Old Hough winter league round two

October 30th, peg 14 on boulders+goose

Goose lake

Today was the second round of my winter league at Old Hough and it was due to take place on boulders+goose the same lakes as on the first round where i managed to catch a few silvers really enjoying myself in the process , so as you can imagine i was really looking forward to another good days fishing especially with the weather having seemingly settled down and after learning that the road into the fishery had been closed i felt that i would benefit from a slightly earlier than usual start .

I arrived at the complex with plenty of time to spare and as usual i was there on my own which gave me plenty time to have a walk round both the lakes in the draw bag , strangely i didn’t see a single fish top but i did see the odd bubble come up from down the track so i figured that the deeper water would be a good place to start especially on goose lake , when i got back to the car park most of the other anglers had arrived but we was waiting on a couple of lads that had got lost so the draw was delayed for thirty minutes and when we finally got going i ended up on peg 14 goose , not exactly where i would like to be especially as only 14lb came off it on the last round most of which were barbel from down the edge so i felt that it was a bit of damage limitation today .

On settling in at my home for the next few hours i found that it was only eleven meters across and with no far bank cover but i did have a dead reed bed to my right bearing this in mind i decided to concentrate on the deeper areas of my peg and set up ;

3ft rig which was a good meter of the far bank and i decided to use a 4×12 maggie float with a bulk plus two dropper shotting pattern , my main line was the usual 014 garbo which had a six-inch 010 garbo hook length attached .

4ft rig this gave me plenty of areas to target , in front of the dead reeds to my left , bottom of the far shelf and also six meters towards my right so i decided to use a 4×12 maggie float with a bulk plus two dropper shotting pattern , my main line was the usual 014 garbo which had a six-inch 010 garbo hook length attached .

Channel swim , i had to go eleven meters to my right to find anything deeper than four-foot and even then it was only six-inch deeper which isn’t what i expected but there was the odd bubble coming up so i felt it might throw up the odd fish or two ,i decided to use a 4×14 maggie float with a bulk plus two dropper shotting pattern , my main line was the usual 014 garbo which had a six-inch 010 garbo hook length attached .

Bait for the day was two pints of maggots and a bit of bread for dobbin although with it being so shallow across i didn’t even consider using it today , when the all in sounded i started along the dead reed bed because i expected the silver fishing to be quite good so i began feeding maggots quite heavily by hand but a bite less twenty minutes wasnt the start i wanted , upon looking around everybody seemed to be struggling as well so i decided to cut back on the feed till i get the odd indication and i also set up a new swim across at the bottom of the far slope  , i trickled in a couple of maggots every five minutes a bit like you would when f1 fishing at this time of the year and at last i started picking up the odd fish but they was a lot smaller than i expected as they were only averaging 3 oz a piece , after an hour i had six fish in the net which wasnt great and it was dieing on me but when a lad came round who was fishing the other lake saying nobody had even managed a bite it seemed that i was doing ok and for some strange reason it was fishing a lot harder this week even though the conditions were the same as on my last match here .

I decided to put in a small ball of ground-bait six meters towards the right of my peg in the deeper water in the channel as i hoped some of the small skimmers which are usually a nuisance might settle on it and this in turn might attract a few better fish into the swim , after a bite less twenty minutes on my long line i decided to drop on it a bit earlier than i had planned and i began putting the odd small skimmer in the net , as it was the only line constantly producing bites i decided to put in another swim to my left and after a bit of trial+error i found out it was best to feed a golf ball of ground-bait through a kinder pot then fish the other swim , by doing this i managed to keep the bites coming and every now+then i would try double maggot on the hook to see if i could entice a bigger stamp of fish but it just resulted in a missed indication.

With bites on my channel swims tailing off i figured that it could do with a rest to help the skimmers settle down again so i plumbed up a new line at 11m to my right were i found it was a few inch deeper , i decided to feed it with a catty and alter my shotting to allow for a very slow fall of the hook bait because i felt this would give me the best option of picking up some chub or ide which were bigger than the skimmers , it also gave me a chance of hopefully picking up a bonus or two and i did begin catching the odd fish but just like the other swims there wasnt any numbers of them , by rotating between the three lines i managed to keep adding to my net but i never did manage to get the bonus that i needed which cost me in the end because although i probably had the biggest fish count i was a few pounds of the framing position , my net of little bits went just short of five pounds and two low eight pound weights made the frame with 13lb winning from peg 16 which is usually a good area to draw but in the conditions he fished remarkably well .

Boulders the other lake in the draw bag was shocking and only seven fish got caught between the three framing positions with the other lads blanking , 7lb won the lake with two anglers tieing for second with 3lb one of them had a solitary foul hooked bream and i just can not believe how bad these lakes fished today but it’s probably a sign of things to come with winter approaching fast . I am off to Partridge lakes next weekend for the first round of the teams of four winter league and i am fishing for 2+2 team which is one of only a couple that are not sponsored , so it will be tough going to compete against them although it will give me a chance to hopefully learn a few things especially as i have not fished this before because to be honest i am not a fan of team contest but after saying all that there a good set of lads im fishing with and it should be fun .


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