Cunneries fishery

August 11th

Cunneries S canal

Today i decided to have a return to Cunneries fishery as it would be my last chance to get there before the teams of three starts in the beginning of September and the weather leading up to today’s contest was pretty autumnal with heavy overnight rain plus a drop in temperature , on arrival to the complex i was greeted to a half empty car-park , i found out the draw was going to take place at 930 and i can’t get used to these late starts . While i had an hour to hang about i decided to have a look at the lakes and they had done quite a bit of work since my last visit , all the reeds had been cut back on the island with some also being taken out to make a mud bank and they had even-numbered some of the pegs which is always handy when you’re new to the place .

When i got back to the cabin there was a few more people knocking about and i had a chat with a couple of lads that i hadn’t seen for a while , before i knew it the draw was about to start and i decided to hang towards the back to see if this could improve my luck , when it came for my turn i pulled out eleven so no end peg for me today and i was going to be on the narrow side which wasnt the best but at least i was at the right side of the lake with the wind blowing towards the car-park , i also had a fellow Daiwa adlington angler on the next peg so it would give me a chance to compare our catch rates as i was trying something a bit different regarding feeding today .

After having a bit of a plumb around i found three-foot on my top 3 on either side near the reed beds and also the same depth a foot away from the far-bank , which made things a bit easier regarding rig selection and i decided to set up ;

Soft pellet rig and i used a 4×12 MD roob style float which had an inch spread bulk starting above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Hard  pellet rig and i used a 4×12 MD roob style float which had an inch spread bulk starting above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Shallow rig set at 18 inch and i used a 4×10 MD mini mag with 014 garbo main line which had a  four inch 012 garbo hook length .

Bait for the day

1 pint soaked micro

2 pint 2mm hard pellets

2 pint sloppy expander groundbait

3 pint white maggots just in case

small tub of 4mm expanders

When the all in sounded i began on my right hand top three-line and fed a ball of ground-bait rolled in micros through a kinder pot , then lowered my rig in over the top of it and after about ten minutes i had my first indication which resulted in an f1 hitting the net , i then put in a thumbnail sized piece of ground-bait but after that all i could get was missed indications or small skimmers . I swapped to my left hand side and yet again after a couple of quick f1s the skimmers moved in and it seemed like ground-bait was not the best way to go on here although it might still come in play on a hard day , i decided to change to loose feeding half a dozen 4mm pellets on both my near lines and try them again later in the match .

I went to my across line and tapped in a couple of pellets every few minutes then kept my rig still over the top which was a bit awkward in the increasing breeze , it took an age for me to get any signs on the float but finally after about twenty minutes i had another f1 in the net and then all i could manage was the odd skimmer so maybe it wasnt the ground-bait just that i was in a poor area . On looking round it seemed like everyone was struggling to catch and maybe the conditions had knocked them off the feed , i decided on a change of tactics reverting to a more winter like approach in i went back to expanders and just trickled in micros . I set up multiple swims in the same 3ft depth along the far-bank and rotated between them all picking up the odd fish from each , it was noticeable that the f1s didn’t seem to want any bait going in over their heads so i fed one then fished the other and with the indications being really delicate i kept hooking the fish very lightly which meant they kept popping off just as i was about to net them , i took one of my adjustment shots of which raised up the float slightly and waited for a proper indication this kind of worked because i didn’t lose any more fish but they was hooked a bit deeper than i would have liked so no doubt i wouldn’t have seen half the indications that i was getting .

Approaching the last hour i was still in touch for the section as i could see everyone in it and with it fishing hard i could keep count of what they had caught , the lad directly opposite me was my main danger as he was two f1s in front and when he started getting bites down the side i needed to try something different as my indications had almost stopped . So i replumbed up as tight to the reeds as i could get which was only six-inch shallower but i figured the fish might be hiding among them in the brightening conditions , i taped in a couple of 4mm pellets before lowering my rig in slowly over the top of it and i had an f1 straight away but after that i kept getting line bites or foul hooked fish , i gave my shallow rig a try against the reeds but this didn’t produce an indication so i altered my deck rig so it had a slow fall of the hook bait and i laid my rig in so that it fell against the slope which would give me a tight line between hook bait + float .

My change of tactics worked really well and i managed another nine f1s before the all out but i noticed that i would only get an indication just as my hook bait had touched the bottom , so i left my rig stationary for a maximum of sixty seconds before taping in a couple of 4mm pellets then laid my rig in so it fell through them and when the all out sounded it called time on a very difficult match as i only had 17 f1s on my clicker , my mate on the next peg had managed 34 f1s by fishing the standard way so my approach wasnt right on the day which would give us something to think about . When the scales arrived i needed 17lb to beat for the section and i weighed in 27lb which was a bit more than i thought , overall it fished hard with 90lb winning and 54lb getting third which i felt was possible from my peg if i had fished it the right way but i also had enough on the hook to challenge today so maybe it was just one of those days .


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