Cunneries fishery

August 28th

Today i decided to contest the bank holiday open at Cunneries fishery as it would hopefully give me chance to fine tune a couple of things before the start of the teams of three next weekend , when i arrived at the complex there was already a couple of lads knocking about and it seemed that a few others had decided to do the same as me with a bit of a sneaky practice , there ended up being twenty anglers split over the four legs of the s canal which was good as it would replicate the pegging for the league . The weather was quite nice as well which was a surprise for a bank holiday and we was treated to blue skies plus a light swirling wind , which was good conditions for the angler but not great for catching lots of f1s especially with it being the third match on the trot on the s canal over the long weekend so i expected things to be quite tough going .

It was soon time for the draw and i did my usual trick of drawing near the car park  this time i was on peg ten just one away from where i sat on my last visit so at least i knew how best to fish it or rather how not to do it , after a short walk to my home for the next few hours i had ;

A reed bed either side of me and after plumbing up i found just under three-foot and as i was going to be using hard pellets , i used a 4×12 MD pellet float which had an inch spread bulk of number ten stotz , starting above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length and hook was a size 18 guru lwg .

Yet again i didn’t have a mud bank across just a reed lined far bank and as it was 2.5ft deep i used a 4×12 MD maggot float with a bulk plus dropper shotting pattern , my main line was the usual 014 garbo with a 010 garbo hook length attached to it .

I set up a margin rig a top kit to my right in 18 inch which was the shallowest water i could find and i used a 0.4 MD margin munter float with a bulk of number nine stotz , starting above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Shallow rig set at 18 inch for fishing either down the track or in front of the far bank reeds and i used a 4×10 MD mini mag float with a bulk of number eleven stotz starting above the four-inch 010 garbo hook length .

Bait for the day was ;

3 pints red and white maggots

3 pints 4mm pellets

2 pints of ground-bait

small tub of mixed hard pellets

When the all in sounded i began on my top three towards the edge of the left hand reed bed and after tapping in a few 4mm pellets through a medium kinder pot , i lowered my rig in over the top and held it still , it took a couple of feeds before i had my first indication and not long after wards i managed my first f1 , for the next forty minutes i had a good run of fish but i had to work hard with my feeding to keep the bites coming when i began suffering with liners i had to clump the pellets in to get them back on the deck , after a while things started to tail off so i went on to my right hand side and started again but for some reason this never really got going only producing a couple of f1s all match . With just over an hour gone i had a dozen fish in the net and it looked like i could be on for a good day especially as they was all a decent stamp , i went across to my far bank swim and fed a small kinder pot full of maggots , i laid my rig in so that it fell up the slope as this would give me a tight line between hook + float i got bites almost instantly but only from small stockies and silvers not really what i wanted to be catching , i persevered with it for half an hour but things didn’t improve so i decided to change it to a shallow line and began feeding a dozen maggots every five minutes at seven meters which was pretty easy to reach with the wind now blowing off my back , i didn’t really want to fish across as well as shallow due to the swim being so narrow as it would just split the f1s  .

I went back onto my hard pellet line and rotated between my right+left hand swims this produced a few f1s but it was very slow going although i was missing the odd bite which must have been small skimmers because there is quite a few in here , after an hour of feeding shallow i decided to give it a try even though i hadn’t seen any signs and i had an f1 almost instantly quickly followed by another but then i was plagued by small silvers . I cut down my far bank rig and replumbed up a top kit towards my left in two foot of water , i then started to feed it quite heavily with maggots just to see what would happen and while it settled i had another look shallow which didn’t produce anything other than small silvers , back on my maggot swim and my float buried straight away  but after an f1 all i could catch were small perch things wasnt going to well although nobody was catching a great deal around me either . With ninety minutes remaining i began feeding my right hand margin with ground-bait in 18 inch of water and then went on my only line which was producing the odd bite my hard pellet swim towards the left hand margin , i kept putting the odd f1 in the net but when i saw the water muddying up over my margin feed i quickly swapped rigs and this produced a fish straight away , with time running out i choose to spend the rest of the match on this swim and managed another eight f1s before the all out sounded .

I had managed thirty f1s plus a few silvers and after packing up i went to speak to a few of the other anglers it seemed that it had fished quite hard today , only a few anglers where admitting to having over thirty fish so it would all go down too who had caught the heaviest average stamp and when the scales arrived at my peg i ended up with 45lb this was good enough for sixth overall plus a section win , although with a low 50lb getting in the frame I’m a bit disappointed not to have managed that but i did try a few things out today and i am pretty happy with the plan i have in mind for the teams of three starting next saturday .


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