Blundells fishery , trio pool

June 16th , peg 37 trio pool

After my last successful visit to Blundells fishery near Warrington a couple of weeks ago I was eager to get back for another go , so i could try a couple of different things out that I felt might increase my catch rate enough to improve on my 6th place, the weather leading up today’s contest was a bit indifferent and we was faced with flat calm conditions , overcast skies plus light showers totally the opposite from my last trip so at least i could compare my results after the match.

Upon arriving at the fishery a bit earlier than planned I had a quick walk round looking at the better pegs on the complex taking a mental note of where they were but all the thoughts of sitting on one of them went right out of the window when I got back to the cabin and pulled out number 56 which meant I had last pick in the rover for the third match running , one by one all those on my list was taken and when it finally came round for my turn I only had two pegs to choose from if I wanted to stay on trio so I settled on 37 which I felt was in the better area of the lake.


As i got to my home for the next six hours I decided on targeting ;

Top three directly in front of me were I found a flat area around six-foot deep so i used a 4×14 speedy float with a bulk+dropper shotting pattern , my main line was the usual 014 garbo and I had a six-inch 012 garbo hook length that had a size 18 matrix rigger hook attached .

Right hand margin at the side of the reeds on my top three it was a touch over three-foot deep so i used an 04 matrix series three float which had a spread bulk shotting pattern I hoped this would help keep the rig still and cut down on-line bites ,my main line was the usual 014 garbo and I had a six-inch 012 garbo hook length that had a size 18 matrix rigger hook attached .

Left hand margin tight to the bank where there was a bit of a cut out and after plumbing up I was surprised to find 18 inch which I feel was the ideal depth for margin fishing but on the down side it was less than a top kit away so I would only be able to pick up a couple of fish at a time before they backed off , I used a slightly heavier than usual 04 matrix series three float which had a spread bulk shotting pattern I hoped this would help keep the rig still and cut down on-line bites, my main line was the usual 014 garbo and I had a six-inch 012 garbo hook length that had a size 18 matrix rigger hook attached .

I also set up two shallow rigs but never picked them up so I will not go into what I used .

Bait for the day was going to be ;

2 pints of corn

3 pints of 4mm pellets

1 pint of micros

Small tub of mixed hard hook pellets .

When the match started i shipped out three meters and tapped in a large kinder pot full of 4mm hard pellets , it only took a couple of feeds before i began getting indications and not long after that i started catching f1s although they was a bit smaller than i expected to be getting , in the first hour i had ten fish including the odd carp all i needed to do was keep my feed going in often and in the right spot plus working my rig to continue catching .Just like my last visit here after the first hour they became a bit more wary and i wasted little time in setting up a new swim just a meter to my right in the same depth of water , it only took a couple of feeds before the fish settled down and i began catching again this resulted in a further ten f1s+carp hitting the bank before the bites began getting iffy , i then had a run of foul hooked fish including a big f1 which gave me a proper run around although i did manage to get it in .


I wanted to keep the fish on the deck because i felt they would be easier to catch so i began feeding with a small cupping kit giving them a quick hit of bait and if it didn’t work all i needed to do was move towards my left setting up another swim , but i did not have to worry because it worked really well and i had five quick f1s before i needed to re pot in some pellets. I decided to feed my original swim the same way so i could rotate between the two picking a couple of fish from each although i am not sure it was the right thing to do as i was probably just splitting the shoal of fish in front of me , but i was still putting f1s+carp in the net and after four hours i had caught nearly forty fish  which was not far off my ten fish an hour target before hopefully catching quicker from my margin later in the match .

I decided to start feeding my left hand margin throwing six pieces of corn every couple of minutes my reason for doing it was that they respond well to noise on here and it would hopefully help draw in a few extra fish , while i was doing this i gave my deeper right hand margin a try but chose to feed with a kinder pot and it didn’t take to long before i began catching the odd f1 they was a bigger stamp as well , i was catching quite steadily then suddenly the bites vanished and i couldn’t work out what i had done wrong then out of the reeds popped a mink which explained a lot . I moved too my shallower left hand margin with a piece of corn on the hook and no sooner had my float settled than it shot under , i then had a really good run of fish up until the all out sounded and i found it best to drag the rig up the shelf a touch this helped cut down on the line bites plus i began cupping in corn after every couple of fish i got through two tins in the last ninety minutes .


When the match finished and i started packing up i noticed a few people tipping back when the walked past they said it had fished really hard down the bottom of the lake which i was surprised at as i fancied that area to produce a few fish when i had a look earlier in the day , i noticed the scales arrive on trio so went to see who was catching when i caught up with them 138lb was winning but most of the other anglers had around the 70lb mark including a couple of lads that were in my section , when they arrived at my peg the first of the nets went 48lb which i had caught from the margin in the last two hours in total i ended up with 113lb which was my first ton at blundells and second in consecutive matches after Weston pools the previous week it was good enough to win the section and finish fourth on the lake , I am back there next weekend for another go i hope that i can keep improving on my next few visits and i have a couple of things to try because i am still relatively new to the venue , i just hope that i can get an early pick so i might be able to sit on a peg that i want to fish .


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog hope you enjoyed it .



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