cunneries fishery teams of three , round two

Saturday 9th September
I have been to cunneries fishery today for the second round of the teams of three and with the amount of rain coming down in the days leading up to the contest I expected the fishing to be quite tough especially as we was also forecast some heavy downpours during the match. After having a chat with a few of the lads it was time for the captains to queue up for a dip in the bag of doom and at the draw I pulled out peg 26 for me, peg 7 for John , peg 6 for China and for the second round running my first pick was an end peg although it was the wrong end today with the wind blowing to the car park but there is always some resident big f1s + carp in the area .
I set up three rigs to cover my options because i didn’t want to confuse myself because my peg had plenty areas to target ;
Top kit at 4ft deep towards the bottom of the near slope and i used a 4×16 malman roob float with an inch spread bulk along the 014 garbo main line starting above the 010 garbo four-inch hook length .
Margin rig a top kit both right+left in two foot which was the shallowest water that i could find and i used a 4×12 malman roob  float with an inch spread bulk along the 014 garbo main line starting above the 010 garbo four-inch hook length .
Three foot rig for fishing across to the far bank reeds and also along my left hand reed lined edge at the side of the bridge ,i used a 4×14 malman roob float with an inch spread bulk along the 014 garbo main line starting above the 010 garbo four-inch hook length .
Bait for the day was ;
Bagem 4mm pellets soaked in bagem pellet oil .
Bagem soaked 2mm pellets
Bagem crushed expander ground-bait
Small tub of bagem 4mm expanders
Small tub of mixed hard pellets .
 As usual I started on my top kit with hard pellets and i had a good first hour managing to catch 8 fish before it faded, so a switch to my margin behind me in the cut out where it was 3ft deep and i used soft pellet on the hook feeding micros through a small kinder pot which got me a couple more f1s but there did not seem to be a great deal in the area .I went across to the far bank reed’s and had a quick couple of fish before things went quiet and i didn’t have to wait long to find out why as I hooked something a bit better which took me under the bridge snapping my hook length , then all i could manage was tiny silvers it wasnt looking good .
For the next few hours I rotated my swims but struggled to catch anything which was the same as all those angler’s around me apart from the lad opposite who was picking up the odd fish from in front of each empty platform , I decided to put in another swim along my left hand margin at eleven meters where there was a cut out between the reeds and as i had nothing to lose I put in half a pot of pellets , after about thirty minutes of catching the odd silver this finally produced a carp and a big skimmer.
We soon approached the last hour and I went back onto my top kit with hard pellets this produced the odd fish till the all out sounded , signalling the end of another frustrating match as I ended up with 21 fish for 44lb and this was only good enough for 4th in my ten peg section  ,which I’m a bit disappointed with as I’m still struggling to catch mid match and need to get it sorted out .
John did well to get second from an unfancied peg and China finished 7th but I wouldn’t have wanted to be on their today because it was either carp or bust on the lake today, this left us on 13 points and fifth on the day but there was only four points separating us from the winners , lets hope for some better luck on the remaining few rounds .

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