Partridge lakes open match

September 3rd , covey six peg 137


Back at Partridge lakes today for another try at the open match and i was really looking forward to it because i felt that i had neglected this style of fishing , with autumn fast approaching i needed to get back in touch with the fickle feeding f1s even if the weather was forecast to be pretty dreadful today (constant rain) After booking on to the open where i found it would be across covey 1-4 plus covey 6 and i then grabbed a couple of pints of red maggots from the on site tackle shop before joining the queue for the draw as i fancied an early pick in the bag of doom to see if it would change my luck , it looked like i needed to try another way because when it came to my turn i pulled out peg 137 on covey six not the best of areas and with two better pegs in my section i would be up against it but as i was still getting back to grips with the venue there would be no point sitting on flyers just yet .


On arriving to my peg i fancied a nice easy match because it is all too easy to over complicate things and end up not sticking to your game plan but when i found out i had left my side tray at home and needed to borrow a bucket to use as a makeshift tray , my match turned even simpler because there was no way that i could risk using maggots in the rain without any cover as they would just end up going everywhere and it would be an all out pellet attack .

1 pint micros

2 pint 4mm

2 pint ground-bait

Small tub of 4mm expanders

Rigs for the day were;

Bottom of near slope after plumbing up i found around 5ft so i used a 4×14 roob float with an inch spread bulk above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Three foot rig i managed to get a couple of flat spots along the far-bank and also in the margin towards my left so i used a 4×12 roob float with an inch spread bulk above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

With all the cold rain going in over night and during the day i also set up a four-foot rig for when the fish had dropped down into the deeper water , i used a 4×12 roob float with an inch spread bulk above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

When the all in sounded in the distance i began my match by using the three-foot rig along the far-bank at the side of the reeds and i tapped in a nugget of ground-bait to try to kick-start the swim but even after constantly trickling in some micros i failed to get any indications , i was thinking of trying further down the slope but before i did i decided to put in another swim at the same depth against another set of reeds and im glad that i did because it produced half a dozen f1s in thirty minutes before they backed off , so yet again i set up a new swim i basically followed them all along the far bank picking up a couple of f1s from each but they never really settled on one line for long and even though i was dithering in the cold rain the fish + water were quite warm so i never felt the need to try my four-foot rig .


With two hours of the match remaining and nothing coming from my across lines i decided to drop onto my top three swim where i had flicked half a dozen 4mm pellets every five minutes since the match started and i hoped that there might be some fish present but a bite less twenty minutes wasnt what i expected even though other anglers were catching on this line , my next area of my peg to try was my left hand margin although i had not primed this swim and i decided to fish it like i did on my far bank by starting with a nugget of ground-bait then trickling in some micros , it didn’t take too long before i began getting indications and line bites so i decided to go into shallower water about two foot deep , i was soon back catching the odd f1 but yet again they would only come in spells ( not sure i got my feeding right ) i found that by dropping in a small ball of ground-bait then lowering a rig in among it was the best way to get a bite and i even managed a couple of carp from this swim .


Before i knew it the all out sounded and called time on a very wet match although at times i really enjoyed it but I’m struggling to get to grips with my feeding but i am sure that the more i fish it the easier it will become , i ended up with nearly 50lb which was good enough for second in section behind peg 135 who had around 70lb from one of the more fancied pegs and the complex fished quite hard with ninety pounds making the frame which wasnt surprising in the conditions .

I am looking forward to getting back to Partridge lakes at the weekend but before that i have a trip to Weston pools tomorrow which has to be one of my favorite venues its just a shame that it isnt a bit closer or i would be there every week .


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