Well it soon came round our last club match of the year, arrived at the venue at 8 and was the first one here and as I started un packing the car I got a text message and started wondering who wouldn’t be attending the match today!!!

As it turned out it was martin which was a surprise because I thought he would enjoy catching big carp on the pellet wag but the beer monster made him feel rough. After taking my gear to the pond and having a quick look round it looked pretty calm although the far bank was packed with carp guys and I could see a few arguments with them casting over half way !!

When I got back to the car park majority of the anglers had arrived so I started taking the pools and giving out the end of season fliers showing where everyone had finished in there divisions and how much they had caught in each match. Today was supposed to be a fun team match but with the amount of people dropping out it was going to be hard to sort out, in the end we were 5 people down so just decided to have a normal match with three sections and one winner it didn’t go down too well as people were looking forward but there wasn’t much I could do about it.

The last peg in the bag which was to be my home for the day would be peg 14 and it turned out to be only a few pegs away from were I fished on Thursday so was well pleased and had been looking forward to this match since last week, I had tony for company today but he wasn’t in the best frame of mind to fish with Aidys dad taking a turn for the worse, the person who taught him to fish.

After my usual walk round the pond making sure everyone was happy I got to my peg and set up in record time for me
4m pole line for paste on top off the near shelf which was 6ft deep near a tree
2 up in the water rigs 1 for slapping 1ft deep 1 for on the drop 3ft deep in 10 ft of water, both rigs were 18 hook to 6lb line with banded pellet on the hook.
1 rig for silvers in case the carp didn’t want to feed
my bait was pretty simple, half pint caster and two pints of 6mm hard pellets.

Just before all in Mick came and asked if we could fish 6hrs with it being our last match so after a quick chat with everyone that’s what we did !! When the whistle went at ten I started on my 11m line up in the water feeding 4 pellets every 30 seconds I did this for the first hour but with only 2 silvers to show for it, there was plenty bubbles coming of the deck so hastily set up a deep rig and tried that but still no joy,

Paul was catching on his semi floating pole fishing 16m and banded pellet 1ft deep, not what I call fishing but each to his own!!! I tried my paste rig for 30 mins without even a liner, so it wasn’t looking good for me I couldn’t see majority of the lake but word was that joey and his apprentice alan were catching on the pellet wag and with them both in my section I doubt any money would be coming my way today.

In the third hour I decided to try and catch any fish I could so went on my caster shallow rig and started catching a few nice roach and skimmers up to 10oz after 40 mins I had about 9lb in the net and I noticed a carp like swirl round my loose fed casters, so quick as a flash I changed to by banded pellet rig and first drop in at 13m I hooked my first carp and after a short fight had a 5lb mirror in the net, it didn’t go down to well with a couple of anglers and I could here  moaning from 8 pegs away because some were really struggling although Paul on his left was putting the odd carp in the net.

With 2 hours to go I decided to sit it out for the carp I still fed caster but added pellets to it, the wind changed direction and started blowing into my peg which brought the carp my way I added another four carp upto 6lb and was thinking I might have a chance of catching Joey for the section !!!

In the last 40 mins the wind dropped and the carp vanished not what I wanted but I did manage 1 more before the all out. After packing up we started the weigh in and it had fished well for the majority of people, I was only 3 carp from getting 3rd but my last carp meant I had just pipped Paul for 3rd place.

1st Alan 76lb on pellet wag
2nd Joey 56lb on pellet wag
3rd me 39lb on pole with hard pellet
Section a dave 29lb
Section b joey 56lb
Section c Richard 13lb

Well I’m glad its all over because it has been hard work running the club and I hope next year will be easier, I ended up with 4 3rds and 6 top 6 finishes but 4 lousy matches and two were from good pegs cost me any chance off going up to the top division.
Joey won division 1
Paul won division 2
Shaun won div 3 and overall club angler.

My plans to improve my fishing are more pellet wag and method feeder which I don’t do a lot of and could improve my overall fishing because big lakes are not my cup off tea.



Well here we go again our last match of our short season and the way my fishing has been going I’m glad its all over because my fishing is going to pot !!
In 2011 finished 5th and 2012 finished 10th seem to be going backward in my club fishing.

On waking up on Sunday morning it was noticeable that it had been raining hard all night and it looked like we could be in for a lot more looking at the clouds but at least it wasn’t windy which could play havoc on hall lane.

After leaving my travelling companion numerous text since the last match and still not hearing back from him I only live a 5 min walk away and don’t think its up to me to run about after him, I decided to turn up on the off chance he was going but on arrival there was no one up so went up to hall lane on my todd.

This was one of our longer drives (all of 20 mins) when I got there I stopped on the drop off point to unload the car and went off to do the pegging, a few club members were already there and wanted to know why my mate wasn’t there so I went through the story again and they agreed I shouldn’t be running about for him.

There was loads on the car park with four matches taking place today with over a 100 anglers here and its starting to look like a proper match venue on a parr with Blundells but not up to Partridge lakes just yet.

After collecting all the pools I found out we had 20 fishing so split it up into 4 sections of five with an empty peg between each section, as soon as Branny (late again) turned up we could do the draw and get to our pegs before it could start raining because the clouds were turning black.

I ended up with peg 24 next to an end peg with Shaun for company yet again 4 matches on the trot, a good one but had a long walk ahead just hope I don’t blow it yet again!!!

On arriving at my peg I decided on three lines
4m line 4ft deep used a .3 pellet float
11m line used the same rig as 4m line
14m line 2ft deep with banded pellet rig, it was 1ft away from the far bank near a nice fishy bush.
My feed for today would be ;
half pint soaked micros
half pint efg 131
half pint casters
hook bait was ;
4mm krilled meat
At the all in I put a small cup of micros and efg on my 11m line and went over it with a jpz at this point the heavens opened and it lasted for nearly an hour, after 10 mins I had my first bite which resulted in a barbel about a pound and I was hopping a shoal of them had arrived but it turned out to be a false dawn because after that one I was getting the odd roach but the bites were very delicate and few and far between.

The guy on the next end peg was bagging up on paste  !! The rain finally relented and I was hopping this might encourage a few fish to start feeding, I re fed my 11m line and went out to my 14m line thinking they might have backed off and hopping for a few carp but after missing a few bites on 6mm banded pellet I finally hooked a 2oz roach so reefed with some 4mm pellets and went on my 4m line which I had been regularly feeding with casters by hand.

First drop and another small roach not a happy chappy as 2hrs had past and I was getting just a bit peed of because I needed a good result to get promoted to division one and the guy on the next peg was by this time was putting in another net !!

Decided to start a new line in the channel at 6m, set up a new rig using 9 hollo because I was trying to get the skimmers feeding which were plentiful the last time I fished it, thinking that I might be over feeding my swims decided on a kinder pot of efg and a few micros to start the swim, ten min wait before I was into a 4lb carp not what I was aiming for but it boosted my net no end, after that my swim went quiet and it was another 10 mins before I started getting bites again after a few roach I refed with another kinder pot and I noticed a few bubbles around my float and I then started getting a few skimmers and the odd tench and with 45 mins to go they vanished,

so went back on my 4m line and hopped to add another 1lb of roach and with constant feeding of casters I had a fish a chuck all roach upto 6oz by the all out I was flying but just new I hadn’t done the best from my peg yet again , I just couldn’t get them feeding for the third club match running.

Started doing the weigh in and  when we got to Tony our first peg to weigh he was full of tales of lost carp yet again and snapped elastic, but what do you expect using 9 hollo for 4lb carp !! Anyway he had two nets in so should have a few, all the talk was of joey bagging up like the good angler he is but I thought the guy on the end peg would sneak the win .

1st place Shaun 36lb of carp on paste
2nd place Joey 33lb mixed bag
3rd place Tony 23lb mixed bag
section a Tony
section b Joey
section c Mac
section d Mick

A lot closer than I had though at the end between the top 2 anglers in the club,
I had 9lb another good peg wasted by me, just don’t know what’s going on with my fishing just can’t get the fish feeding, I’m confident in my rigs and the areas I’m fishing but just nowt to be caught !!!!

Branny had 13lb after struggling until he went on the feeder a master stroke by him and was only 3oz from getting his section today (unlucky mate)

when I get round to doing the final placings and get them confirmed by 3 other club members, in case I get accused of cheating yet again I will post them up.
Our next match is a team match on beacon view in a fortnight just hope my fishing improves by then!



Wasn’t looking forward to this match because it can be a very peggy venue and I was expecting some sort of backlash from the last matches arguments.

Well I picked up my mate at 730 and on arrival he was hobbling about after hurting knee ligaments after falling off a chair twice fishing on deep pit (it could only happen to him !)

On arrival we were greeted with a few of the club anglers and we had a walk round to sort the pegging out, I expected 21 to turn up and it was a 33 peg water so had some scope for leaving the worst ones out so I left the bays out because they can fish hard at times.

Getting back to the car and collected the peg fees (why is it that mac is always the last to pay??) it was quite quiet and not the uproar I was expecting!!! Well that was until their was a heated argument with  about some one having a short walk draw, now this happens at every match and just because this time one of the flyer pegs was in it he started having a moan, I wouldn’t bother he didn’t even draw it!!

After sorting that out and every one was here we had an early draw, i did the draw and were left with three pegs in the bag two no hoper’s and one flyer, i got some one to draw  for me to stop people accusing me of cheating and then ended up with a crap peg!! If I had drawn for myself then I would have got the flyer because I’m good at drawing pegs.

Ended up on peg 23 in one of the bays we had left in and I had Martin  for company yet again so we had our golden nugget bet, Martin was eager to win it back!!!

At my peg I decided on were best to fish, there wasn’t much room for pellet wag or straight lead which both had worked well in practise. I did have a good margin to aim at though.

11m line on deck JPZ over micros with a touch of swim stim in it.
9m along the margin 1ft from the edge to be fed with mags in last two hours.
Pellet wag was set up but could only really use it when others weren’t because of the narrow pegging on that bank.

At the all in at ten I put a cup of micros in at 11m and then when straight over it with a JPZ, I have every faith in this bait and it always seems to get the skimmers which is what I was aiming for, I wasn’t in 5 mins before I had my first skimmer about 6oz had half a dozen more in first half hour before re feeding the first hour flew by and things were going quiet well but the bites were very delicate and I started missing a few though, didn’t have anything big but was catching and putting fish in the net and I was just happy doing it until it was barbel time in the last few hours.

After two hours decided to start feeding my margin swim, Martin was catching a few carp on the pellet wag and up in the water on the pole with pellet but he didn’t seem to settle on one line and having the boss peg was well in line for getting his nugget back!!

Guy on the next peg was picking up the odd better skimmer on paste and was waiting for the barbel to show like me, Joey was hammering the carp on pellet wag on peg28 with the wind off his back it was easy controlling the float for him, I had a strong cross wind to contest with and after giving the pellet wag 30 mins with out a touch I gave it up and had a look down the margin, first drop a small roach then another and then another decided to re feed a bit heavier and go back out to my 11m line for a few more skimmers after another 40 mins , guy on the next peg had his first barbel so back I went to my margin swim and roach after roach were there it was solid (not good!) we were approaching the last hour and if the barbel weren’t going to show I was in trouble big time!!!

Decided to stick it out on the margin line because at least I was catching the roach quicker on this line, I had fed nearly 2 pints of mags and half pint of hemp and still no barbel and then old Ernie decided to move swims and start fishing a peg away from my margin line (well he is nearly 80) so gave it up as a bad job and resigned to my fate and just hoped other people had a stinker like me and to make things worse I foul hooked a carp on the way in which came off at the net!!!

The all out finally came at 3 and to be honest I was glad it was all over, never really got on with the place and if you don’t draw a good pellet wag swim you can forget it, I think I did the best from my swim but the fish just weren’t there!!

I started the weigh in with Joey and he put two nets on the scales for the 2nd week running and had over 75lb our biggest match weight in two years so well done to him, but if you put a good pellet wag angler on a good peg with plenty of room that’s just what you expect.

1st Joey peg 28 , 75lb carp on pellet wag
2nd Dave peg 2 . 32lb carp on shallow pole
3rd Martin peg 19 , 31lb carp various methods

A section – Dave peg 2
B section – Denis peg 8
C section – Martin peg 19
D section – Bob peg 26

All the above results were from form pegs on the water, just underlining the fact its a very peggy water.

I had 7lb of bits for 17th place another bad result for me, don’t think I could have done anything wrong so I’m going to blame  a dodgy peg!!

Well roll on Hall Lane and I need a decent result to ensure promotion to the top division as the pack are now snapping at my heels!!

well done to Branny on winning the lucky nugget but its only a loan because it will be back in my possession after the next match!!!



Well another club match has come round again and was really looking forward to this one after catching well up in the water during the week. Picked up my mate at 7:30 for our short drive to the venue (same every match some people just dont travel well)

On arrival there was a few club members knocking about and they were hidding in there cars because it started lashing it down, after a short while it wasnt for stopping so made the descion to brave the rain and peg out the match, got told by a few people to leave the low numbers out because they were barren of fish but with only 21 fishing and it being a 25 peg water i had a bit of scope.

Got back to the car and everyone was here so collected the pools and as the rain had eased decided on an early draw, after last matches moaning about getting a good draw I decided on going first for a change, but guess what I drew the airator peg 21 and yet more moaning from the crowd!

On arrival the heavens opened again and this was to continue till dinner, I had Martin to my left and a good angler to my right so was up against it for my section but had a cheeky golden nugget bet with Martin as he had beat me the last few club matches he was a bit bullish about winning it.

Decided to set up before collecting the pegs, had 3 lines in mind
top kit margin line just in case I needed it.
9m on deck to be fed with meat
14m main line to be fished shallow with hard 6mm pellets.
Pellet wag to aerator for when the carp back off to the island.

Had a walk round to collect the peg numbers and to let people know about the 50lb net limit, had a jokey chat with Joey about the 16m pole limit but he was fishing the pellet wag to the island but when I got to scouse Paul he was in a right mood and accused me of dictating to the club on how they should fish!! The only way I could calm him down was to agree to another vote about it at the end of the season.

I finally got to my peg just in time for the all in whistle, I proceeded to feed my 9m line with a pot of meat before going out to 14m I then started pinging a few pellets every 30 secs to get the carp feeding up in the water, there was a few cruising about but not as many as when I had practised in the week, Branny was into a quick fish but the carp were of a smaller stamp on the deck,

after 30 mins I hooked my first carp a ghostie of about 5lb but this came off at the net and it took another 30 mins before I put a run of carp together, by now the wind had got up a bit so I decided to re feed my 9m line and give that a go, first drop I had a carp of 2lb and then a run off 10oz skimmers plus the odd barblel.

Then disaster struck and my pole blew off my rest and after hitting the metal framed peg broke my 11m section in half, so I was stuck between my 9m line and my pellet wag. After a few casts with my pellet wag it started to sink so that went up the bank!!!

I was then alerted to how scouse paul was fishing and from were I was sat it looked way past 16m and if that was the case he would have to be disqualified, Joey and Branny were having a right moan about him but that only spurred them on to catch more fish.

I was left with just my 9m line so that’s were I concentrated all my efforts, I did manage to catch a few more carp and skimmers, I noticed that when I put a pot of meat in I got a carp within 10 mins, I presume they were following the bait down and weren’t on the deck if only I had set up a mid depth rig.

At the all out both Branny was into a carp but  proceeded to lose it and it was going to cost Branny dearly!!!

After packing up me i started the weigh and it hadnt fished well due to the inconsistent weather, with low weights all the way round to the mid teen pegs, I was hopping that scouse Paul hadn’t won and when we got round to his peg a heated discussion was taking place between a few club members, with Paul adamant he had only fished 16.5m and as he only had that amount of pole in his bag he won his section and I didn’t know what to do about it?

I continued with the weigh in just giving myself some thinking time, Joey weighed in over 50lb which won the match, Branny had 18lb and I had 21lb the lost big carp cost Branny the golden nugget and I don’t intend giving it back in a hurry!

After speaking to Bob who had run the club before me he didnt want to give me any advice on what to do about it, so it was left up to me to decide I had a word with Terry who would have won his section if Paul was disqualified and he wanted to let the result stand although a lot of people wanted him chucked out,

Branny even put his box on Paul’s peg and set his 16m pole up to prove he was fishing over the allotted pole limit and he wasnt a happy chappy and had a few choice words with Paul in the car park and after calming everyone down I had to help Ernie find his car keys which after 20 mins looking around his peg they turned up in his coat what else could go wrong today?

1st Joey 58lb on pellet wag peg 19
2nd Paul 46lb long pole peg 17
3rd Shaun 36lb paste peg 22

A – section Mick 21lb peg 7
B – section Ste 10lb peg 10
C – section Paul 46lb peg 17
D – section Shaun peg 22

I had 21lb and Branny had 18lb, which put me 5th overall and joinet 1st with Paul in the 2nd division.

Orcherton is our next match, not a venue im familiar with so a few practise sessions are needed to insure good club points, just hope I get my pole section back in time.



After having a busy day watching fish‘o was feeling really shattered this morning, didn’t want to get out of bed when the alarm went at 7:15 
packed my car and went for my mate at 7:45 the weather looked nice and dry for a change although it was a bit on the windy side. After our short ride to catteries we got there about 8:15 and a few off the lads were already there tucking into bacon butties 
After speaking to the new owner he let us have both lakes because it hadn’t been fishing to well recently and he wanted to give us a bit of room which was kind of him but meant I had a long trek round both ponds pegging out and my feet were killing me with my blisters bleeding again 
Before the draw I gave out our half season flyer and then had to tell everyone how our point system worked yet again for promotion and relegation its worse than dealing with kids at times 
9 am draw soon came and I was left with a good peg again so got my usual banter from the crowd about being on a flyer and must have fixed it, all a bit of fun though and it didn’t do me any good as you will find out later before I could set up had a bit off hassle to deal with because two anglers wanted to fish the same peg, they were both adamant they had drawn that peg and before I could try to sort it out one of them went home in a huff, like I said before dealing with kids 
Then I had another long trek round both ponds to pick up the numbers, took me longer than usual with my sore feet, so got to my peg later than usual and was in a rush to set up.
After reading the recent match reports and magazine articles, I decided on a worm and caster approach not my best decision because I don’t fish it well 
decided on three lines.
13m on the deck, double deez .6 float because of the wind and depth, 6lb line to a 4lb hook length size 14 hook
4m on the deck, double deez .4 float, 6lb to 4lb hook length
margin line maver float .2 float, 6lb to a 14 hook
13m and 4m lines were to be feed with chop worm and caster, both margin lines were feed with corn and hemp.
At the all in at ten I was just ready in time, I fed my 4m line with a small cup full of chop worm and caster and the same on my 13m line and i started on my 13m line with a piece of worm on the hook, the wind was blowing off my back which wasn’t to bad for now.
It started slow for most people  Mick was catching though with the wind in his face and the carp tend to follow the wind on here. The first hour soon passed and I had only managed two small skimmers in that time, missed bites were becoming a problem and the wind had swung round making 13m a bit difficult 
Decided to try my 4m line, but before I did I re fed my 13m line with a cup of worm and caster hopping the barbel and carp would turn up later. Went on my 4m line and had a quick skimmer but bites became iffy again and I began to miss lots of bites, managed to finally hit one after leaving my float to bury and counting to two but it was the tinniest perch ever, so I re fed again and tried my 13m line but this had died on me waited ages without a bite and presentation was hard in the wind. Now it was after one and things weren’t going well  the fish grow big in here so if my margin produced I could still be in with a shout of framing.
After constant feeding with hemp and corn I went on my margin line a bit sooner than I wanted but people on the far bank were catching on theirs so I thought why not give it ago, so out went my margin rig with a piece of corn 15 mins later I was still waiting for an indication of any sort, tried the other side and had a little dink which I missed and then nothing 
Back to my 4m line and had another 2 small skimmers things weren’t looking good , I decided to put a new swim at 6m and just feed casters, changed my 13m line hook length to a 3lb one and hopped I could put some fish together but this didn’t produce for me either 
last hour was on me and I decided to put 2 big cups of worm in both margins, I left it 10 mins then I went over it with a piece of worm my float buried straight away and was into a clonking big roach of nearly 2lb but that was to be my last fish of the match, all out was at 3 and I was struggling to find out what went wrong 
After packing my pole away I started the weigh in with Shaun and Stu
1st Mick Anderson 54lb of carp and barbel on worm
Section A – Bob 27lb of big ide on caster
Section B – Shaun 40lb of carp on paste and meat
Section C – Joey 25lb of carp and barbel on pellet
Section D – Terry Belshaw SNR 25lb of carp and big ide on caster
so were did I finish??
Next to last with 4lb of bits 
were did it go wrong I haven’t got a clue, maybe the bait which I have never had much success on but that’s what they all use on there, tried every line but nothing produced for me today 
Special mention goes to Tony Scopex who had over 100 bits on caster for 14lb 
Not my best days fishing but only 5 weights under 10 lb out of 22 fishing, so it must go down as a success for the club and do we book it again for next year??



Went down on Friday to have a go because I have only fished the place once before and fished peg 10 which was right near the car park, had to buy the fishery feed pellets which I think is a rip off  I fished 16m to the island with banded pellet and another 4m line were I fished with 4mm meat, caught quite well and ended up with 20lb in 3 hours but the guy on peg 22 was bagging on the silvers fishing shallow feeding caster, this gave me something to think about before the match 
Woke up on Sunday the day of the match to rain which had been non stop all weekend looked like I would find out how waterproof my new map suit would be 
picked my mate up at 8 for our ten minute journey to widdows and when we got there a few club members had arrived and for a change weren’t bank walking  martin text me to say he wouldnt be attending because he only got back from The Stone Roses late and another two no shows meant we had 20 people fishing so I split us up into four sections with a peg empty in between them.
The rain started lashing down so we had an early draw, I had the last peg out of the bag which was 22 the same peg the guy was bagging with silvers on friday 
was really looking forward to a good match with plenty of fish to be caught,
I set up four rigs all shallow
2 x dibber rigs 1ft deep, one bait band on black hydro and one normal on red hollo
2 x wellardz 2ft deep, one bait band on black hydro and one normal on red hollo
4mm meat and casters were my main line of attack and if things didnt work out 4mm hard pellet for the carp was my get out of jail attack 
At the all in at ten the rain started easing but the wind got up blowing off my back but it was gusting and 14m was going to be hard work, started feeding casters at 11m about 20 every 2 mins and went out to the island to snare an early carp on meat which worked a treat with a nice 4lb mirror in the net within ten mins 
Out went my caster rig to hopefully start bagging on silvers but nothing was willing to have ago, pushed my rig out to 14m to see if they were on the edge of the island, started getting bites but was only hitting 1 in 5 bites tried meat on the same line and this reduced the amount of bites but increased my catch rate  with me hitting more bites from a bigger stamp of fish mainly skimmers and big roach, but no matter how much I tried they wouldnt come within 1ft of the island and it didn’t take long before I hooked and lost 2 carp which I just couldn’t stop on red hollo  this resulted in my silver line struggling to survive and the bigger fish backed off and small roach and unhittable bites returned.
My mate was a few pegs away and was catching the odd skimmer so I decided to set up a 7m line for them, I hastily mixed up some micros and plumbed up a swim, put a half pot of feed in and left it 20 mins to settle, so I went back on my silver rig at 14m with meat again and managed a few smaller 2lb carp before the roach returned, Benson on peg 20 was bagging with carp on his margin line one even managed to take all his rig and elastic when his pulla bung came undone and he was the one to beat not many people seemed to be catching anything in numbers but every one was at least catching some fish, Tony and Mick even had flying skimmers land on the island
It was time to try my 7m line out went my rig with a cube of 4mm krill coated meat and three skimmers in three drops put another 2lb in my net and if it stayed like this I could be on for a shed full of fish but it didn’t last and I was back struggling for bites.
The last hour soon came round and I decided to sit it out for carp on banded pellet, kept flicking the odd 4mm pellet out and pushed my rig as close to the island as I dared a 5lb ghostie was soon hooked and landed, but then I started suffering hook pulls with the black hydro and the red hollo was to soft and started lossing fish at the net, I even managed to hook the island a few times and trashed my rig  but this was in fact a good think because on my new rig was a bigger hook and I didn’t lose another fish and ended up with 5 carp in 40 mins before the all out at 3, it was hard going though having to search every inch of the far bank to find them, I’m fairly new to hard pellet fishing and for my 2nd try in match conditions did ok but if I had been more confident I would have been on it earlier one more carp would have got me 2nd 
1st D Benson 48lb margin worm
2nd A Hardman 24lb margin caster
3rd Me 21lb island hard pellet
A – A Belshaw SNR 14lb
B – T Barton 14lb
C – Aidy 24lb
D – R Meadows 14lb

Ste won division 3
Aidy won division 2
Tony won division 1
Was a very even match apart from the winner who was on a flier

Branny you were right for a change  carp won the match and silvers didnt figure much, I should have fished hard pellet sooner but still managed 3rd overall but didnt end up with any money, need to sort the pay structure better for next season, Cattries up next another venue I haven’t fished but before then I’m off to watch fish’o with Branny and Tony Scopex, should be fun.



Didn’t really know what to expect from todays match with all the unsettled weather, never been able to sort this place out and today was going to be the same as you will read 
Picked up my mate at 730 for our drive to the fishery, it looked like it was going to be a warm day and hopefully the rain would hold off for a change  got there at 8 and for a change we were the first ones there, had a walk down to sort the pegs out and noticed a few carp guys fishing the far bank not ideal for the match and with 23 pegs booked I would have thought we would have all the lake, but that’s up to the owner I suppose 
Draw was at 9 but at 10 to 9 we were still waiting for 4 people and after making a few phone calls found out they weren’t coming, wasn’t what I wanted to hear especially after ringing the owner on Friday requesting extra pegs 
Did the draw and got an early peg, so no long walk for me but on the downside it wasnt a great peg  but with me paying sections I was only fishing against 5 people but their was a couple from division 1  who are good anglers, so was up against it to pick any money up.
After my usual lap around the pond picking up our peg numbers, making sure everyone was ok and then finding the owner to pay, I ended up quite warm and need to buy some more waterproofs and stop wearing my celcius suit in summer 
With all the trees behind me fishing the long pole was out of the question and 8m was as far as I could safetly ship back without risking damage to my pole. So this was to be my line of attack one swim at 10 o,clock and one at 2 o,clock,
my 8m line was top four deep so decided to set up a rig for the deck and another at 4ft which was mid depth, my 4m line was 4ft deep and this was hopefully to be my carp line.
At the all in at ten  I feed two balls of f1 sweet groundbait laced with hemp and casters on both 8m swims, started with double caster on the hook and began lifting and dropping to try and entice a bite but it was very slow the first hour was a proper struggle and I could only manage a few roach 
But with me altering my shooting patterns and depths I finally managed to get a run off skimmers together kept on kinder potting the sweet groundbait in and did notice that when I stopped feeding and hooking casters my catch rate doubled and for the next few hours me and my neighbour were fish for fish  was looking good for my section at one point but in the fourth hour they became very finicky an I lost the feeding fish a few times and even tried mid depth but it wasn’t really working for me, not sure what I did wrong but my peg was dieing fast 
The guy on the next peg was still picking up the odd fish on paste at 13m and was looking good for the lake win, there was rumour of a few carp being caught further down but couldn’t see from were I was sat, heard Martin had landed a double figure carp and his pellet wag lessons with Andy May were paying off I just hope he doesn’t go back to his old ways like last time 
In the last hour no matter what I tried I couldn’t catch, I did fluke a carp which took a jpz on the drop but I lost that at the net and knew that was my chance of winning the section gone 
I tried up in the water again fishing at 11m after managing to thread my pole through the trees but they still werent taking the casters properly and ended up with only a few small skimmers 
The all out sounded at three  and I was far from impressed with my performance and didnt know were it had all gone wrong, a bad first and last hour cost me dearly.
1st Shaun 28lb skimmers on paste
Section 1 M.Golden 20lb f1s up in the water on pellet
section 2 Martin 26lb carp banded pellet up in water pole and pellet wag
section 3 Stu 24lb skimmers and carp paste
section 4 Tony 21lb small silvers on caster up in the water
I had 25 fish for 18lb and missed out by 2lb for my section, if I had stuck it out for skimmers in the last hour I would have managed it  but from were I was sat it was hard to keep in touch with everyone in my section.
All the carp weights were down the wider bay area were the wind was blowing into, a lot of things to put right before my next match on widdows and we got another club match on beacon view in sept, better get my arse  in gear before then but 2nd in my section and 2nd in my division isn’t that bad I suppose  still looking good for promotion to the top division though.