Blundells fishery , trio pool

August 6th , peg 55 trio pool

DSC_0054 - Copy

After last weekends bit of a disappointing match at Blundells fishery I decided to have another visit to see if I could figure out what went wrong and with their being no open match at Partridge lakes due to the angling times super cup semi final  taking place their I expected a lot of those anglers to be here today, I arrived at the fishery just before nine as I expected there was a lot of different faces knocking about and I just managed to get on trio car park which isn’t really big enough on a normal match day never mind today when there was over sixty in attendance .

When I got back to the cabin I booked on the match then took my chance in the bag of doom and yet again I ended up with a high number so I would get little chance of getting a peg I fancied fishing , one by one all the better pegs had been taken when it finally came around for my turn there was two areas which took my eye 17+55 and I decided on the latter because the wind was blowing towards the car park plus I had already fished this peg before doing reasonably well on it.

On arriving at my home for the next few hours I got informed that my section would be all those on the split plus peg 49 which was in the bowl next to the bridge so I quite fancied my chances of catching a few fish today.

My rigs for the day were;

Shallow , I set two rigs up at different depths which were at 2ft+1ft and I used a 0.2 series three matrix float with a little bulk of stotz above the four inch 010 garbo hook length my elastic was NG light green .

Top three , I had a lot of trouble trying to find two flat areas at the same depth either side of me which is what I usually do on here , so I had to resort to fishing directly in front of me I found an area just over five foot and decided to use a 4×14 speedy float with a bulk plus dropper shotting pattern my main line was 014 garbo and hook length was 012 garbo.

Deep margin towards my left at the side of the reeds where it was nearly three foot and I used a 0.3 roob style float which had a slightly thicker bristle , main line was 014 garbo and hook length was 012 garbo which had a size 16 guru lwg hook because I wanted to give 6mm expanders a try today.

Shallow margin on my top kit to my right next to some lily pads which I thought the f1s might be sitting in due to the bright sunshine and I used a diamond bodied style float with 014 garbo main line then a 012 garbo hook length which had a size 14 guru lwg hook because I would be using corn on this line.DSC_0056 - Copy

Bait for the day was;

3 pints 4mm pellets

2 tins of corn

small tub of mixed hard hook pellets

small tub of 4+6mm expanders

When the all in sounded I began on my top three-line straight in front of me and I kinder potted in some 4mm before lowering my rig in among it , I didn’t have to wait that long before my float shot under and it is always nice to get an early fish especially after it not working for me last week, I found it best to throw pellets in rather than kinder potting because the noise of them hitting the water helped draw in the fish but I did have trouble with line bites later on because the fish wanted to be shallow in the warm sunny conditions . I  picked up five quick f1s before things got a bit trickier but by getting my timings right regarding my loose feed and hook bait hitting the deck I still kept adding a few fish, after an hour I had ten in the net which was a good start but with bites dwindling plus the fact I was picking up the odd small skimmer I felt it was time for another swim at the same depth , so after plumbing around for a bit I did manage to find a flat spot towards the right of my peg and I started again I hoped that it would produce the same as my original swim but unfortunately it never really got started as I only managed five f1s in the next hour .


I had been loose feeding 4mm pellets every five minutes on my left hand deep margin and I decided to drop on it a bit earlier than I expected but after catching a couple of quick fish I felt that I never got my feeding correct as I couldn’t keep the fish in the swim , I even tried my shallow rig over the top of it because I did get a few line bites but nothing came from it apart from missing the odd bite , I choose to plumb up a new line four meters to my left in case the fish had backed out of the peg but apart from a couple of small skimmers+gudgeon it didn’t really produce for me and I really struggled to add anything to my net in the next two hours even after rotating between all my swims.

Before I knew it we was approaching the last ninety minutes and I began feeding my shallower right hand margin while I concentrated on my left hand margin , I changed to a banded pellet instead of an expander this sorted my skimmer problem plus by spending more attention to my feeding a began catching f1s again although I had a little spell of pulling out of four fish on the trot because my elastic had started sticking but a change of top kits solved the problem but the damage was already done and as I didn’t want to unsettle the fish I kept dropping onto my corn swim but even though it was in the shallowest water I could find the fish never really wanted to be there , I did catch a few but it was noticeable that I only got proper pull unders and no line bites which showed that there wasnt many fish present I also found that using a slow sinking corn skin got me a few extra fish .

As the all out sounded I had 35 fish on the clicker I couldn’t see many other anglers especially those in my section so I was unsure how I had got on but because I was one of the last to weigh in I took my gear back to the van this gave my chance to talk to those down the split and apart from the lad on peg 51 who wasnt giving much away the others had struggled so I would just have to wait for the scales, after a bit of a wait they finally turned up there was just me and peg 51 to weigh in he went first putting 73lb on the scales I wasnt too confident of beating that weight I was right as my two nets went 58lb so that quiet mid match spell had cost me but second in my six peg section wasnt too bad.

Not too sure where I’m going at the weekend yet but it will probably be back to Blundells as im doing ok on there at the moment and I just hope that I can get an early pick for once, thanks for taking the time to read my blog.


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