Partridge lakes fishery

August 25th , peg 48 covey two


After managing to get a few days off work I decided to take the opportunity to re-acquaint myself with the coveys at Partridge lakes as it has one of the biggest attended open matches in the country and I hadn’t been here since the Maver match this qualifier a couple of months previously , like most f1 venues it can take a while to get back into the swing of things and now that shallow fishing is on the way out it will more than likely be my winter venue in between the winter league at Old hough.

After arriving at the venue just before nine I grabbed a bacon sandwich before booking on to the open and looking at the recent results I decided to get three pints of maggots rather than casters from the on site tackle shop , it was soon time for the draw yet again for a mid-week match there was over forty anglers in attendance when it came for my turn in the bag of doom i pulled out peg 48 and after speaking to Andy Bennett he wasnt to optimistic about draw saying i would be better off targeting the ide .


On arriving at my peg which was half way up the split and to be honest it looked really good but that could be said for all the pegs on the coveys , i had a nice reed lined far bank on both sides of the mud bank and both margins had plenty vegetation as well there was also plenty of fish milling about shallow but in the calm sunny conditions they was very unsettled . I decided to keep things very simple as i hadn’t been for a while so i just set up ;

Far-bank i plumbed up to find a couple of flat areas in a depth of three-foot so i could rotate lines when bites started to slow down and i used a 4×12 roob float which had a spread bulk above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Margin swim top three towards my left , it was nearly two foot tight to the bank at the side of the reeds so i used a 0.4 joof float with a spread bulk above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length which gave me a very stable rig .

Deck rig at six meters i didn’t really expect to be using this today but it is always handy to have set up underneath your shallow line and i used a 4×14 maggie float which had a bulk plus two dropper shotting pattern , my main line was the usual 014 garbo and hook length was six-inch of 012 garbo .

Shallow rigs i set up one at a foot the other at two foot , both floats were the same matrix series three float in a 0.1 and they had three number eleven stotz spread along the 0.14 garbo my hook length was a 0.12 garbo .

Bait for the day revolved around pellets ;

One pint soaked micros

Two pints ground-bait

Three pints red maggots

Small tub of 4mm expanders

When the all in sounded i began feeding my shallow swim with maggots before shipping across to my far-bank marker and deposited a kinder pot full of micros the first thirty minutes were a proper right off as i only managed a couple of f1s even though i was feeding every five minutes to try to attract some fish into the swim , i plumbed up a new swim a meter to my right at the other side of the mud bank and started because as you all know f1s can be very reluctant to move at times but yet again this didn’t really produce how i would have expected . So while i pondered my next move i decided to drop onto my left hand margin in front of the reeds which was the same depth as my across swims , after kinder potting in a ball of groundbait to try to kick-start the peg and a had a big f1 straight away but another bite less twenty minutes had me scratching my head , as i had fed my channel swim since the start of the match i hopped that this could get me out of trouble although this still off fishing wasnt really working for me so far this year .

I shipped out to six meters and chucked in two lots of a dozen maggots then flicked my rig in over the top no sooner had it settled when it pulled under but it wasnt what i wanted to be catching though because small silver after small silver kept taking the bait , increasing the feed did not help and neither did altering the depths i just had to try to plough through them but they was really doing my head in because i was catching a dozen of them before i managed an ide ! ! I noticed a few bubbles coming up from under my shallow line and thinking that there maybe a couple of f1s sitting there i picked up my deck rig but those bloody silvers were still grabbing the bait on the way down , i put all the shot on my line above the hook length and dropped the rig in a heap so it bolted its way to the bottom by doing this i managed a couple more f1s but yet again the silvers were a problem .

Two hours into the match with just eight proper fish in the net you can safely say things weren’t going to plan and with the other anglers in eye shot also struggling i choose to plumb up a new swim in slightly deeper water in front of the reeds , i also changed to my smallest kinder pot deciding to be ultra negative holding my rig really still over the top of it because i could always feed heavier if it didn’t work but with the fishing being hard i had nothing to lose , i began trickling in a few micros every couple of minutes i managed to draw a few fish into the swim after beginning to get some indications i had the confidence to keep doing what i was hoping to do and i soon had the f1s competing which made them easier to catch i had a quick run of six before they backed off . I replumbed up a new swim a foot to my left then started again this produced another burst of fish and for the remaining part of the match i had to chase them all along the far bank to be honest it was just like winter fishing even though i wasnt really catching that well i enjoyed it immensely which goes to show you don’t have to be bagging all the time .

As the all out sounded i had managed to catch 28 f1s plus a couple of ide for just short of forty pounds and the lake was won with ninety pounds then seventy pounds coming second , if i had worked it out a bit quicker i might have managed the latter weight but i didn’t expect the fishing to be that difficult today plus i wasnt in touch with the venue after spending so long away . Overall it had fished really well with 150lb winning the match and 130lb needed to get in the top six so as you can see the other coveys had fished a lot better than the one i was on , hopefully i will be back for another try over the weekend and i just hope that i can avoid covey two .

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog .




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