Partridge lakes winter league team match

26th February


Today i was back at Partridge lakes for the winter league team match and after the last round where we managed to finish joint second on the day so we was all upbeat of another good showing so that we could hopefully start to move up the table because we was still in the bottom third , the weather had yet again taking a turn for the worse this time we had the back-end of a hurricane to contend with and would it be too much to ask that we could have a half decent day for a change .


On arrival at the fishery everywhere was flooded after the heavy overnight downpour but at least the wind was so far manageable but it was due to increase dramatically during the day , i met up with the rest of the lads in the cabin because they wanted to be first in line for a pick in the bag of doom and strangely i had been relegated from doing the draw but i think i will be doing it for the remaining rounds because apart from one peg we had yet another shocker of a draw ;

Marsh 16

Piper 38

Covey six 139

Willow 6


The last of them would be my home for the day which is yet another last in section peg and out of the eight rounds so far i have only had two that have been able to produce a day’s fishing but at least i wasnt too far away from the café so i could get a drink or something to eat ,Willow lake was probably the only one on the complex that held a proper mixed bag of fish to target and the peg i was on had an island at 14m with an empty platform either side although i was just on the edge of the wind which was blowing from left to right but slightly over my shoulder , if it stayed at the same strength i could just about manage to hold my pole still enough so that i could present a rig tight over to the island which is where i expected to catch the most of my f1s during the match , i plumbed up lots of lines all over my peg and it stayed a constant 4ft deep from the edge of my nets too about a meter from the island although it went a few inch shallower towards my left this meant that i didn’t have a great deal in the way of rigs to set up ;

Island rig tight to the reeds at 2.5ft deep and i used a slightly heavier than usual 0.3 maggie float with a bulk plus two dropper shoting pattern 014 garbo main line and a 010 garbo six-inch hook length which had a size 18 guru maggot hook attached .

I set up two rigs to cover my 4ft lines a light rig which was a 4×12 maggie float with a bulk plus two dropper shoting pattern 014 garbo main line and a 010 garbo six-inch hook length which had a size 18 guru maggot hook attached , the other rig was a heavier 0.4 round bodied wire stemmed float which would give my rig more stability in the worsening conditions i used a bulk plus two dropper shoting pattern with 014 garbo main line and a 010 garbo six-inch hook length which had a size 18 guru maggot hook attached .

With the f1s taking a liking for pellets at Partridge lakes you would be surprised to hear that it was on my side tray for todays match ;

One pint of soaked micros

One pint of soaked 4mm pellets

One pint of crushed expander ground-bait

One pint of red and white maggots

Small tub of 2+4mm expanders


I began my match by feeding a golf ball sized nugget of ground-bait onto my right hand 11m line which i was going to leave for at least thirty minutes so the skimmers could settle on it and i then went on to my six meter swim i tapped in a dozen micros with a ten pence sized piece of ground-bait , i then lowered my lighter rig over the top and with the back shots sunk just under the water enabled me to keep my float really still , it took me a couple of feeds before i began getting indications and in the first couple of hours i had a really good run of catching skimmer up to 10oz when bites began to tail off i just topped up with another ball of ground-bait , every so often i would drop onto my right hand 11m line but strangely i never got an indication on it and maybe it was because the wind was stronger on that side although i did try my heavier rig which didn’t make any difference .


I noticed that most of the lads in my section had managed to pick up the odd f1 among the silvers and if i wanted to do any good i felt that i needed to pick up a couple myself , so i went on my long line at the side of the reeds and i decided to start on maggots because at least i would be able to put some line on the deck using them on the hook as the wind was really beginning to get strong but thirty minutes of wrestling with my pole without an indication and i felt enough was enough as i didn’t fancy breaking my pole today , when i dropped back onto my six meter line the skimmers had vanished and it never really got going there for the rest of the match so i decided to put in another swim at 11m towards my right but just fed maggots through a kinder pot because i noticed that the lads either side of me had caught f1s using it , this line was very slow although i did manage a big skimmer plus a perch about a pound but it never really got going for me and neither did my loose fed maggot swim at four meters which i had thrown a dozen maggots since the match started this just produced a couple of roach , In the latter part of the match i tried in front of my left hand platform where it was a bit calmer but all i had to show for it was a missed indication and i just had time to rotate all my swims before the all out catching a solitary skimmer .

As i began packing my gear away i couldn’t help but feel that i would have been better just picking up the odd skimmer on my six meter swim because it would have pushed me closer to my target weight of 15lb which is what i expected would be needed for good section points today , although when i saw the odd f1 come out i figured that i would need to catch a couple as well and as it turned out i was right because apart from the section winner on peg four who had 31lb plus the benefit of the calmer water where the fish had backed off to but still fished a good match , the rest of the section was pretty close ;

peg 1 had 10lb

peg 2 had 15lb

peg 4 had 31lb

I had just under 10lb from peg 6

peg 8 had 13lb

I reckon that i could have had the extra few pounds to finish at least third in section if i had fished a better match but i ended up last and the rest of the team didn’t do that much better as we totaled 16 points on the day it was only to be expected from the draw we had but at least i didn’t lose or break anything today which was a bonus in the hurricane winds we had to endure towards the end of the match , I’m back at Partridge lakes for the last round of the individual winter league on Sunday and i just hope that i can finish it with a bang which would hopefully leave me in a top ten place as that was my target at the start of the contest .