Partridge lakes open match

April 30th , peg 16 covey one

After having taken a few weeks off from match fishing so i could recharge my batteries and even catch some fish , i thought that it was about time i got back in the swing of things as i have some big matches coming up in the next few months and i decided to jump in the deep end booking on Partridge lakes where they usually get over seventy anglers in attendance ,the weather during the week was doing its best to dampen my enthusiasm for the contest because we had to contend with heavy rain , strong winds and even on the Friday we had two inches of snow ! !

Worm+caster had been working well at Partridge lakes in the weeks leading up to todays match but after the recent cold spell i wasnt convinced that it was right for today and i decided to target it more like you would in winter going down the maggot+pellet route , so after sorting a plan in my head on how to attack the match and getting my rigs correct i was quite confident of having a good day’s fishing but as you all know things don’t usually go to plan and it can all go pear shaped at the draw bag .

On the morning of the match i was faced with an easterly wind which was forecast to increase during the day but at least it wasnt raining just yet , i had agreed to meet up with a few mates at the cafe and as i arrived they were already in attendance so after grabbing some maggots , then booking on to the match i went for a chat and it soon came round to draw time so we joined the queue towards the back , when it was my turn i pulled out peg 16 on covey one which was an area that i had fished before winning my section from it on a couple of occasions although after speaking to a lad in the car-park who had fished it in the week it had not been producing but today was a different day so you just never know .

On settling in at my peg i was greeted with the wind blowing strongly from left to right which could be a problem if it got any stronger , i decided to set up three rigs which would cover a few options ;

Three foot rig for pellet and i used a 4×14 malman roob with an inch spread bulk above the four inch 0.10 garbo hook length .

Three foot rig for maggot and i used a 4×12 maggie float with a staggered shotting pattern with just two number eleven stotz in the bottom third of the rig , my hook length was six inch of 010 garbo that had a size 20 matrix silver fish hook attached .

Channel swim and i used a 4×14 maggie float with a bulk plus two dropper shooting pattern , hook length was six inch of 010 garbo that had a size 18 matrix silver hook attached .

My bait for the day was ;

Two pints of red maggots

Two pints of soaked micros

Small tub of 4mm expanders

Small tub of white hooker pellets

When the all in sounded i shipped out to my far-bank marker with my pellet rig , i sprinkled in some micros then lowered my rig in among it being very careful to keep it still , it took a couple of feeds before i had my first indication which i missed but not long after i had my first f1 although it seemed to be a loner as ten minutes past without another sign so i moved further towards my right and started again but still nothing , i went right to the edge of my peg but couldn’t attract an indication from any line a switch to maggots over the same far-bank swims did not produce any more f1s although i did manage to lose a carp which snagged me up on the far side vegetation .

Things weren’t going well and worse was to follow when we had the first of many hail storms which were the size of garden peas not good but at least it was hitting my back, after it surpassed i gave my margin a try with my three foot maggot rig this had worked well in previous weeks when it was windy but i just couldn’t get a bite and all i was left with was my channel swim i decided to put in two lines one i would feed with a small cupping kit every twenty minutes the other i would kinder pot in a dozen maggots . After suffering another hail storm i finally began getting a few bites not from the required f1s but ide although they was of a nice stamp and i was at least putting some fish in the net , by rotating between the two lines i had a good ninety minute spell but the longer i fished it the worse it got and i had nowhere else to go that was producing bites so that i could rest them my last hour was a complete write off putting next to nothing in the net .

The all out sounded calling time on another frustrating match at Partridge lakes and i wasnt going to bother weighing in other than we had agreed to have a pound with the other lads , as it turned out my net went 16lb which was good enough for second in the section behind the lad on peg 18 who had 24lb but he had managed to sneak out a few f1s early and late in the match which made all the difference but thats all part+parcel of match fishing ,i’m going to Herronbrook on bank holiday Monday for a try at the open its only my second visit there so im quite looking forward to it although six hour matches can take some getting used too and it will be a long day if you are not putting anything in the net .



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