Hall lane , bessies pool

August 26th

Hall lane Bessies

Today was the last round of the Mosella north-west summer league at Hall lane fishery it was situated in Rufford near the bottom of Parbold hill and before the match i was lying in 11th place so would need a top two section finish if i wanted to break into the top ten , i would be really happy if i managed to do it as there was some very good anglers contesting this event plus i had missed two of the rounds due to other commitments so those would be used as my droppers but it meant all my other matches had to count which put a bit of extra pressure on myself . After only getting back from holiday late on Friday i had some rushing around to do to get my rigs and bait ready but at least i had brought the sun back home with me , as on the morning of the match i was greeted to blue skies and a light wind although as i have found out on previous visits to Hall lane the slightest breeze can turn out to be a gale when you get to the fishery as it is very open with being flat all the way to the North West coast .

As i arrived at the fishery all the usual people was in attendance plus a few lads who decided to fish it as an open to help keep the numbers up because some had decided to miss this match as they wasnt in contention for a good finishing place in the league , before the draw i had a quick look at Bessie’s pool it seemed like the wind had blown towards the car park for a couple of days as there was a lot of scum gathered in that area and on here the windward corner pegs had thrown up some huge weights on previous visits so obviously everyone wanted to draw in this area , as i got back to the cabin the queue was beginning to form for the draw and i fancied an early dip so i could have a bit more time getting ready , when it came round for my go in the bag of doom i pulled out number 14 this was situated about three-quarters of the way down the first straight with your back to Gwen’s canal  and on my arrival to my home for the next few hours i had ;

A nice mud bank cut out between the over hanging far bank reeds which was 14m away and i set up two rigs to fish this area , one in 18 inch at the side of the reeds as i felt this would offer a bit of cover from the bright sunshine and the other was the more usual 12 inch for tight to the bank , on both rigs i used a 4×12 MD diamond float with a bulk shotting pattern above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

As i began setting up i noticed that the wind had begun to switch around and was now beginning to blow between the gap in the islands straight into my margin , so i felt this could be a really good option for me although it had only really produced on the end pegs and on plumbing up my left hand side was extremely snaggy so that was out of the question , my right hand side was snag free but plumbed up like a cliff face so i couldn’t get in the depth of water i would have liked so i decided to put it in two foot were the bottom levelled off so all the feed would settle there as it rolled down the slope but i just hoped i wouldn’t suffer too many line bites and i used a 4×12 MD diamond float with a bulk shotting pattern above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

One of my mates had fished this lake a couple of days earlier doing well using hard pellets in three-foot at the side of the near reeds and when i had drawn this area in an earlier round i had caught a few carp using the same method although this close in swim had been a proper struggle all series , i decided to set up a 4×12 MD roob styled float with a staggered bulk starting above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

My bait for the day was ;

4 pints of Adlingtons finest white maggots

3 pints of Bagem 4mm carp feed pellets covered in a bit of Bagem pellet oil so they would keep their shape

1 bag of Bagem green margin ground-bait

When the all in sounded i fed half a small cupping kit of 4mm pellets on my top three-line then went across to the far bank , i kinder potted in some maggots then held my rig tight so that it fell up the slope and it took a couple of feeds before i got any indications which was a bit strange because you can usually catch a few mug fish straight away , i finally managed a couple of carp but it was very slow going and i decided to increase my feed to try to draw a few more fish into the peg this kind of worked but i was catching ide rather than the hoped for carp . After around an hour the wind turned around a little blowing from right to left this made controlling my rig a bit of a problem and i ended up losing a couple of rigs in the reeds plus i pulled out of a few carp + ide which was understandable after being a little rusty due to my bit of a break from fishing , i had a little word with myself and i began putting the odd fish in the net .

I noticed that there was some swirls right at the back of the reeds so i took the opportunity to switch rigs to my shallower mud bank one , just like before i started kinder potting in the maggots i was soon picking up the odd carp+ide and after two hours i had 7 carp and six ide in the net . After a while the swim began to get stronger+stronger which was no doubt down to the wind dragging a few down my end of the lake and i had a really good run of carp but if anything i ended up with too many fish as i suffered liner after liner , i was spending a lot of time putting nothing in the net and i then stupidly decided to pot in some ground-bait to see if that would settle them down but it had the opposite effect as i just ended up foul hooking fish after fish .

I just had to leave my across swim to settle down a bit and since the match began i had trickled in a few hard 4mm pellets on my top three-line , so i decided to have a look there and to be honest i expected a response straight away , when my float buried immediately i thought that i had cracked it but it was either a skimmer or a gudgeon which came my way not exactly what i had in mind . With two hours remaining i started feeding my margin swim with ground-bait+maggots and while it settled i went back across , thankfully it had quietened down and i began putting a few carp in the net , i didn’t want to get in the same situation as before by over feeding but i needed to put some bait in to get a bite so i decided to just catch a couple of fish then left it to rest while i went on my margin and for the next hour it all went swimmingly , but i didn’t have to wait long before something else went wrong and this time it was down to me foul hooking carp on my margin line because i couldn’t get into shallow enough water which was a bit of a pain .

At the all out i had managed thirty carp + six ide which when the scales arrived went just short of 90lb this was good enough for second in section missing out by less than twenty pounds and i just wished that i could have got my margin to work properly because the lad on the next peg managed 60lb in the last hour , overall the match was won with 180lb then two 150lb weights made the frame so yet another good match and of course there would always be a few dodgy areas on a lake so big . Overall i ended up on 13 points this i think put me in the top ten which i am made up with against the quality of angler in attendance , i would like to say well done to the top five in the league as well as all those anglers who picked up a few quid along the way plus Paul+Stu from Mosella North West for running a great league and I’m already looking forward to doing it all again next year .

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