Weston pools fishery , Weir pool

November 9th , Weir pool peg eight

Weir pool

Weir pool

After my eventful trip to Weston pools during the natural bait festival a few weeks previous i decided to venture down to Oswestry for one last time this year before my winter leagues at Partridge and Old Hough start , the match was due to be on Weir+Belvedere which is a couple of waters that i enjoy fishing although to be fair every lake on the complex can produce lots of fish and after looking at the website during the week the weights were still relatively high , so i was really eager to get there especially as the weather during the week had remained pretty constant which usually improves the fishing .

I arrived at the fishery around 845 and both car parks where heaving as there was two club matches on plus the open which just goes to show the popularity of Weston pools , i had enough time to book on for the match before grabbing a bacon buttie then having a look at the waters which were in the draw bag , there was plenty of locals knocking about plus a few familiar faces from Partridge lakes as well and it turned out that there would be thirty anglers contesting the event which made the pegging very tight so obviously a good peg would be required to do any good today . When i got back to the cabin it was soon time for the draw and as i was one of the last to book on during the week i was way down the list before it came to my turn , after what seemed like an age it was finally my go in the bag of doom and it looked like my good run had continued as i managed to pull out peg eight on Weir pool which was near where the rover match was won the day before with nearly a ton .


On arrival at my home for the next few hours i had two nice reed lined margins plus plenty of open water to attack although fishing longer than eleven meters could be a bit problematic with the high banking behind preventing you from shipping back , as i began unloading my gear i noticed that nearly every peg was taken apart from two but at least we had plenty room on this lake so i hoped that it wouldn’t be that bad i decided to set up ;

Top four , this is where i caught most of my fish on my last visit here using corn so i figured this would be my main line today as well , it was a touch over four-foot deep so i used a 0.4 double deez float which would give me enough stability especially with all the shotting above the six-inch 014 hook length that had a size 14 guru hook attached .

My left hand margin was three-foot deep which was about six-inch shallower than my right so i decided to target their , i used a 0.2 double deez float which would give me enough stability especially with all the shotting above the six-inch 014 hook length that had a size 14 guru hook attached .

My long line was at eleven meters and after plumbing up i found a nice crease in between the two depths of water it also felt quite firm which was a positive sign , it was around five foot deep so i used a 0.4 roob style float with a bulk plus dropper shotting pattern my main line was 014 garbo which had a six-inch 012 garbo hook length attached and as i was going to be using hard pellets i used a size 16 matrix rigger hook with a micro bait band .

For a change i had decided to bring my eight foot matrix carpmaster tip rod and i was going to cast this about 25 meters towards the aerator as i remembered reading that the carp usually back off to the middle when it gets pressured , i had a half ounce lead with an eighteen inch hook length that had a size 14 matrix rigger hook attached with a mini bait band and i would change the size of hook length to find out which was best as the match progressed .

Bait for the day was going to be for targeting carp which as it turned out was a mistake ;

Three pints of fishery 4mm pellets

Three pints of corn

One pint of fishery 8mm pellets

Small tub of mixed hard pellets for the hook

Small tub of 6mm expanders

When the all in sounded i began on my top four swim i through in a few grains of corn around the float every couple of minutes to try to draw some fish into my swim , it took about twenty minutes before i had my first indication which resulted in a foul hooked f1 not the start that i wanted as i expected some carp to be in this part of the peg so i continued putting in a few grains around the float but after an hour i still only had that one fish in the net .

I had been pinging half a dozen pellets onto my long pole since the match started so i hoped that a few f1s or carp had settled on it and i had bites straight away but not from the required species as all i could manage was a run of hand sized crucians , two hours in i only had 3lb in the net after looking around it seemed most anglers were in the same position and it was fishing totally different from the natural bait festival its surprising what a drop in temperature can do even if it was only a couple of degrees .

My next move was to pick up my tip rod and as i don’t tend to do a great deal of this style of fishing i decided to cast my straight lead which gave me something to aim at before feeding half a dozen pellets over the top , i was casting every five minutes and began getting liners straight away which was a positive sign after twenty minutes my rod was nearly pulled in with a two-pound f1 hitting the net ,by changing the size of hook lengths and different coloured pellets or semi buoyant bandums i had a good run of f1s+carp in a ninety minute spell although i didn’t get anything over three pounds but at least i was finally putting something in the net .


After a while all the bites and liners stopped this coincided with the wind changing direction slightly blowing towards the car park , i wasnt sure if the fish had gone with it or sat in the calm but one thing was for certain they were no longer sat in front of me , i took a few turns of my line clip allowing me to cast further towards the middle but this didn’t produce any sort of indication so i decided to keep pinging the pellets and drop onto my pole lines but yet again apart from the odd crucian or ide it was a waste of time , back on my straight lead and my tip failed to even twitch there was just an hour left of the match and i was at a loss on what to do next but with no other option i began feeding my margin swims  i also fed a top three-line quite heavily with corn .


After dropping onto my left hand margin with a 6mm expander on the hook and i had a bite out of the blue which i pulled out of then i had ten minutes without a sign , a change to my top three swim and i had an ide on corn not good but my next bite saw me land a carp about five pounds which was a bit more promising , although it must have been a loner because ten minutes of inactivity had me trying my long line this produced a couple of f1s and just as i thought i could be on for a few fish at last they vanished . This had me rotating my pole lines yet again which produced another f1 from my margin more annoyingly though is i got snapped on 014 garbo hook length from a big carp just as i was about to net it and that was that as the all out sounded in the distance , it was a shame that i couldn’t get my straight lead to work for longer but to be honest nothing really worked for me today and i put this down to being too positive with the feed expecting to be targeting a ton net of fish , i should have really been a bit more conservative and gone for the f1s because only 70lb was needed to win the match with 60lb making the frame but my 35lb was way off the mark .

So that’s my trips to Weston pools over with for another year and although i had only been a handful of times i did manage four ton weights so it is definitely one of my favourite fisheries and i can not wait to get back there when it starts warming up again but before then it is time for my winter leagues starting with a bit of silver fishing at Old Hough before the teams of four start at Partridge lakes .

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