Partridge lakes , winter league team match

February 12th


Today i was back at Partridge lakes for the teams of four winter league and after a couple of poor rounds we was languishing in a mid table place so we could do with a really good day if we wanted to move up the league , I’m beginning to sound like a stuck record but yet again the weather leading up to the match was quite reasonable for the time of year before it all went downhill come the weekend as we was faced with a very strong easterly cold wind not exactly your ideal fishing conditions and it has happened time and time again this year .

On this round we decided to have an early draw because our usual late dip in the draw bag just wasnt working as we had to deal with some proper shockers so far in this winter league , we all met up at the fishery around eight o’clock which gave us enough time to get sorted before the rolling draw started and after my recent good run it was my turn to do the team draw , i managed to get third in line but the lad in front of me managed to pull out some proper flyers so maybe i could have done with an even earlier pick and when it came for my turn i luckily avoided the dodgy pegs getting ;

Spey 8

covey six 149

covey five 123

willow 2


The latter of them was my home for the next few hours and i was quite pleased with that as my mate had won the lake from peg one which gave me a good insight into how best to fish it , i did see a fish roll near the aerator which looked promising although i did have to contend with the worst of the strong cold wind blowing right into my right hand margin which was forecast to get stronger during the day and this had a bearing on how i would tackle my peg ;

Dobbing rig at 4ft , a 0.4 diamond patterned float with a wire stem which i hoped would enable me to keep the rig still and my main line was the usual 014 garbo which had a six-inch 010 garbo hook length attached .

4ft rig which i used for fishing in various parts of my peg and i used a 4×12 maggie float with 014 garbo main line which had a six-inch 010 garbo hook length attached .

Channel rig set at nearly six-foot , i used a 4×14 maggie float with 014 garbo main line which had a six-inch 010 garbo hook length attached .

On all my rigs i left a long lash between pole and float with a couple of heavy back shots , this should help in controlling the rig but might mean i missed the odd bite but if you can’t present a bait properly you would be unlikely to get an indication in the first place .

Bait for the day was your typical side tray for the time of year ;

pint of red maggots with a handful of whites as a change bait

slice of bread

pint of fish meal ground-bait for the skimmers

small tub of both 2+4mm expanders

small tub of corn


When the all in sounded i put a golf ball sized nugget of ground-bait on to my channel swim and i decided to begin by dobbing across a meter away from the far bank reeds at three-foot with a 7mm punch before the wind got too strong , within five minutes i had my first indication which resulted in a pound f1 hitting the net and i hoped that i might have found a little group of fish but i had to wait a further fifteen minutes before i had my next bite which i somehow managed to lose at the net , by this point i had worked all along the island and i had even gone into two foot which was tighter to the bank without success , with the wind getting more blustery i was finding it hard to control my rig so i decided to drop on to my channel swim hoping that a couple of skimmers had settled on my initial feed , but thirty minutes without a sign wasnt what i expected but as the rig was towing the opposite way the wind was blowing i needed to lay some more line on the deck so i decided to re feed with a conker sized ball of ground-bait .


My next port of call was to try dobbing along my right hand margin which is usually the best place to fish on this peg and i did manage a quick f1 at 13m just past the tree but another thirty bite less minutes had me scratching my head , although on looking around the lake everybody was struggling to cope with the worsening conditions and it looked like the f1s had shut up shop for the time being even the far side of the lake where i expected the fish to be sat in the calmer water were struggling for bites , up to this point of the match i had not really put any bait in so i decided to put in a new swim at 13m along my right hand margin in four-foot but after feeding a couple of times i kept getting snagged up no doubt down to the waves stirring up the twigs on the bottom of the lake and the wind kept pushing my pole into the trees , my next move was to plumb up a new swim at a more manageable five meters and the better presentation here helped me catch a couple of hand sized roach plus a couple of missed bites but although i was happy putting something in the net i felt that i needed f1s to be in chance of getting good section points , with the wind easing a touch i decided to risk going back across to try dobbing again and i managed a couple of quick f1s before it all went quiet but from what i could see and hear this had put me in front for the section , the wind was also getting increasingly blustery making holding the pole still very difficult and for the next ninety minutes i rotated all my swims without success but nobody within eye shot even managed a bite either .

As we was approaching the latter stages of the match the light began to fade and finally the wind relented so i could finally present a bait properly , i decided to go onto to my five meter swim and after a couple of feeds tapping in six maggots i began getting the odd indication which was a positive sign not long after i had my first f1 in what seemed like an age , quickly followed by another and thinking about things after the match i was getting movements on the bristle as soon as i put any bait in which obviously meant the f1s were off the bottom and i should have tried my dobbing rig over the top , i managed one more f1 and a missed bite before the all out sounded this put me on 7 f1s plus the two roach which would put me right in contention for my first section win in this years winter league teams of four .

When the scales arrived it was really noticeable that Willow pool had completely shut off as the weights in my section were 2lb,3lb,9lb,3lb and i had 12lb for the section win this also put me second on the lake so i  kept my recent good run at Partridge lakes going , when i met up with the rest of the team it looked like we had finally managed a good round and nine points was our total this put us joint second on the day which is a big improvement on our recent rounds .


So roll on the next match where i will be back at Partridge lakes for the individual winter league and need another decent draw to stay near the top of the table .