Widdows flash

May 3rd , peg 24

With the weather taking a turn for the better at long last and while i was still of work after the long bank holiday i decided to spent a few hours on Widdows flash in Springview near Wigan it was a thirty peg fishery were you could drive round to every one of them and it had an island around sixteen meters away , it had a good head of carp+silvers and it was the latter that i fancied catching as it had been awhile since i caught a good net of them plus i had about three pints of maggots remaining from the weekends matches .

At around dinner time i headed off on the short ten minute journey to the fishery and when i arrived there was a few anglers dotted about they were mainly on the cabin side which i felt was the poorer area so i drove round to peg 24 which was just off the board pegs these have a good reputation when targeting silvers so i was quite happy to be able to set up there , as i was only having a short session i choose to fish a nice comfortable six meters setting up two rigs ;

Deep shallow rig which was set at four feet deep nearly two foot of the deck and i used a 0.2 maggie float that had an on the drop shotting pattern , my main line was 012 garbo and i had a six-inch 009 garbo hook length which had a size twenty matrix silver fish hook .

Shallow rig which was set at two foot and i used an 0.1 matrix series three float that had just a couple of number eleven stotz spread down the 012 garbo main line , i had a six-inch 009 garbo hook length which had a size twenty matrix silver fish hook and my elastic for both rigs was solid number five preston slip.

Bait couldn’t be simpler just three pints of red and white maggots that were just beginning to turn .

All the time i had set up i was firing in a dozen maggots at six meters and although i had not seen any swirls i was confident of catching pretty quickly , i picked up my deep shallow rig first and as expected it didn’t take me too long before i began getting indications ,at first they were hand sized skimmers but the longer i fished the bigger they became and i had a couple around 1.5lb but most were around ten ounce although i was a bit surprised that i wasnt catching more roach .

The weather today was quite sunny+warm but was also a bit blustery and although it didn’t really affect the lake as it was situated in a dip surrounded by trees the problem i faced was the scum on the surface of the water kept settling in my peg making it hard to get a good presentation at times , i managed to get into a good rhythm with my feeding as i would ;

feed then ship out

feed when i got an indication

then feed again when i netted the fish

it was all a time in motion exercise for about an hour then the bites seemed to tail off and i had to work hard to keep in touch with the fish , i did give my two foot rig a go but it didn’t really produce apart from a couple of small roach and a really nice golden rudd .It became clear that the bigger skimmers seemed happiest at four-foot just hanging off the bottom and i decided to concentrate my remaining time with the deeper rig , i would get a run of six nice fish before bites tailed off for about twenty minutes before they came back and it seemed that they were just cruising about in small shoals some of the skimmers showed signs of spawning tubercles which might go some way to explaining it .

With about thirty minutes of my session i decided to try fishing at four-foot on the deck and after plumbing up i found it on my top three at the side of some reeds , i initially began feeding quite heavily to attract a few fish on to this line before easing off when i started catching and this worked ok i caught a few skimmers although they wasnt as big as when fishing six meters but maybe if i had given it a bit longer things might have improved

I really enjoyed my day’s fishing catching nearly forty skimmers plus a dozen hand sized roach for about twenty pounds which made a nice change from catching f1s and on a side note the few anglers that i could keep tabs on who we’re targeting the carp across to the island seemed to be struggling although there was a few cruising about , well that’s todays short session over with and i am planning on getting back to Heronbrook for the Saturday open at the weekend .

Thanks for reading .