Partridge lakes open match

October 1st , peg 86 covey four


After last weekends trip to weston pools for the natural bait festival where i caught 245lb of very hard fighting fish over the two days , so i fancied something different and a nice days fishing catching f1s on pellets at Partridge lakes was what i wanted plus it was only ten miles from home so i could have a bit of a lye in after a hectic week at work . I arrived at the fishery just after eight and as always when i come here i grabbed a bacon buttie before having a chat with a few of the regulars , the temperatures during the week had dropped nearly ten degrees and today it was quite cold with hardly any breeze plus blue skies which wasnt the best conditions to try to catch a net full of f1s so i expected most sections to be won with around sixty pounds , i didn’t mind this to be honest as i prefer fishing Partridge lakes when you have to work for your bites because for some reason i struggle to catch a big weight here . I decided to pick up a couple of pints of maggots in case it turned really tough and after dropping them off at the car i returned to find the draw under way , so joined the queue towards the rear when it came to my turn i pulled out peg 86 on covey four which as most of you know it is a really good area to be in but it was more noted for carp rather than f1s and i borrowed a couple of tins of corn from a lad i know before heading off to my peg .


On arriving at my home for the next few hours i had an overhanging reed bed at eleven meters directly in front , i had another reed bed at the point of the island near peg hundred then an empty platform either side so everything looked really positive especially as i could see a few carp in front of peg 85 and with all this in mind i decided to set up ;

winter wire float

roob float

Four foot rig for directly in front on my top kit and also across to the over hanging reeds i planned on using pellets so i used a 4×14 roob float which had an inch spread bulk above the four inch 010 garbo hook length .

Three foot rig for the reed bed at the point of the island and i used a 4×14 roob float which had an inch spread bulk above the four inch 010 garbo hook length .

Channel swim it was only five foot deep so i didnt really expect to catch on it but you always need to set it up on the coveys , i used a 4×12 maggie style float with a bulk plus dropper shotting pattern and a six inch 010 garbo hook length which had a size 16 guru f1 hook attached .

With a few fish showing up in the water i decided to set up a shallow rig but i didnt really expect it to work in the conditions , i used a 0.1 matrix series three float set a foot deep with a four inch 010 garbo hook length which had a size 18 guru f1 hook attached .

Margin swim at the side of the platform of peg 85 in three foot of water and i used a 0.4 matrix series one float with 014 garbo main line which had an 014 garbo hook length attached my hook was a size 14 lwg hook because i was expecting to catch carp and i could also buried it in the corn hookbait .

As you will probably notice all my swims i had plumbed up offered lots of cover from the bright sunshine as i expected the f1s to be away from open water , my bait for the day was ;

2 pints maggots

2 pints micros

2 small tins corn

1 pint of crushed expander groundbait

When the all in sounded i tapped in a nugget of expander on to my top kit line then lowered my rig in over the top , after no indications for five minutes i began throwing a couple of 4mm pellets around my float to try to attract the attention of any passing fish but with no signs in fifteen minutes it was time to change and i picked up my four foot rig then i shipped across to the over hanging reeds then dropped in a ball of expanders before allowing my rig to settle over the top , a few minutes passed before my float dipped and after a short fight up popped a three pound carp not exactly what i wanted but it was a good start .


It took a couple more feeds of micros through a kinder pot before i had my next fish this was also a carp of a similar size to my first and it looked like the f1s didnt want to play ball today , so i had to have a rethink on my feeding and i decided to begin introducing a couple of grains of corn with the micros by doing this resulted in another carp but it was slow going , although with ten pounds in the net after the first hour i felt i was on target for a section winning weight and i decided to put in another swim at the other side of the reeds towards the left of my peg but this time i just fed some corn by rotating between the two swims i kept picking off the odd carp .

The fish where still showing at the side of peg 85 but i didn’t really want to go on it so early in the match instead i went to the point of the island in three foot , i had a quick look with pellets in case their was any f1s present but a bite less ten minutes had me turning it into another carp line although i never had an indication on it maybe the fish were happier in the deeper water , back on the four foot rig and it seemed the fish had deserted me although i was getting the odd line bite and thinking about it after the match i should have pinged some maggots over then tried my shallow rig against the reeds .


With half the contest gone i had no other option but to drop on my margin swim and earlier i had positioned a pole roller towards the left of my peg this should help with hook pulls as i didnt have to guide the fish directly in front of me before netting them , with fish already present on this swim i didnt feel the need to big pot as i felt that it might either scare them off or cause foul hookers so i just kinder potted a few grains of corn then lowered my rig in over the top and i didn’t have to wait too long before my float shot under then i had a nice fight with a mirror carp around 7lb .

I managed a couple more carp in quick succession before they backed off and i decided to risk putting in a small pot of corn in to try to get them feeding again , while it settled i rotated my far bank swims for twenty minutes without even getting a bite so i decided to concentrate my attention to the platform swim for the remaining couple of hours , dropping back onto the margin i began getting line bites but no proper indications and i didn’t feel that corn was not the right bait to be using , so i began kinder potting in maggots then changed my shotting pattern to allow for a slow fall of the double maggot hook bait this worked remarkably well as i managed to hook a carp every time the bait fluttered its way to the deck and i had a really good run of fish .


With the weather warming up as the day progressed i decided to move into the shallower water i continued to kinder pot my maggots at the side of the leg of the platform but brought my rig in about a foot further up the slope , by doing this i kept on putting carp plus the odd f1 into the net but the trouble i had now was the odd fish taking me under the platform especially the f1s although i did manage to extract them from underneath it and apart from the odd big carp which wanted to see peg hundred i didnt lose that many fish up to now .

As the match progressed the fish moved further up the shelf and i ended up following them as soon as line bites began a problem although i was really dicing with death because it gave the fish even more option to bolt under the platform , i lost a couple of rigs and fish but it was the only place i could constantly get bites so i would have to rely on my quick reactions to keep me out of trouble , with just twenty minutes remaining i had an absolute nightmare losing four big carp including a hook pull at the net and i just knew it would cost me because you have to fish a near perfect match if you want to have a chance of framing with the quality of angler in attendance , i had eighty pounds on my clicker and i was sure i was in front of all those anglers within eye shot so i just hoped that i had done enough to win my section .

Surprisingly i had only just packed up my gear when the scales arrived onto my lake so i wouldnt have to wait too long before i knew my fate , as they turned up sixty pounds was winning my lake and both my nets went just over 87lb which was a bit more than i thought , it was enough for me to win the lake and also my section so i had finally ended the run of second-itous at partridge lakes , i had heard that the best weight up to now was 91lb but covey one had not weighed in and this had usually been throwing up some decent weights so i was only expecting to win my section , when i arrived at the cabin i had managed third with another 87lb getting second then 91lb winning and this was my best result here for quite some time so yet again i had a mixture of emotions as just one of my lost carp would have got me the win .


Hopefully i will be heading off to weston pools for one last try before my winter league kicks off and it looks like i will be quite busy with the teams of four at Partridge lakes then the matches at Old hough with the lads i fished with last year .



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