Partridge lakes

October 22nd , peg two covey one


I was back at Partridge lakes today for another try at the open and after my last match here when i did reasonably well i was understandably feeling quite positive about how things would pan out , but with it turning colder during the week and we was also faced with bright + still conditions not exactly your ideal f1 catching weather so i expected it to be hard work with low weights needed to get your section . As always when i attend matches here there was no need for an early start because its only a short journey from my house and i arrived there with plenty time to book on before getting a couple of pints of maggots , there was nearly seventy anglers contesting the event today a good draw was always going to be an advantage so i decided to have an early dip in the bag and my golden arm had returned at last as peg two on covey one stuck to my mitt , probably one of the best on the complex although it wouldn’t surprise you to hear i had been on it before and struggled to do it justice because it is a weird one as you have hardly any margin usually my main area that i like to target but has plenty of open water which is good for shallow but not in today’s conditions plus my far bank was covered in shade not ideal , baring all this in mind i decided to set up ;


Four foot rig this would be used for the bottom of both slopes, as i would be mainly using maggots today i used a 4×12 float with a bulk+two droppers shotting pattern my main line was the usual 014 garbo and my hook length was 010 garbo .

Three foot rig i would use this for higher up the far bank slope and also my right hand margin , i used a 4×12 float with a bulk+two droppers shotting pattern my main line was the usual 014 garbo and my hook length was 010 garbo .

Two foot rig this was for tight against the far bank reeds but i didn’t really expect to catch in this depth with the water being cold although it wasnt showing signs of going clear so maybe the f1s might just sit in them for some protection from the bright conditions , i used a 4×10 float with a bulk+two droppers shotting pattern my main line was the usual 014 garbo and my hook length was 010 garbo .

Channel rig after plumbing up i found just over five foot at eleven meters to my right which was in the open water , i used a 4×14 float with a bulk+two droppers shotting pattern my main line was the usual 014 garbo and my hook length was 010 garbo .

My bait for the day was ;

1 pint micros

1 pint crushed expander

2 pint of red and white maggots

small tub of 4mm expanders

When the all in sounded i decided to begin by fishing in four-foot across with pellets i changed my shotting for an inch spread bulk above the hook length and i then kinder potted in a thumbnail sized piece of crushed expander then held my rig still over the top of it , nothing happened for a few minutes so i began lifting+dropping my float a few inch to try to grab the attention of a passing fish and after five minutes of inactivity i was shipping back in to put a dozen micros in the cad pot , because my peg wasnt that wide and with the conditions being as they were i didn’t want to begin putting lots of bait in i shipped back out to my marker then sprinkled in a few micros , it took about twenty minutes and four feeds before i had my first indication which i missed but at least it gave me something to work with but another five minutes passed before i had a little tremor on the float , a sharp lift of the pole resulted in my first fish of the day hitting the net at nearly 2lb it was a good start and i had a slightly smaller one about five minutes later , i was thinking that i might have a few fish in front of me but i then had a twenty-minute spell where i just couldn’t hit a bite and i decided to change to my three-foot rig which was a bit further up the slope to see if they might have been liners , i had another quick f1 before everything just died on me a drop back down the slope didn’t produce a bite either and i set up multiple new swims towards my left in various depths but just couldn’t attract another indication , i even tried maggots but it seemed the fish had deserted me and with half the match gone i still only had the three fish in the net .


I had seen a few bubbles coming up from down the channel but didn’t want to go on my main swim so early into the match so i decided to put in a line at top five to my left and began kinder potting in maggots , after a couple of feeds i began getting indications which were very hard to hit so i moved my bulk a bit further up the line which allowed for a slower fall of the hook bait and by keeping a tight line as my rig fell i would get a bite just as my float settled , i finally started catching a couple of fish although it wasnt hectic and i added five more big f1s in the next hour but i also began foul hooking a few it seemed that they wanted to be just off bottom , i did try my four-foot rig over the top but strangely this failed to get a response and i made the decision to put in a pot of bait hoping that this would get them back on the deck while it settled i rotated my far bank swims with out success although i did manage a 4lb carp from my right hand margin but it was a loner .


The big pot of maggots didn’t really solve the issue on my top five swim and as there was only ninety minutes of the match remaining i decided to try my 11m line as i had fed it for the past two hours so it was time to give that a go , there was a few bubbles coming up from under the feed so i expected some fish to be present and thankfully there was as i finally began to put some f1s in the net , i went on a little run before the foul hookers became a problem again and i put this down to the fact that i was kinder potting in maggots after every fish so i returned to big potting and this seemed to settle them back down , the bites were also very delicate i was missing a lot more than i caught and changing shotting patterns didn’t really solve the problem so i just had to keep plodding along , with twenty minutes remaining i suffered a really frustrating spell were my elastic started sticking in the top kit causing me to bump a couple of f1s off then as a consequence of me taking it easy when playing them i lost a couple more under my platform .


All out signalled the end of a rather frustrating match as apart from my channel swims i struggled to put a run of fish together , my peg is one of the last to get weighed in at Partridge and i wasnt really going to bother because i knew that peg one had beaten me for the section but i wanted to see how they had got on down the split because peg twenty had caught all day by dobbing along the margin towards peg one , when they finally arrived all the anglers to my left had failed to break twenty pounds and my two nets went ounces short of 50lb which was more than i thought but i could have probably added another 20lb if i had fished a bit better , the lad to my right weighed in 74lb with peg twenty having over a ton so it seemed that it had fished better than i expected and after getting back home i found out that i had actually won my section by default as peg one had managed second , i also found out 63lb had come third which i was more than capable of getting with all those missed bites and is something i need to get to grips with before the teams of four in a fortnight but before then I’m back to Old Hough  for the winter league so let’s hope i can give my good run going



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