Gary Fish'O 2014


Hi everyone my name is Gary Matthews and this is my first attempt at blogging so it will no doubt have a few teething problems , im from the Wigan area and usually try to fish a few times a week mainly to practice for any up and coming matches .I started fishing at 14 and after being mainly self taught i packed in at 20 when i started finding fishing far to easy and should have turned to matches then for more of a challenge . I have never really been into catching specimen fish and more like the thrill of winning against fellow anglers .

i like to read all the fishing magazines and search the net to gain any information that could be useful to me in my matches especially on new venues , but i have never found a web site that could give me up to date local fishery information so hopefully if your like me this could be just what your looking for .

Re started fishing a few years ago and worked my way up from small local knock ups to club matches and last year took over the running of it  Balmoral fishing club , although it can be hard work and you often get no thanks for doing it but it can be enjoyable .

After winning the Platt bridge winter league and picking up a few quid in the process , i have decided to branch out to the bigger open  matches at partridge lakes were i finished 5th on my first try but found it harder going after that with some bad draws and even worse weather conditions, i will be giving them a rest for a while because my club season starts soon and not really into the f1 fish races .

An update on how my club fishing is going , i have been lucky enough to win the league leaders title of my 2013 season by four points so i am well chuffed with that . It came about a bit by skill and a lot of luck and im looking forward to running the autumn – winter league starting in October 2013 .

Even managed to get tickets for both fisho and match this qualifiers both at partridge and woodland view , which should be an experience fishing against the big names you see in the angling magazines and with a lot of luck and some good draws i might even get through to the final .

Just a quick run down how my blog works , theirs a drop down menu telling you were i fished this month and also a page of local open matches if you know any more i could add please let me know ,theirs a fishery list where you can find out how its fishing and the best tactics to use on their .

So if you want to know more about the local waters you are fishing or just want a good read then keep up to date with my blogs and the odd comment would be nice .

well 2014 turned out to be eventful , my last year fishing with Balmoral AC were i managed to finish second just missing out by two points after missing two matches and then breaking my ton fishing with Farnworth tackle in the supercup . Managed second on my lake in the fisho qualifier at Partridge lakes and won my first four consecutive open match at Sycamore fisheries which not many people have achieved , so thats me done with club fishing and running matches but i will be still regularly blogging because i will be hopefully contesting more open matches if family + work commitments allow .

all the best Gary



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