Partridge lakes , individual winter league

19th February


Today was the penultimate round of the individual winter league at Partridge lakes and after having had a few good draws plus the odd slice of luck i was sitting towards the top of the table in sixth place , i seemed to be in good form at the moment picking up money in my last five matches which was no doubt down to fishing here every week for the last couple of months and i was obviously really looking forward to the contest today especially as at long last the weather was showing signs of improvement  with temperatures hitting double fingers .

I had another early start to make the rolling draw at 815 and after speaking to a few of my 2+2 team mates i joined the queue for the bag of doom although to be fair it had been really kind to me in the last few rounds , when it came to my turn i pulled out peg 103 on covey five which isn’t want i would have liked because it is probably one of the worst in the section and i would be up against it for good points today . When i arrived at my home for the next few hours i had the young guru superstar on the flyer peg 101 and another partridge regular on 105 which had the benefit of the warmish breeze blowing into his margin so it looked like i could be in for a hard day , as i began setting up and time was passing by there was still no sign of any anglers on 107 or 109 even after going to speak to my mate on 120 when i got back they still hadn’t turned up so it looked like it was just a three peg section today which was a bonus .


I decided to set up just the three rigs ;

Three foot maggot rig for fishing tight to the far bank and also to the dead reeds on my left hand side , i used a 4×10 maggie float with a spread bulk along the 014 garbo main line which had a six-inch 010 hook length attached .

Four foot maggot rig for fishing a bit further down the far shelf and also 11m down my left hand margin because i felt that the f1s would have followed the breeze today ,i used a 4×12 maggie float with a spread bulk along the 014 garbo main line which had a six-inch 010 hook length attached .

Track line at six meters towards my left ,i used a 4×12 maggie float with a spread bulk along the 014 garbo main line which had a six-inch 010 hook length attached .

Bait for the day was your standard partridge winter league stuff ;

Two pints red and white maggots

One pint soaked micros

One slice of bread

Small tub of 2+4mm expanders

After plumbing up a few areas along the far shelf i finally found a couple of flat areas at ten o’clock and two o’clock when the all in sounded i began on my right hand swim by tapping in a few micros then lowered my rig over the top , which had a 4mm expander on the hook because i had heard a few rumours that some people caught well using it the day before and it looked like i had made the right decision as my float had only just settled when it shot under i then had a spirited fight with a four pound common carp before anybody else had managed a bite , not long after i had an f1 in the net as well and it looked like i could be on for a good day but when i pricked a fish on the strike which came off at the net it killed my swim , so i swapped to my left hand swim although this time i decided to use maggots and i managed an f1 fairly quickly  i chose to feed one line and fish the other as i didn’t want to unsettle the fish so early in the match this worked quite well as i kept putting the odd fish in the net i was also holding my own with the other lads in the section , in the second hour the far swims were dying on me so i opened up a new line long down to my left so that i could rest them and after tapping in a few maggots i flicked my rig into open water then held my float tight so it fell against the shelf , by doing this i managed a couple of quick f1s before i lost a foul hooker at the net and i was now beginning to fall behind the other anglers who was both beginning to catch well down the track .


The middle part of the match was a total waste of time as i just couldn’t get a bite even though i was rotating my swims all the time and i put in two more lines along the far bank at thirteen meters as well but this didn’t produce for me either , i had wanted to leave my channel swim for as long as possible but with nothing working for me i had no option and i did have an f1 straight away although no other bites on it had me scratching my head maybe i had gone on it too soon or got the feeding wrong because the lad on peg 105 was catching quite consistently on it .

With just over an hour of the match remaining i decided to change my furthest right hand swim towards the point of the island to pellets and after tapping in a few micros i then lowered my rig over the top of it , it took a couple of feeds before my float buried and at last i had another f1 in the net after what seemed like an age , i then had another straight away and another then another i wasnt sure if they had suddenly just come on the feed with the drop in light or been sitting there all the time and just wanted pellets , i managed to catch twelve of them including one right on the whistle it definitely slowed towards the end of the match and i really needed another swim to catch from so i could rotate between them both , but i didn’t have time to put another in so i just ended up plundering the one swim till the all out and i also pulled out of a couple at the net plus got broke by another under the platform which proved costly .

when the scales came round peg 101 had easily won the section which wasnt a surprise he had 43lb , i managed 20 odd f1s for 30lb the lad on 105 had 34lb which pushed me into third and yet again i was left ruing those lost fish at the net , this put me on eight points and in joint eighth place overall so i think that has cost me any chance of getting in the money but at the start of the winter league i would have been happy to finish in the top ten with the calibre of angler contesting it so that is my target on the next round, I’m having a little knock up with the rest of the team on Saturday to try to find a decent home venue for the supercup then I am back at Partridge lakes at the weekend for the team event and i just hope that i can have a bit more luck then .