Partridge lakes fishery

August 27th , peg 35 covey two


After Thursday’s eventful match at Partridge lakes i decided on a quick return visit to see if i could put into practice what i hoped that i had learned from last time as the weather conditions where the same with it being calm+sunny ( a better draw wouldn’t go amiss as well ) . On arrival to the venue i booked in at the cabin before grabbing a bacon sandwich and before i knew it was time to start queuing for the draw when it came for my turn in the bag of doom i pulled out peg 35 on covey two ( not again ) but at least i had a good idea on how best to fish it which might give me an advantage over the others that were in my section .

DSC_0066 - Copy (65)

When i got to my home for the next few hours it wasnt really what i was expecting because it was facing the point of the split with a tree overhanging ( which gave my far-bank some shade ) but my across swim only had three clumps of reeds and was mainly mud bank not ideal for how i wanted to be fishing today i decided to set up ;

Top three it was just under five foot deep and as i would be using pellets my float was a 4×12 roob float with a spread bulk above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Margin swim which was top three towards my left at the side of some reeds it was around 18 inches here so it should be the perfect depth and i used a 0.4 jadz float with a spread bulk above the 4 inch 012 garbo hook length .

My far-bank swim was just over two foot deep and after plumbing around i found two flat spots on either side of the reeds it was also the same depth in front of the empty left hand platform so i used a 4×12 roob float with a spread bulk above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Bait for the day was ;

Two pints of micros

One pint of maggots

One pint of 4mm pellets

Three pints of ground-bait

When the all in sounded i began on my top three-line at the bottom of the shelf and i was flicking in the odd 4mm pellet but no bites after 15 minutes soon had me going to my left hand far-bank swim and i taped in a nugget of ground-bait before holding my rig still over the top of it i sprinkled in some micros every couple of minutes to try to attract something into the swim , it took about twenty minutes before i had my first f1 another quickly followed before i started getting strange indications my rig wouldn’t settle properly either and i persevered on this line for too long the first hour passed without adding a great deal to my net . A change of swim was in order so i went onto my right hand clump of reeds and started again this worked out a lot better for me as i managed a good run of f1s somewhere around the two-pound mark it was noticeable today that they wanted a bit of feed going in today unlike on Thursday when they backed away from it ( especially ground-bait ) But after a good spell of catching i stupidly foul hooked a fish by striking at the wrong bite it went through the edge of the reed bed and unsettled the shoal , my next few bites were from gudgeon i could never get the swim back to how it was and thinking about it now i should have put on another section following the reed bed round towards peg 49 but you live+learn i had been pinging pellets towards the left hand platform but didn’t want to go on it too soon .


I had put in the odd pot of ground-bait tight to the side of the reeds so i decided to drop on it with four maggots on the hook and i was getting the odd line bite ( which was a promising sign ) after about ten minutes i had my first proper bite which resulted in a nice stamp f1 hitting the net but after that i couldn’t catch anything decent if i put maggots on the hook i caught perch then when i changed to pellets i had small silvers ( not good ) I went back on to my far bank right hand swim and picked up the odd f1 but they wasnt there in any numbers so i decided to try in front of the empty platform , when i dropped my rig in i was getting lots of line bites but it was hard to get any proper indications and i changed my shotting on my rig to allow for a slower fall of the hook bait this allowed me to catch a few fish , i felt that if i big potted in some ground-bait then it might get the fish on the deck and to some extent it did as i went on a good run of f1s plus the odd carp but i did foul hook the odd fish which took me right under the platform .


As the all out sounded i had caught thirty f1s+carp including one right on the whistle i was unsure how i had got on because i could only see one other angler who wasnt in my section and i had kept up with him , when the scales arrived i was the last to weigh in and 78lb was winning the section i knew that i hadn’t got that , my nets went just under sixty pounds so my slow start to my match had cost me yet again and i need to sort this out if im ever going to challenge for the section or better , overall the match fished quite hard 120lb winning with a low 80lb getting in the top six so i wasnt that far away and i am really enjoying my time back at Partridge lakes i just hope that on my next visit i can avoid covey two .


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