Cunneries fishery

April 23rd

Cunneries S canal

Today i decided on a return back to the cunneries fishery in Eccleston and i was toying with the idea of having another try at Partridge lakes or Hall lane for a practice on bessies before the Mosella summer league , but as we are halfway through the teams of three at cunneries i felt that i was better of there because at this time of year things are changing every day and i didn’t want to be at a disadvantage before the next round . There was 36 anglers contesting the open today which is a bit more than they expected and they had to put a few anglers on the old lake which i hadn’t fished before , it was also not scheduled to be in the teams of three so understandably i would have rather been on the S canal but would just have to see how things panned out during the draw .

With the draw being at 930 today i thought that i could have a well-earned lie in but my body clock was used to waking at the crack of sparrows so i was wide awake at 630 , so after having some breakfast i decided to save some time later and chop my worms before i set off to the venue which i don’t think had a detrimental effect on my mix so will definitely be doing that again . I arrived at the fishery with plenty time to spare after parking up and booking onto the match i had an hour to kill before the draw ,as i knew a few of the adlington angling club who were having a match on the old canal so i went round for a chat and they was all looking forward to catching some big f1s which it is renowned for , although the weather wasnt the best for catching a large weight as the temps had dropped dramatically over night due to a cold easterly wind plus clear skies and it was one of those days when you didn’t know whether to sit it out in your t-shirt or leave your jacket on because the wind was really cold when the sun went behind the clouds .

After catching up with some of the mosella lads it was time for the draw and i headed towards the back of the queue , one by one all the pegs on the old lake went and when it was my turn for a dip in the bag of doom i pulled out peg 45 which was in a decent area , but with the wind blowing towards the car park i felt that it was another case of right peg on the wrong day , although with it being a cold easterly wind maybe the f1s had decided to sit out of it so you just never know .

On arriving at my home for the next few hours i had like on most pegs a nice reed lined far bank with a mud bank directly in front which could have done with a bit of a tidy up and i reed lined margin plus an empty peg either side of me , i had decided on an all out worm approach so i didn’t need to over complicate things and just set up ;

Two foot rig for fishing top three along my left hand margin and i used a heavy 0.4 wire stemmed joof float which would help keep my rig still in this shallower water , my main line was the usual 014 garbo which had an inch spread bulk starting above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Three foot rig for fishing tight to the far bank reeds and i used a 4×12 carbon stemmed float which had a bulk plus dropper shotting pattern , so that i could have a slower fall of the hook bait which might grab the attention of any passing f1s and my main line was the usual 014 garbo which had a four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

As it was still cold at the moment i decided to also set up a four-foot rig for fishing at the bottom of my far bank slope and i used a 4×12 carbon stemmed float which had a bulk plus two dropper shotting pattern , my main line was the usual 014 garbo which had a four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

My bait for the day couldn’t have been much simpler as all i had on my side tray was ;

Small tub of worms for the hook

Tub of water to wash my hands

Three pints of worm mix which consisted off ;

half pint of chopped worms

half pint casters

one part ground-bait

two parts soil

With such a simple approach i was ready well before the all in so i took the time to asses my peg i had noticed that hardly anything had showed up in the water and there was no pimps or blows coming down the track which wasnt a good sign , when the all in sounded i started on my deeper four-foot rig then shipped out to my far bank marker and deposited a nugget of my worm mix before flicking my rig towards me so my hook bait fell up the far shelf . The lad opposite me had started catching f1s straight away by fishing tight to the far side reeds but i wanted to bide my time hoping that i could pick a few fish off on this deeper rig before following them up the slope, it took a couple of feeds before i had my first indication which resulted in a big skimmer in the net and a couple more followed over the next thirty minutes but with no f1s heading my way it left me scratching my head on what to do next although the anglers either side of me wasnt catching a great deal either so maybe there wasnt a lot of f1s in the area .

With nothing really happening on my deeper rig i decided to waste no more time and picked up my three-foot rig for tight across to the far side reeds , after tapping in some feed i laid my rig in so it fell up the slope which would give me a tight line between float + hook bait and after a couple of feeds i had my first indication which resulted in my first f1 hitting the net , over the next thirty minutes i added five more but it was noticeable that all my bites just flew under and i didn’t have any signs that there was fish in my swim so i really struggled to build this line up due to the fact that there didn’t seem to many fish up this end of the lake .

I tried setting up another line towards the right of my far bank so i could rotate between the two but this didn’t really improve things , as i could only pick up the odd f1 from each of them and with half the match gone i only had 14 fish in the net , which was slightly better than the anglers around me and at this point i decided to have a look on my margin swim although it was a bit early i did not really have much option , as i was fishing worms today it was really difficult to prime the swim up because you was not allowed to throw in balls of bait only loose feed so i had to keep stopping fishing my far bank lines so i could pot a little ball of feed in .When i dropped on this line i began getting indications straight away which was a better sign and not long after i had an f1 in the net , for the next thirty minutes i caught quite constantly i wasnt bagging by any means just ticking along nicely but all of a sudden the f1s vanished and the skimmers moved in , although they was big enough to be catching i really wanted the f1s to return so i could do a bigger weight and i decided to have a play about with the consistency of my mix + size of the piece of worm on the hook by doing this i seemed to have figured something out which brought them back again .

Up until the last thirty minutes i was catching f1s reasonably well  i must have attracted too many fish into my swim because i foul hooked and lost six on the bounce before trashing my rig , thinking about it after the match i should have probably just put another section on and started again or even tried shallow down the edge . At the all out i had forty f1s on my clicker plus half a dozen big skimmers which went just short of sixty pounds this was good enough for fourth on my two legs of the s canal and second in the section beaten by the lad opposite who had 70lb , the framing weights came from the end pegs towards the car park which had the benefit of the wind blowing that way so like on all f1 waters you definitely need to draw in the right areas to be in with a chance of doing well , all in all i have learned a great deal today as im still relatively new to the venue and worm fishing i just hope that i can draw the right end of the lake on my next visit in the teams of three .




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