Bradshaws fishery

13th August

After a bit of badgering from the rest of the Daiwa adlington squad i headed to Bradshaw’s fishery near Bolton to contest the open on lake 8+9 and as i had not fished it before i was quite looking forward to it , especially as the weather had settled down a bit with blue skies plus a slight increase in temperature . On arrival to the fishery i was one of the first there and i found out that the draw was only going to take place at 930 so yet again i had a bit of hanging about to do , i did want to have a look at the lakes in the match today as i hadn’t even seen them yet but i noticed that the gates to them was locked when i drove down to the cabin , so i decided to have a walk round the other lakes on the complex and when i got back there was a few more people knocking about including a couple of the squad members , we had a chat about how best to target things today but they wasnt giving much away .

It was nearly draw time so i joined the queue towards the rear and when it came to my turn for a go in the bag of doom i pulled out peg 14 which was on lake eight but that was a much as i knew till i got to the other car park , before i unpacked my gear i went to try to find my home for the next few hours and it was situated over one of the bridges , there was only two pegs on this little split so i had a bit of room and the far bank was about 13m away which had a couple of reed beds plus a mud bank , i also had a reed bed along my left hand margin and a lily bed a bit behind me towards my right at the side of the bridge , so i had quite a few options and it could be very easier to confuse yourself by trying to many different things especially on your first visit .

While i was putting my gear on the trolley i took the opportunity to have a chat with one of the venue superstars who kindly pointed me in the right direction and it seemed that i was in a reasonable are which was a positive sign , when i got back to my peg i had a bit of a plan in mind and decided to set up ;

Margin both left and right in two foot depth , i used a 4×12 MD diamond float with an inch spread bulk starting above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Six meter channel rig in 5ft depth for under my shallow swim , i used a 4×12 MD maggot float with a bulk plus two dropper shotting pattern .

Shallow rig in 18 inch and i used a 4×10 MD mini maggie float with a bulk of number eleven stotz above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Across rig at three-foot for in front of the far bank reeds , i used a 4×12 MD roob style float with an inch spread bulk starting above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length and i altered this for a bulk plus dropper when i changed to using maggots .

Mud line in 18 inch and i used a 4×12 MD mini maggie float which had an inch spread bulk above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Bait for the day was ;

3 pints of white maggots

2 pints 4mm soaked pellets

1 pint of micros

3 pints of ground-bait

small tub 4mm expanders

When the all in sounded i began on my three foot rig across in front of a reed bed and after tapping in a nugget of ground-bait before holding my rig still over the top of it , with not much happening i had to start sprinkling in micros to try to draw some fish into the swim and it took a further ten minutes before i had my first f1 but even after my slow start i wasnt to worried because nobody around me was catching a great deal . I had another bite less ten minutes before the tiniest of indication on the float resulted in my next f1 and there just didn’t seem to be much in front of me , i had another spell of inactivity so i tried putting in another nugget of ground-bait in to try to kick-start the swim but it just brought in some gudgeon and small silvers not exactly what i had in mind . With an hour of the match passed and only two f1s in the net it was time to re plumb up another line towards my left , this time i changed to feeding half a dozen 4mm pellets every few minutes and this resulted in another quick f1 before it all went quiet yet again even the gudgeon had deserted me .

I had been loose feeding 4mm pellets every few minutes since the match started on my six meter swim so i dropped on this with my deck rig to see if the fish were in the deeper water and i would also keep an eye out for liners to signal that they might be shallow but i had not seen anything top in front of me , after what seemed like an age my float finally dipped under resulting in another f1 in the net quickly followed by two more and i hopped that i could get a run of fish but my next couple of fish were small hand sized tench . Even though i hadn’t seen any signs of movement up in the water i decided to give my shallow rig ago but as i thought i didn’t even get a bite in twenty minutes and with nearly half the match gone i was really struggling with just a handful of f1s in the net so it was time for a complete re think .

I decided to scrap the pellets and concentrate on using maggots , i began potting in ground-bait on to my mud bank and i also plumbed up a new swim towards my right in 2ft of water tight to the cover dumping maggots through a large kinder pot doing this dramatically transformed my match , as i caught an f1 straight away before the ide moved in and i changed my shotting to give a slow fall of the hook bait this worked really well as i had a run of forty ide in the next hour , although my 11 Preston hollo elastic was a bit too strong for the 10oz ide and a few either splashed on top as soon as i hooked them or came off at the net which might have disrupted the shoal because bites came to an abrupt end , i tried setting up a new swim towards my left at the side of some reeds thinking that they might have backed off but strangely that never really kicked off for me .

I noticed some movement on my mud bank so i quickly changed rigs my float had only just settled when my elastic shot off resulting in a small carp hitting the net and i then had a little run of fish all of which were a different species , bites began to tail off so rather than keep plundering the shoal i put in a cup full of ground-bait and another of maggots before going back to my original 2ft swim , this time i caught a couple of small roach so i decided to put all my shot above the hook length which would hopefully bolt the maggots through the silvers and i started picking up the odd ide before the f1s moved in , by swapping between this swim and my mud bank i ended up with a dozen more f1s+carp before the all out sounded .

As i began packing up i couldn’t help but think that i had wasted half of the match trying to get pellets to work but as I’m really new to the venue i was always going to make some mistakes and the later part of the match showed just how well it can fish , i ended up with 50 ide plus 18 f1s+carp and when the scales arrived my two nets went just under 50lb this was good enough to win the section quite comfortably as i had a dnw one side then a 16lb to my other so i was quite pleased with my effort today , overall the match was won with just over a ton and a couple of mid 80lb got into the frame so wasnt a million of miles away but the only thing is I’m not sure when i will get chance to get back as the cunneries league starts in September .


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