Deep pit Hindley ,July 20th

After having taken a break from match fishing I decided to have a pleasure session on deep pit in Hindley where I learned to fish and I hoped that this would give me the impetus to get on the bank a bit more often.

I hadn’t seen the lake for nearly five years so had no idea what to expect especially as it was a natural venue although I did expect the crucians and tench to still be there in abundance, after having made the long trek from the car park were I had to load and unload the trolley a few times due to the uneven ground.

I decided to go on my favourite peg at the side of an overhanging tree with your back to the golf course, I set up two rigs one at 4ft on top of the near slope the other at 6m and bait was maggots + ground bait.

Started by feeding a couple of balls on my long swims and started short kinder potting in maggots , I thought this would be my best swim in the warm conditions but after half an hour all I had was a small perch.

I noticed that there was bubbles coming up from my long swims so gave that a go and never really had a bad spell rotating between two swims , I then had a fish a chuck for four hours a proper mixed bag of fish I lost quite a few due to an under water snag but that’s only to be expected on these natural venue’s.

When the forecast rains turned up I decided to call it a day and had over 30lb of fish which was mainly crucians but I didn’t get anything over a pound, I really enjoyed my fishing today and if I can work out an easier way to get there I think I will be going more often.

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