hope you have enjoyed reading the blog and watching the videos.

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