Partridge lakes winter league

March 26th

Today was the last round of the winter league at Partridge lakes and it has been a very long series which was probably down to the fact that we wasnt in contention since Christmas after a lot of poor draws and also poor displays by all of us in the squad but that’s the way it goes sometimes , anyway on to the match and on arriving at the fishery we was greeted with blue skies , hardly any wind but a significant drop in overnight temperature and i even had to defrost the car before i set off which i figured would make the fishing a bit difficult .

After meeting up with the rest of the team it was my turn to do the draw and i joined the queue around the middle , it soon came round for my turn in the bag of doom and yet again we had a fairly average set of pegs which wasnt surprising to be honest as we had all got used to sitting in dodgy areas ;

Willow peg 18

Covey five peg 107

Covey six peg 141

Marsh peg 11

The later of them was my home for the next few hours and i had fished both peg twelve and fourteen over the winter managing second in section both times , so i had a good idea on how to fish it but it was going to be a low weight affair which is usually something that i am quite good at but today is a different day and we will see how things pan out .On arriving at my home for the next few hours it was nearly 14m to the far bank where i had a mixture of bare bank and reed beds which was good but i also had the big hill behind meaning i had to break down twice , i decided to set up a few rigs to cover my options ;

Margin top four towards the empty peg to my right were it was nearly four-foot deep and i was going to feed 4mm pellets here by hand so i used a 4×12 maggie float with a bulk plus two dropper shotting pattern , my main line was the usual 014 garbo with a six-inch 010 garbo hook length that had a size 18 guru pellet hook .

Top four directly in front of me which i was going to lose feed maggots by hand it was nearly five foot here so i used a 4×12 maggie float with a bulk plus two dropper shotting pattern , my main line was the usual 014 garbo with a six-inch 010 garbo hook length that had a size 18 guru maggot hook .

I used the same rig for fishing down the track at nine meters towards my left and i would pot in pellets on this line .

Far bank swim were it was about four-foot deep and i set up two rigs on this line because i was unsure on what bait they wanted today , i had a 4×14 roob float for my pellet fishing which had an inch spread bulk starting above the four-inch 010 garbo hook length and my other rig for maggots was a 4×12 maggie float with a bulk and dropper shotting pattern along the 014 garbo main line which had a six-inch 010 hook length

Bait for the day was a bit of a mixture on my side tray as i had ;

1 pint of red maggots

1 pint of hard 4mm pellets

1 pint of soaked micros

small tub of 2+4mm expanders

When the all in sounded i fed my margin with half a dozen 4mm pellets and through the same amount of maggots on to my top four swim i was going to do the same every ten minutes to hopefully build them up for later in the match , i then shipped out to my marker at the left hand side of the reed bed with my pellet rig and after tapping in a few micros i lowered my float over the top of it , it took about 15 minutes and three feeds before i even had an indication a similar amount of time passed before i had my first fish which was a nice stamp f1 which put up a good fight on my 6-8 map hollow elastic and i think it’s about time i stepped it up a touch before my next match .

Another 15 minutes passed before i had my next fish but i had noticed that i would get indications on my float every time that i tapped in a few micros and even in this early stage of the match i made the decision to plumb up into some shallower water and i found around three-foot towards the right of the far bank reed bed  , while it settled down i gave my maggot rig a try over my original pellet swim i had a 4mm expander on the hook which would allow for a slow fall of the hook bait  and i hoped this might grab the attention of any passing fish but unfortunately this didn’t work for me . It was now time to try my new pellet swim and it took some time to build up the line but after a while i managed another f1 plus a bonus carp about 3lb , a bite less thirty minutes had me scratching my head but on looking around it was noticeable that everybody was struggling for bites and i decided to give my other swims a try , i had a quick look on my margin swim but apart from a few gudgeon it was a waste of time and i made the decision to up the amount that i was feeding here , my next swim to try was my top four maggot and i had a good run of fish here the only trouble was that they were two ounce silvers not exactly what i wanted to catch , dropping onto my channel swim didn’t produce a single indication for the next two hours + thirty minutes i rotated my near swims set up multiple far bank lines and i failed to catch anything other than small silvers .

Things wasnt looking good but with just forty minutes of the match remaining and the wind changed around a touch meaning that i now had a ripple in front of me , it’s surprising how such little things can make a big impact because with in ten minutes of going back to the far bank with my pellet rig i missed my first indication in ages this focused my attention and i soon had another f1 in the net , then another quickly followed but after that little flurry of bites i had a ten minute wait before my bristle lifted up a touch i was just going to re set my float when it shot under and i had a spirited fight with another bonus carp then just before the all out i managed another f1 .

So that was the end of the match and a rather frustrating one it was too as i had a good start and end but the middle of the match was just plain awful , although after speaking to the other anglers it was the same for every one apart from the lad to my left who managed to sneak in a few fish by dobbing corn all along the far bank , which is something that i should have done to because i knew that on the previous days open match on the coveys a lot of people had caught doing it , when the scales arrived at the lake i walked down to watch the lads in my section weigh in and the lad on the end peg managed 23lb most of which he caught in the last hour when the wind pushed the fish his way , the others had a similar match to me i had 13lb to beat for the section second my net went nearly 17lb so a pretty standard two points yet again but I’m not sure i could have done much different today and to show how bad marsh canal fished i somehow managed to finish third on the lake .

When i met up with the rest of the lads we had yet another shocker of a day ending up with 15 points and we was all a bit deflated as we finished sixteenth overall a bit of a come down from last year when we finished sixth , personally i have had an up and down series ;

Round two piper lake for third in section and the team ended up with nine points .

Round three covey six for forth in section and the team ended up with twelve points .

Round four covey five for last in section and the team had a proper shocker with nineteen points .

Round five marsh canal for second in section and the team had fifteen points .

Round seven willow pool for a section win and the team ended up with nine points for joint second on the day .

Round eight willow pool last in section and team ended up with sixteen points .

Round nine covey six for third in section and team ended up with seventeen points .

Round ten marsh canal for second in section and team ended up with fifteen points .

So that’s the Partridge winter league over for another year and on to my new venture with Daiwa Adlington where i will be contesting the teams of three spring league at Cunneries fishery which i am really looking forward too .


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