Heronbrook fishery , meadow pool

May 7th , meadow pool peg five

After last weekends enjoyable match at Heronbrook i was eager to get back for another go on the open and another positive was the weather as the temps were hitting 24 degrees with blue skies+light winds , i arrived at the fishery just past eight which gave me time to grab a breakfast before having a look at the waters which would be in the draw bag today as im still relatively new to the place . When i got back to the cabin it was nearly draw time and as it came to my turn i pulled out peg five on Meadow pool which did not mean a great deal but at least i was on the better of the three lakes .

I found my home for the next few hours and i was about half way down facing the road you drive down to get to the fishery , it was flat calm with fish crashing in the margins so things didn’t look too promising for a good day’s fishing but i would give it my best shot . The peg was 14m to the far-bank rushes at nearly 4ft in-depth and another meter to the cut out were the shallowest water i could find was 2ft a similar depth in the margin at four meters , i decided to set up ;

Far-bank at side of the reeds where it was 4ft deep and as i was using banded pellet i decided to use a 4×14 malman roob float which had an inch spread bulk above the four-inch hook length.

Far-bank mud line where it was two foot deep and as i was going to be using meat  i used a 0.4 jadz float which had a positive shotting pattern above the four-inch hook length .

Channel line at six meters and i would be throwing a few cubes of meat here so i used a 4×12 maggie float with an on the drop shotting pattern which would give me a slow fall of the hook bait .

Margin swim i used the same rig as for the far-bank mud line .

Bait for the day was ;

Three pints 4mm pellets

Three pints 7mm cubed meat

Small tub hard pellets

As the all in sounded i put in half a cup of meat at six meters before going across to the far-bank reeds after tapping in some 4mm pellets i lowered my rig in among it , i proceeded to lift+drop my rig which got me a bite straight away and i managed three f1s plus a carp in the first twenty minutes because there seemed to be a few fish milling about in the reeds i decided to start cattying in 4mm pellets around my float this turned out to be a big mistake as it brought them up of the bottom causing me to foul hook my next six fish , i hurriedly set up a shallow rig so i could go over the top of my loose feed but strangely i just couldn’t attract an indication maybe they were backing away from the pole tip with it being flat calm and sunny .

I decided to try my two foot rig against the mud-bank with meat and after tapping in six cubes i lowered my rig in over the top , it didn’t take to long before i began getting indications but i just couldn’t connect with any of them and thinking about it now the 7mm cubes were too big for the f1s . After a while i did start picking up the odd fish by using the smallest cube in the box which wasnt an ideal situation to be in , about two hours of the match had passed and i hadn’t got a great deal in the net which was a similar situation to the lads either side of me . I had flicked a few cubes of meat on to my channel swim and although it was earlier than i planned i decided to see if anything had settled on it but to my surprise i never had an indication but i did keep feeding it for later in the match , another rotation of my far-bank swims did not produce a great deal and when i noticed the lad to my right begin catching in the margin quite well i decided to start feeding mine i originally wasnt sure that it was going to work with the odd fish crashing about , i was careful when positioning my swim to avoid all the commotion and after flicking a couple of cubes of meat every five minutes for half an hour i decided to give it a whirl , almost as soon as my float settled it shot under and i finally began putting some fish in the net but after what happened on my last match i here i didn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket so i put in another margin line to my right but this time i choose to fish pellets  and after plumbing up i cut down my far-bank rig ,by rotating the two swims i managed to keep putting fish in the net including a couple of carp around 8lb a piece , with about half an hour remaining the bites tailed off and all i could manage was two big skimmers .

When the all out sounded in the distance it called time on a rather frustrating match as i really struggled to catch across with any consistency and even my meat line didn’t kick off but after speaking to a couple of people after wards i think i know the reason why which i hope to try on my next visit here , when the scales arrived on the lake the lad on peg one put two hundred pounds on the scales for the match win , the lad to my left didn’t weigh in and the lad to my right had 140lb which was enough for the section , my net went just under 70lb and i had most of this in the final ninety minutes of the match as it turned out i was probably the lowest weight on Meadow pool because there was 13 ton catches from 20 anglers on it .

Hopefully i will be back at heronbrook next Saturday for another try at the open and i think there might be a few anglers on it as it is the last match before the Weds fisho qualifier.

Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed it .