Cunneries fishery

September 2nd

Today i was back at the cunneries fishery for the first round of the autumn teams of three and after doing well on my last couple of visits managing to pick up my section , I was rather up beat expecting a good showing from the Daiwa Adlington team and even though it would be really tough for us to match our 4th place from the spring teams of three because it had attracted the attention of some very good sponsored anglers this time round . On arrival to the complex i was greeted to blue skies and hardly any wind with what there was blowing away from the car park so not the ideal conditions for catching a good weight of f1s , after booking on for the match i had a chat with some familiar faces that i hadn’t seen for some time and then went for a walk around hawk because one of the team had not fished it before so i gave him my limited knowledge of the lake as i had only fished it twice . When we got back to the cabin it was nearly time for the draw to take place so i joined the queue behind the other team captains and when it was my turn for a dip in the bag of doom i pulled out an unexpected average set of pegs ;

peg one on the s canal my usual end peg although i wasnt on it today

peg nine on hawk which wasnt great although he did have a bit of room .

my home for the day was peg forty about half way along the fourth leg of the s canal it can be a reasonable area but is quite deep .

When i arrived at my peg i had quite a few of the better anglers in my ten peg section and i felt that i was fishing for 5th or 6th , i had the usual reed lined margin and far bank plus at long last i had a mud bank to target and i decided to set up ;

Top three towards my right+left in four-foot with banded pellet and i used a 4×12 MD roob styled float with a staggered bulk shotting pattern starting above my four-inch 010 garbo hook length which had a size twenty guru lwg hook attached .

Far bank in front of the reeds in three-foot and i would be using soft pellets so my float was a 4×12 MD roob styled float with a staggered bulk shotting pattern starting above my four-inch 010 garbo hook length which had a size twenty guru lwg hook attached .

Top kit towards my right in the shallowest water i could find which was 18 inch and i used a 0.4 MD diamond float which had an inch spread bulk shotting pattern starting above my four-inch 010 garbo hook length which had a size twenty guru lwg hook attached .

I did plumb up the mud line but it fell away from six-inch to three-foot like it was a cliff face so im afraid that wasnt an option today .

Bait for the day revolved around pellets ;

2 pints soaked bagem micros pellets .

2 pints hard bagem 4mm pellets , soaked in bagem pellet oil .

1 pint bagem crushed expander ground-bait .

small tub of 4mm bagem expanders .

small tub of mixed hard pellets .

When the all in sounded i began on my top three towards my left and by tapping half a dozen 4mm pellets i had a good run of f1s it looked like i might be on for a nice day but like usual on here after my first hour the swim died on me , i switched to my across line in front of the reeds tapping in some micros through a small kinder pot and after about ten minutes i managed an f1 quickly followed by another but then all i could catch were small skimmers not what i wanted , i put another line in about a meter away and started again this produced a quick burst of fish before the silvers moved in , there seemed to be a lack of fish in front of me or more likely i had not got my feeding right .

I began potting in some Bagem crushed expander on my right hand margin tight to the reeds and i hoped that a few f1s might settle on it as it was the shallowest part of my peg , while it settled i put in another swim along the far bank and for the next hour i rotated these across lines picking up the odd fish but it was really hard going . I went on my margin swim for a quick look and when my float buried straight away i thought i had cracked it but when a gudgeon came to the net i wasnt very happy , for the next couple of hours i swapped between all my lines putting next to nothing in the net and you could say things wasnt going great today .

With nothing to lose i decided to pot in some micros on my top three-line as i hoped that this might draw some skimmers into the area which could in turn get the f1s interested , after about five minutes the bottom began fizzing like mad and when it finally settled down i dropped on to it , i started picking up hand sized skimmers before a couple of bigger ones turned up and after an age of inactivity i was glad to put something in the net . Fifteen minutes passed by then i hooked a decent f1 which i somehow managed to lose under my platform in fact i lost the next three the same way which was bad angling on my part , i just hoped that they wouldn’t cost me at the end but with the calibre of people here i just knew that it would and after giving myself a stern talking too i got my act together just in time for me to put a run of f1s together before the all out sounded .

I had managed 23 f1s plus two nice skimmers but i was unsure on the weight after packing up i went to see how John had got on because the would be weighing hawk pool first he managed 5th in his ten peg just missing out by an ounce on a better place so a bit unlucky , the scales soon arrived at my peg and my two nets went 39lb this was only good enough for a disappointing seventh so yet again my middle period is costing me any chance of competing for good section points , only an extra 4lb would have put me forth so as i expected those lost fish had cost me and the team dear today , our third team member china managed fourth this left us with sixteen points and fifth on the day but with a bit of luck it could have been a bit better but at least it gives us something to build on , although it looks like we are all playing for third place as two teams ended up with a remarkable four + six points on the day .



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