Cunneries fishery

JULY 31st

Cunneries S canal

As i had the week off work and i was still waking up early i made a late decision to head to the cunneries fishery near Eccleston for the Monday open , as i do not go here a great deal and could do with the practice as i need to get to grips with the place before the teams of three starts , i had expected a nice light-hearted days fishing catching a few f1s with plenty of room but on arrival to the venue i was greeted to a jam-packed car park and it turned out that the match was nearly full with every other peg being taken . After having a chat with a few of the mosella north-west lads it was time for the draw and surprisingly i did my usual trick of pulling out an end peg this time it was 36 and im struggling to get away from the car park side of the s canal , after my short walk i arrived at my home for the next few hours strangely the wind was blowing across all four legs of the canal and a bit off my back .

I decided to set up just a couple of rigs because you need to be positive in your approach as you are catching f1s quickly if you need to compete ;

Three foot rig which i used for fishing hard pellets towards my right were there was an overhanging tree which was casting a shadow other the water and i felt there would be some f1s knocking about , i used a MD 4×12 pellet float with an inch spread bulk starting above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length which had a size twenty lwg hook attached .

Two shallow rigs in a depth of 12+18 inch i used a 4×10 MD mini mag float with a bulk of number 11 stotz above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length attached to it was a size twenty lwg hook .

Bait for the day couldn’t have been simpler ;

4 pints of hard 4mm pellets

small tub of mixed hard pellets for the hook

When the match started i began on my top three towards the right just at the side of the overhanging tree and i thought that the shade would offer some cover for the f1s in the bright sunny conditions , i dump potted in some 4mm pellets through a medium kinder pot then lowered my rig in over the top of it and i got a bite almost instantly that snapped my hook length just as i was about to net it which was my fault because i failed to change it before the match started . I then had a good run of fish and by continuously feeding after every bite i kept them coming for nearly an hour before the indications got a bit iffy , i also kept snagging up with something on the deck and the fish routing about must have disturbed something so i had a good drag around with the plummet , i managed to find a clearer patch a bit tighter to the bank in 2ft and i hoped the disturbance wouldn’t have upset the fish too much . I changed my feeding to trickling in 4mm pellets every couple of minutes to try to attract them back in the swim and after about ten minutes i was back catching well again , when i started missing indications which i felt might be line bites i changed my feeding to dumping in the pellets again to get the f1s back on the deck and that worked remarkably well , after half of the match had passed i had 40 f1s on my clicker and i put in another net because fingers crossed i could keep the run going for the remaining time especially as i was yet to go onto what i hoped would be a prolific shallow line .

I had loose feed my six meter shallow swim since the match started and i had a cluster of ducks in front of me for a while so i needed to feed a bit heavier than i would have liked , when they decided to depart from in front of me i picked up the deeper of my shallow rigs and i laid my rig in so it fell with the falling pellets , i picked up a couple of fish almost instantly and surprisingly they were bigger than in the edge but because of the bright skies + lack of ripple they were very skittish not really settling so i decided to keep feeding it for hopefully a good run at some point .I went back down the edge and added on another section to my margin then re plumbed up a new swim closer towards the right hand corner , yet again i began trickling in the pellets to try to draw some fish into the peg and i was catching nearly straight away , for the next hour i had a good run of f1s before they backed off a bit and i needed to chase them out towards the aerator it was all going really well so far .

With an hour remaining i stupidly decided to spend it fishing shallow rather than keep plucking away rotating my margin swims because i expected it to be really good at the end of the match , but just like earlier when i went on it i would pick up a couple of f1s before they backed off and i had to really work at it changing depths etc to get any indications , i knew in the back off my mind that i had made a mistake but i had committed to fishing up in the water and it was too late in the day to start changing things .

When the all out sounded i was unsure how i had got on as i couldn’t see the anglers at the other end of the s canal but i knew that t had beaten those lads around me , after packing up i caught up with the weigh in 130lb was leading then a 115lb and i knew that i hadn’t got that as i expected my 75 f1s to be around a low ton , when they arrived at my peg i put 98lb on the scales and as i thought my last hour had cost me as i only managed 9 fish for 12lb , I ended up fourth overall as peg one had 106lb which i felt i should have had but at least i picked up some money for winning the section and enjoyed myself although i did feel drained afterwards .





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