Blundells fishery , trio pool

July 2nd , peg 55 on Trio pool

Saturday soon came round again and the venue for today’s contest was Blundells fishery on the outskirts of Warrington, this is somewhere that I hadn’t visited for many a year and I had not been on Trio pool since I started back fishing nearly eight years ago when I had an enjoyable  coaching session with Jamie Hughes so I was eager to give it another try especially with the big weights coming out recently. The contest was a six-hour rover style match spread over all the complex apart from pine canal that had a club match on it and I arrived at the fishery just after nine so I could have a quick look at the lakes in the draw bag before I needed to book on thirty minutes later, the wind was really gusty blowing away from the car park and like every f1 water they tend to follow the breeze but to be honest i wouldn’t be keen sitting in it head on as it was forecast to get stronger plus a few showers as the day progressed, I did quite like the look of the few pegs down the split it had a bit of protection from the trees behind you and also offered a nice manageable ripple which looked like it might produce a few shallow, as I walked back to the cabin I had a quick gander at the other canals incase I couldn’t get on Trio and West looked the best as it offered a lot of protection from the elements.

When I got back to the cabin there was people already queuing up for the draw to find out which number they would get before it got too their turn to choose a peg and I pulled out number 56 so I was one of the last to pick but I always find on these rover matches either an early go where you could get to sit on a flyer or a late go where you was looking for a bit of space are the best options, after a while it came for my turn I was surprised to see a few pegs on the split still free so I decided to sit on 55 which was right in the middle of them and to be honest I was quite happy although on these type of contests it is always in the back of your mind why nobody else had chosen to be on it.


On getting to my home for the next few hours I had already been told it was close range fishing which I hoped meant a nice easy match and I just set up;

Top three-line I plumbed up to find a flat spot just under six-foot deep before it dropped off again and as I would be using a 4×14 roob float with a spread bulk above the six-inch 012 garbo hook length my main line was the usual 014 garbo .

Right hand margin at the side of some reeds it was nearly four-foot deep here and yet again I would be using pellets so I used a 4×12 roob float it also had a spread bulk above the six-inch 012 garbo hook length my main line was the usual 014 garbo .

Left hand margin also near a reed bed but this time i found three-foot which is the shallowest I could find and on this swim I chose to use corn because i had heard that it works well on here, I used a 4×12 speedy float which is a bit more robust because I needed to guide the fish around the reed bed and I’m sure the odd one might drag me through them.

Shallow at six meters I set up two rigs one at two foot the other at three-foot as i didn’t expect the fish to be in really shallow water due to all the recent rain and a drop in temperature over night , I used a 0.1 matrix series three float on both rigs with 014 garbo main line which had a six-inch hook length of 012 garbo .

Bait for the day was going to be ;

2 pints of corn

2 pints of 6mm pellets

2 pints of 4mm pellets

small tub of mixed hard pellets .

As the all in sounded in the distance I began on my top three directly in front of me , I tapped in a full kinder pot of 4mm pellets then lowered my rig in among it and I was careful to keep my float directly over the top of the feed , I didn’t have to wait that long before I had my first indication which is always nice when fishing a venue for the first time a lift+drop produced a little dink on the float and F1 number one was in the net. I then managed six fish on the trot after that the F1’s began getting a bit wary so I had to time it so my hook bait landed at the same time as the feed pellets this got me another run of fish, it was all going well but the trouble was from my peg I couldn’t see any other anglers so I didn’t really know how my catch rate compared to theirs and with the wind getting gradually stronger I upped my hook bait size to an 8mm which made it more stable on the deck this kept the F1’s coming for a while longer, thinking back now I should have changed to a heavier 4×16 float as im sure that would have upped my catch rate.


After ninety minutes of putting fish in the net quite constantly bites began to tail off and I needed somewhere to go while I rested my top three-line, luckily I had thrown half a dozen pellets at six meters where I was going to fish shallow so that was my next move and I began on the deeper of the two rigs because there wasnt a lot showing themselves up in the water. I shipped out to the spot that I was priming and after flicking my rig over a couple of times I had a dink on the float which I missed but it was a good start because if you can get them shallow you could be on for a big weight, I then missed three more so I decided to change to a smaller 4mm pellet this worked but I could only catch hand sized skimmers not really what I expected to be catching  I did try my really shallow rig but to no avail, with the odd bubble coming up from the deck I didn’t think they wanted to be high in the water with weather conditions being as they were and I had not got any rigs set up at top four deep which is what I needed to use for fishing under my loose feed.

Not a lot was happening  and I didn’t want to waste any more time on it but i did keep feeding for another try later in the match, my next move was on to my right hand margin I had thrown a couple of hard 6mm pellets their every five minutes while I had been attempting to catch shallow and when my float buried straight away with a better stamp of F1 hitting the net , then another quickly followed I thought I had cracked it but no more bites in ten minutes had me thinking that I had gone on it a bit too soon and I didn’t want to risk doing the same on my left hand margin.

I decided to go back onto my top three but plumbed up a new swim further down the peg and after a couple of feeds I had the F1’s lined up again I was kicking myself a bit for not doing it when my original swim began to fade as it seemed the depth the fish wanted to be in, I had a really good couple of hours and before I knew it there was just ninety minutes of the match remaining so I dropped back onto my right hand margin but it never really kicked off properly maybe going on it a bit earlier had done the damage , on my opposite margin where I had been feeding corn I had a good run of carp nothing over 4lb but they was a bit heavier than the f1s I was catching and by rotating between my three swims I managed to keep fish coming till the all out sounded.


I had over seventy fish on my clicker as I would be one of the last to weigh in I went round to see my mate and when I told him how many I had caught he suggested that I was weigh over a ton which I would be pleased with on my first visit, when the scales men arrived on the lake I followed them round with 140lb winning then a few near 130lb nets which i thought was good in the conditions but people were complaining saying it hadn’t fished as well as it usually does. When it came to my section there was only two of us that was going to weigh in we both had a similar amount of fish so it looked like it would be close and it was, as my three nets went 95lb just missing out by 3lb and that quiet mid match spell cost me in the end but I was happy with that weight on my first visit I also learned a great deal and look forward to going back for another try in a couple of weeks but first im back to Weston pools on Saturday.


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