Weston pools fishery

July 8th

I made a bit of late decision this week as i choose to fish the Match anglers Matches qualifier at Weston pools which was due to be split over Stretton and Belvedere , with thirty anglers due to attend we would still have plenty of room and to be honest i was really looking forward to it as Weston pools is my favourite fishery i can’t really explain why as it is just lots of little things which build up to a fantastic fishing experience . I was up bright and early to meet up with another Daiwa Adlington team member then made the sixty mile trip to the venue which as usual went smoothly with it being nearly all motorway travel , on arrival i booked onto the match picked up some fishery pellets and then found out their had been a bit of a mix up with the draw time with it being an hour later than planned but at least it would give me some time to grab a buttie from the on site café before having a look at the lakes in the draw bag , the match results during the week showed that the complex had been fishing really well which was only to be expected and to be honest i quite fancied a go on Stretton pool as i had always done well on their it would also suit my all out pellet approach .

On arrival back to the cabin i had a quick chat with a few lads i had not seen in a while and before i knew it the draw was due to take place , when it came round for my turn in the bag of doom i pulled out 29 on belvedere my golden arm had well and truly deserted me for the time being i just hope it returns soon , if you don’t know the peg it was in the bay behind the tackle shop a good area if it was winter as it is a bit deeper than the other end of the lake but in today’s nice sunny conditions i reckoned it could be a bit of a struggle and to make things worse i had the lake flyer in my section so i was also up against it for qualifying for the final because all you had to do was win against your five anglers to make it to Herronbrook fishery .

When i got to my home for the next few hours it did look a bit promising as i had ;

an empty peg either side

an aerator at 11m to my left

some over hanging reeds in my left hand margin which was within throwing distance .

The only really down side apart from the depth was the fact that it wasnt that wide and with another angler almost directly opposite i could only go out about 11m otherwise we would be doing a bit of sword fighting with the poles .

I decided to set up ;

top three directly in front of me where it was four-foot deep and i used a 4×12 md maggot float with a bulk plus dropper shotting pattern spread down my 014 garbo main line , attached to it was six-inch of 012 garbo hook length and my hook was a size 18 lwg with a micro bait band .

top four were on plumbing up i found the crease in the bottom at five foot before it started dropping off again and i used  a 4×12 md maggot float with a bulk plus dropper shotting pattern spread down my 014 garbo main line ,attached to it was six-inch of 012 garbo hook length and my hook was a size 18 lwg with a micro bait band

left hand margin in between the over hanging reeds were it was three-foot deep tight to the boards and i used a diamond pattern md float with an inch spread bulk along the 014 garbo main line starting above the six-inch 012 garbo hook length .

right hand margin at the side of the empty peg it was 3.5ft deep near the front leg and i used a diamond pattern md float with an inch spread bulk along the 014 garbo main line starting above the six-inch 012 garbo hook length .

two shallow rigs at 1ft+2ft and i used a 0.2 md mini mag float because there was a lot of under tow coming from the aerator .

i also set up a 9ft carp master tip rod with a small bomb as i would only be flicking it towards the aerator just in case there might be a couple of barbel or carp lurking about .

Bait for the day was a nice simple pellet match ;

3 pints of 4mm fishery pellets but would have been better with 6mm

3 pints of 8mm fishery pellets

small tub of mixed hard pellets

When the all in sounded i began fishing on my top three directly in front of me and i was throwing a couple of 8mm pellets around my float every few minutes to try to draw some fish into my swim , this was a usually a good tactic on here but you do need to be patient and confident in your approach . It didn’t take too long before i began getting the odd indication and soon after i had my first fish which was a carp about four pounds but slowly but surely i began putting some fish in the net they was all a decent stamp to which i expected in this area of the lake , with an hour of the match gone i started getting bites which i struggled to connect with so i tried a smaller 6mm on the hook this just resulted in some hand sized crucians+stockies which wasnt a good sign . I switched rigs to my deeper one and added on another section to see if they had dropped further down the slope and this seemed to work as i caught a couple of big f1s but when the stockies moved in it was time to try somewhere different , i had been loose feeding 4mm pellets on my left hand margin in among the reeds and although it was a bit early in the match i decided to give it a try , i started on the deck and would go shallow if i got any liners but after half an hour i had not even had a bite not exactly what i had planned although i would keep feeding it as i hoped they would turn up at some point during the match .

Since the all in i had pinging some pellets at eight meters and although i hadn’t seen any fish swirling on them i decided to give my shallow rigs a go , i started on my deepest rig and kept laying my rig in through the feed but apart from a couple of stockies it was a complete waste of time which was probably due to the close proximity of the aerator making my rig tow through un naturally , so that rig went up the bank and i flicked out the straight lead on top of where i had fed but after twenty minutes my tip had not even twitched so it seemed there wasnt a great deal in front of me at the moment . For the next couple of hours i put next to nothing in the net even though i had rotated all my lines and things wasnt looking good and it’s not as if the other anglers either side of me were catching a great deal just the odd fish , we was fast approaching the last ninety minutes and in the back of my mind i had a niggling feeling that the fish were happy on the four-foot line so i put on another section and plumbed up either side of me but as it was a bit further away from me , i couldn’t get the accuracy throwing so i had to kinder pot the pellets in and it took me awhile to build the swims up but when i did i was back catching carp including some approaching the 8lb mark understandably i lost a few fish as they fight remarkably hard due to the high oxygen levels in the water .

When the all out sounded i was kicking myself for not switching earlier but at least i had managed a few fish as i had 80lb on my clicker although i doubted that it would be enough for me to challenge for the section win and after packing up i went to see how my mate had got on down the other end of belvedere , as i walked down i asked how the other anglers had got on in my section the lad on the flyer was admitting to a similar weight as he had struggled losing a lot of fish in the lily pads , the scales finally arrived at my peg my three nets went a couple of ounces short of 80lb so for a change i wasnt that far off with my clicker and i had nearly doubled the weight of the anglers either side of me which was promising but the lad on the pads managed 85lb so i had just missed out on qualifying , it seemed that the lack of barbel in the area had cost me as nearly everyone on the lake had caught at least twenty pounds of them and for some reason my banker margins never produced either plus i was kicking myself for not putting in a couple of new lines in at four-foot a bit earlier but that’s the way it goes sometimes i am sure my time will come .


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