Hooked for heroes match at Wrightington fishery

July 29th

wrightington canals

Today i was attending the hooked for heroes match at Wrightington fishery which was due to take place all over the complex and as i hadn’t been on a match here in quite some time i was really looking forward to it , i fancied a try on rivi view as it is full of big carp and you can fish the straight lead or pinging pellets which is a tactic that i don’t really do a great deal of . The weather yet again had taken a turn for the worse with a drop in temperature plus some heavy overnight rain which i felt might have a big impact on the fishing with carp being the main target species , after my short drive to the venue i was surprised to find that i was one of the first to arrive and after having a chat with the organiser it seemed that he had been let down by a few anglers so the contest was just going to take place on the two canals which was a bit disappointing , as i had not been on them before and would have to alter my approach a bit if i was going to do any good today .

At the draw my bad run in the draw bag continued as i pulled out peg 34 which was in the middle of the straight on canal two , when i got to my home for the next few hours ;

i had an island at 16m with a few over hanging reeds and a bit of a mud bank.

i was on a bit of a platform which enabled you to fish behind you .

I decided to set up a couple of rigs which i felt would give me the best chance of catching a few fish ;

Far bank rig i plumbed up in front of the reeds where it was 2.5ft deep as i felt that with all the cold water going in they wouldn’t want to be tight to the bank and i used a 4×12 MD diamond float with 014 garbo main line which had a four-inch 012 garbo hook length attached to it .

Top four rig for fishing at an angle left+right where it was over 7ft deep at the bottom of the near slope , it was a bit deeper than i would have liked but i did have the option of higher up the shelf in shallower water , i used a 0.6 MD maggot float with a bulk + 2 dropper shotting pattern my main line was the usual 014 garbo with a six-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Margin rig which was positioned towards my right hand platform in 1.5ft which was the shallowest water that i could find and i used a MD 3×12 mini diamond float which had a bulk of shot above the four-inch 014 garbo hook length .

Bait for the day was pretty simple as i only took ;

3 pints of 4mm pellets

3 pints of 6mm pellets

small tub of mixed hard pellets for the hook

3 pints groundbait

When the all in sounded i fed half a cup of 4mm pellets onto my left hand top four line and would continue to loose feed a couple of hard 6mm pellets over the top every five minutes , i then went across to the far bank found my marker then tapped in a couple of 4mm pellets before lowering my rig in over the top of it and it took nearly twenty minutes before i had my first fish which was a stockie carp about a pound , over the next forty minutes i added another four similar sized fish it was noticeable that i was missing a lot of indications and at first i thought that they might have been smaller fish but after a while it suddenly clicked that they were probably line bites , so i made the decision to plumb up tighter to the bank but the shallowest water i could find was 1.5ft and i hoped this wouldn’t be too deep . I started taping in pellets again and i didn’t have to wait long before i was back catching again but as i feared in the depth of water i began suffering with line bites , i changed my feeding to dump potting in the pellets which would hopefully get them back on the deck and this worked really well as i managed another run of fish , but just as i felt that i was getting into a good rhythm the wind started blowing stronger and i began feeling a bit rough with hot+cold sweats i was also struggling to control my rig as it kept hooking the far bank reeds so i fed a cup of ground-bait which would keep the fish in the area before going onto my top four rig .

I had fed this line since the match started so i expected a few fish to be in the vicinity and on my first drop i had the slightest dink on the float which resulted in a nice sized skimmer hitting the net , for the next hour i kept catching the odd fish it was hectic by any means just nice and steady plus i didn’t know what species i was going to catch next which made a nice change . After a while i began struggling to hit the bites and with the waves worsening i couldn’t see the little dinks on the float , so i made the decision to set up a new swim towards my right in the same depth which would give me a better option of controlling my rig and i began by putting in half a pot of 4mm pellets while it settled i had another look across to the far bank , after struggling with the wind i only added a couple of stockies but there was definitely a few fish present i just couldn’t keep my hook bait still long enough to get a proper bite . Back on to my right hand top four swim and i was back catching again but it was a bit slow at first , i stopped loose feeding the 6mm pellets due to the size of fish i was catching and began dump potting in the 4mm pellets through a kinder pot after every fish or missed bite so i could build the swim up , i also changed my shotting pattern to a staggered bulk as i wanted catch everything on the deck and by making this change i managed another good run of fish .

With ninety minutes of the match remaining i began potting in some ground-bait on my margin swim and while it settled i went back across to the far bank for another couple of stockies before the wind got to strong to present my rig properly , i dropped onto my right hand margin with a 6mm pellet on the hook and i started getting liners straight away which was a good sign , not long after my elastic shot out of my pole as something bolted out of the peg taking me under the empty platform , luckily i managed to get it back and after a spirited fight up popped a 2lb barbel which turned out to be my biggest fish of the day . With barbel being a shoal fish i hoped that i could have a good run of them but apart from a couple of tiny carp that’s the only indications i had and i would probably have been better feeding maggots rather than pellets but i didn’t have that option today , i spent the remainder of the match rotating my two top four swims picking up fish from each right to the all out sounded .

As the stamp of fish was on the small side i decided against using my clicker today so i did not have a clue on what weight i had today and when the scales arrived i was quite surprised when they went 47lb this was good enough to finish third on the day missing out on second by a few ounces and getting beat by both end pegs , lack of bonus fish and venue knowledge cost me today but it was a busy days fishing because i only managed one fish over 10oz although i would have enjoyed it more if i had felt better as i had to stop the car a few times on the way home as i felt a bit sick .



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