Presentation evening



Well it has soon come round to that time of the year when we all meet up in the Ellesemere pub in Hindley for Balmoral AC presentation evening , we had a reasonable turn out but i was still a bit disappointed that six anglers didn’t show up or even respond to the text i had sent and three of those were in line to pick up a trophy . At 6pm we started the meeting with most of the club here , first of all we did the medals for the match winners ;

Beacon view Joey Scott 49lb 8oz

Catteries 2 Paul Nelson 41lb 14oz

German lane Gary Matthews 31lb 11oz

Lathom 1 Mick Anderson 43lb 9oz

Widdows Bob Haggerty 35lb 9oz

Cunneries  A guest 65lb 1oz

Hall lane Mac Goldern 57lb 12oz

Orrcherton Allen Holmes 73lb 6oz

Blundells Dave Benson 28lb 11oz

Rosemary wood Shaun Ganderton 45lb 12oz

Wrightington Paul Nelson 76lb 14oz

Special mention must go to Paul Nelson who was the only angler to win two matches this year , next up was the trophy for the highest match weight and this went down to the last match at Wrightington fishery , yet again Paul Nelson walked away with the trophy catching over 76lb .

Next was the big one the overall club winner and this also went to the wire , with three people in contention at Wrightington fishery and fortunately for me my second in the section kept me at the top of the league .

1st Gary Matthews 26

2nd Joey scott 23

3rd Dave Benson 19

4th Bob Haggerty 18

5th Mick Anderson 17

j 6th Shaun Ganderton 14

j 6th Martyn Bramwell 14

j 6th Allen Holmes 14

j 9th Tony Barton 12

j 9th Aidy Hardman 12

Well that was that another presentation over for another year and all that’s left is a few meetings to collect the peg fees for next season ; the list below is next seasons matches and peg fees ;

20th April Partridge Spey 8 per peg

4th May Blundells Pine 6 per peg

18th May Hall lane Gwens 6 per peg

1st June Sycamore Rowans 6 per peg

15th June Widdows full lake 7 per peg

29th June half season meeting

13th July Hall lane Merlins 6 per peg

27th July Blundells Ash 6 per peg

3rd August Orrcherton full lake 6 per peg

10th August Partridge Ribbon 8 per peg

24th August Lathom pond 1 , 7 per peg

Trophys 4 each

Total 70

We have had a few people drop out for next year so as a consequence we will have three new members for the new season , which we will hope fully meet at the next club meeting at the end of January and i will keep you informed of the exact date nearer the time .

See you all next year Cheers Gary.

Wrightington fishery

Rivi view peg 3 .  1st September

Well here it was the final club match of the season and could i get the points required to win the club league Of course i can ,although i made very hard work of achieving it as you will find out later .

I woke up to find it over cast ,cold and windy which would hopefully get the carp feeding on the deck and stop the floating pole being dominate on the island pegs. I was the first to arrive at the venue and had a chat with Paul the owner who said it had been fishing well but the recent cold weather might mean lower weights and as you will find out he was right .

I went round to do the pegging and as we were expecting 18 today with a few anglers missing due to illness and working shifts , i decided on three sections of six with the best pegs on the lake being near the island on the high numbers so i put six pegs along their to try and stop them running away with the match . The other six peg section was in the open water as you get on to the lake three on each side of the lake and this left lots of space towards the bottom of the lake for the final section because it wasn’t great down that end although the wind was blowing that way . To my mind this was the best and fairest way to peg it but it still didn’t stop people moaning after drawing bad today .

Everyone was early  and in an up beat mood with it being the last match of the season , so we did the draw and one by one all the best pegs was going and finally it came to me and the last ball in the bag was peg three or perminate peg five . Not a bad place to be with lots of open water to go at , on the down side i did have a couple of good anglers to contend with but my main challenger wasn’t one of them thankfully .

After Thursdays venture on here i had hopefully sorted a few things out and was keen to get started ;

13m this was to be my main line of attack using meat on the hook and feeding hemp , corn to hopefully keep the fish routing about on the bottom , it was further out than i had fished in practice because i thought the bank side disturbance might have made the fish back off . on plumbing up i found it to be 6ft deep and with it being windy i used a 0.6 scone float for more stability a few inch over depth , i used 0.15 garbo line and a 0.14 hook length to a size 16 hook because i was expecting to catch mainly carp , barbel and the odd skimmer

4m this was to be my paste line for the final two hours of the match , i used a scone paste float and as it was 4ft deep it was a 0.4 gram one , line was to be 0.15 garbo straight through to a size 12 hook because their are some big carp in here my elastic was 13 hollo .

pellet waggler , 11ft drennon red pellet rod with 6lb maver genisis main line , a 4 gram middy pellet waggler and 0.14 hook length with a size 16 hook with a micro band attached .

pellet feeder , 9ft maver reactor lite feeder rod with 6lb maver genisis main line , a preston pellet feeder because im not confident in using method feeders yet , a 0.14 hook length with a size 16 qm1 hook with a micro band attached .


meat 1 pint 4mm cubed , coated in krill powder

paste half pint , tiger fish one to one paste

pellets pint 4mm hard tiger fish pellets and pint of soaked micros

hemp and corn one pint

As the all in sounded at ten i put in two medium pots of meat , hemp and corn at 11m and went over the top with a piece of 4mm meat on the hook , i kept lifting and dropping to try to entice a bite . I began getting indications but couldn’t hit any and it wasn’t the proper bites like i had on Thursday , i changed my shotting pattern to allow for a slower fall of the meat and this worked to some extent but only small skimmers where coming my way .The lads on the other pegs either side of me were struggling too , but the others on the far bank seemed to be doing well especially the guy fishing the mong rig shallow and they also had the benefit of the ripple on the water .

With nothing really happening on my pole line and with the wind blowing off my back i decided on a few chucks with the pellet waggler towards the aerator thirty meters away and i am not the best at fishing this but i felt that i would need to get on the edge of the wind to get a bite shallow , i began feeding 6mm pellets twice every minute and re casting every two minutes , after a while i began getting the odd bite that i kept missing presumably from roach and i had to get it right at the side of the aerator to get any sort of indication and of course it wasn’t long before i got snagged up on it losing the lot so that went up the bank .

Another try on the pole produced nothing and i had really wanted to leave my margin paste line for the last hour , so i gave the pellet feeder a whirl i was still casting towards the aerator every five minutes and i began getting lots of liners so i knew that fish was in the area , after twenty minutes i had a 1lb skimmer in the net quickly followed by a 3lb carp but as soon as they turned up they had gone and i was left wondering why ! ! ! All the time the lad facing me was bagging up on carp and i was now fishing for second in the section , we was fast approaching the fourth hour and i had no option but to go on my margin line sooner than i planned .

I had been cupping in 4mm pellets every thirty minutes like i had done in practice and first drop i began getting indications , it wasn’t long before it buried and after a hard scrap an 8lb carp was in the net before a few more smaller fish followed Nice start . I then had a spell of foul hooked fish in the tail which i managed to get in and it was probably down to their being a lot of fish in the swim so i cut out the pellets and only feed the hook paste .

This i think worked because my next two fish were carp approaching double figures and in the fourth hour i had put 30lb in the net proper bagging , un fortunately a carp ploughed straight through my paste swim which resulted in my swim dying on me and when they did come back the bites where now little dinks and not the proper gazunders like before , maybe the skimmers had moved although i never caught any ?

Before the all out i had another lump and a smaller carp and i found the best way to catch them was to drop the paste in on the slope and then drag it up the near side shelf slightly and as the whistle went i was unsure if i had done enough .

To be honest as i was packing up it felt like any other match and not one that would decided the league winner , word reached me that my main challenger had struggled in his section and if that was the case i would win any way because he had to do better than me . We weighed my half of the section first which i won with 41lb before leaving the other half on the other bank to try and add a bit of extra tension , but when we got to my main challenger he had to beat 24lb which my apprentice had to get in the points but he only put 15lb on the scales so that was it the leadership was mine .

Section A 77lb , peg 18

Section B 32lb , peg 5

Section C 28lb , peg 12

A hard thought match with some nice weights and a run away winner , my match was very patchy and this week my main line of attack didn’t work out but my back up plan did which was a  relief , only wish i could get them both to work then i would definatley be winning more matches which i think my fishing deserves. By the way i finished second in my section and second in the match overall , but their was no way i could catch the winner after giving him such a head start .

Not sure if i deserve to win overall because at the start of the league i fished well but it tailed off in the middle before picking up towards the end and i finally scraped over the line . Unlike the winter league last year when i think i fished really well all the time , but of course it doesn’t always go like that and it hasn’t really sunk in yet and probably wont till i pick up the trophy because it is my biggest fishing achievement so far in my match fishing . Got a month to kill before it all starts again with my autumn – winter league in October and going to have a week off match fishing before i go back on to the partridge lakes open matches .



Rosemary wood , island pool

25th August , peg 5

A new venue for our club today and the furthest we have had to travel this year , so hopefully we will catch well other wise i might be getting some ear ache as per usual . After returning from pegging out and finding all fifteen anglers was here early so three sections of five today , i had been expecting to get a phone call from someone saying they had got lost !!!! So with all present we did the draw a bit early and i ended up with the last peg in the bag which was number five , not a bad area to be in all accounts with an island to chuck too and plenty bank side vegetation to target latter in the match .

The target species are carp around the 3lb mark although they do go to double figures in here , skimmers and some clonking big ide and with this in mind i decided on a worm and caster attack close in at six meters and hard pellet shallow and on the deck at 14 meters like i had seen on the latest winning pegs seven dvd .

My rigs where ;

6m , when i plumbed up it was noticeable that the water was a bit lower than usual and when i found the crease of the near shelf it was about three foot deep and i set up this swim to my right out of any disturbance from my other swims . I used a 0.4 scone float with a thick bristle because i was using worm sections and as i was expecting to catch carp every thing was a bit heavier than usual , with 0.14 garbo line straight through to a size 14 hook and preston 13 hollo elastic .

14m deck , it was 4ft deep here and because i was using pellets i went for a 0.4 float with a thin bristle to show up any little dinks , i set this up a few inch over depth because it was a bit windy today . i used 0.14 garbo line to a size 0.12 garbo hook length and a size 18 hook with a micro band attached with 13 preston hollo elastic.

14m shallow , i set this at 2ft which was half depth and could go shallower if required , i used 0.14 garbo line straight through to a size 16 hook with a bait band and 13 preston hollo elastic because i only expected to catch carp on this today

My bait was ;

One pint of casters

One kilo of worms

One pint of 4mm hard tiger fish pellets

Small tub of 6mm hard tiger fish pellets for the hook

As the all in sounded i proceeded to put in two medium cupping kits of pellets at 14 meters and i intended to re feed this line every thirty minutes un till i go on it later in the match . I also feed my six meter line with a medium cupping kit of worm , caster and micro , then went over the top with a section of worm . Nothing really happened for the first twenty minutes apart from the odd small perch , so i began re feeding with a kinder pot every five minutes or after every fish which ever came first . This brought an instant response with some nice ide coming to the net mixed with the odd skimmer or roach , after forty minutes of catching well and still no carp so after bumping a nice ide at the net i decided to change my 13h to a lighter orange matrix because i didn’t want to suffer any more hook pulls from the ide .

After ninety minutes my six meter swim began to slow down , where as the guy to my right began getting the odd carp further out . So i proceeded to put another two medium pots of worm , caster and micros in and went out to try my 14 meter swim with a banded pellet on the hook . After having feed it every thirty minutes and with some bubbles coming up i expected an instant response , i did have some indications but nothing positive so i began loose feeding four mm pellets over the top with a view to drawing a few carp into my area and maybe try shallow if i saw any swirls . No more bites where forth coming so i tried shallow , but after trying all the usual tricks in a thirty minute spell i didn’t have any bites .

I went back on to my six meter line hopping that the big ide would have moved back onto it or maybe a few carp , but after making the mistake of not keeping feeding it for an hour while i was fishing long and now not even the perch was present in the swim . We was fast approaching the third hour and still i hadn’t had a carp in my net , so i decided to have a look on my pellet feeder to the island rushes and after constant re casting every five minutes i began getting a few liners before i picked up a one pound skimmer not exactly what i was looking for but a fish none the less , but un fortunately after that fish no more indications came my way in a further forty minutes .

The lad to my right was still picking up the odd carp but was now having to cast forty yards with both pellet waggler or method feeder in between the two islands to get bites , so it looked like they had followed the wind down to the far side of the lake . We was now fast approaching the last ninety minutes and i needed to put a run off fish together so i had no option but to try and re build up my six meter line for hopefully a good final hour . Slowly but surely i began getting bites first from perch and then the odd big ide returned , by altering the shotting pattern for a slower fall of the bait and lowering it down among the kinder pot of feed i managed to keep the fish coming.

It went quiet on me at one point and i thought i had maybe over done it with the amount of bait going in , but i found the reason why when i first hooked and landed a really nice looking and very hard fighting three pound ghost carp , quickly followed by a bigger mirror carp and i then pulled out of another which took the worm on the drop so may have been foul hooked but it didn’t fight like one . Un fortunately no more carp came my way but i did land a flying skimmer and a few more big ide before the all out .

Upon starting the weigh in on peg one i had totally forgot about the lad on the end peg who was also in my section and i couldn’t see what he had caught because of the tree , i was surprised when he put 32lb of carp on the scales caught on the method feeder because i heard that he wasn’t doing that well .I had become engrossed with a next peg battle against the guy to my right for the section but i could never get level with him and when he caught a carp on the whistle that was that , i weighed 31lb of mainly ide and the next peg weighed 35lb so no points for me again this week although it was another close run thing and losing the odd fish cost me again this week .

Section A , peg 4 35lb

Section B , peg 6 46lb

Section C ,  peg 12 39lb

My match went like this today ;

1st hour 5lb

2nd hour 10lb

3rd hour 1lb

4th hour 5lb

5th hour 10lb

A good start and finish but my middle part of the match when i fished pellet didn’t work , not sure why banded pellet isn’t working for me on the deck this season and in hind sight i should have fished paste in that part of the match because it worked well on their last year .

My main challenger for the title who i beat in last seasons winter league and no doubt wants to get me back , picked up two points today so my lead is now cut to the solitary point , but on the plus side the lowest i can finish is second which is good but i will still be trying my best for the win because chances like this don’t come around to often .

All in all it turned out to be one of our better matches this season but they are fully booked up already for next year , so i will have to see if they would like to fish it again in two years time , that’s if im still in charge by then because you never know i might decide to go some were new ,who knows whats around the corner .

What did i learn today

My strongest swim was worm and caster at six meter , heavy feeding was in order today .

For some reason hard pellet at 14m both on the deck and shallow didn’t work .

Pellet feeder to the island didn’t work either but the reeds around it wasn’t knocking a sure sign of no carp being present .

Should have tried caster shallow on my six meter line for the ide because i had a couple take the worm as it was falling .

Never leave feeding fish because its hard to get them back .

The lad who won Section A , had to keep chopping and changing to pick up the odd carp , fishing pellet waggler and method feeder in between the islands at distance and the silver fish he caught with maggot on the pole made the difference between me and him in the end .

Paste seemed to be the best bait today and the lad who won Section B ,  feed heavy in the last hour using a pint of micros at 13 meter and was on a carp a chuck in that time .

The lad who won Section C , had a carp on every five minutes but lost over twenty pound of carp under the lily pads and was un lucky not to have won today .

So off to Wrightington Rivi view on Sunday for the last club match of the year not my favorite venue and its all down to the last match which makes it intresting for those at the top . Keep reading to see if i can get the points needed to win the club .


Blundells ash pool

18th August , peg 52

Its getting down to the last couple of club matches and i really need to get back picking up some section points , after really struggling and being a bit un lucky for the last few matches . Today we was off to Blundells ash pool in Warrington and after not fishing it since last seasons club match where i managed third with thirty pound of ide caught in the last two hours ,i was looking to find some information about the venue but after speaking to a few people i was surprised to here that ash pool had suffered a recent fish kill losing lots of big carp due to in sufficient oxygen levels , this was also confirmed when i went for my bait at my local tackle shop and with this information i decided to target the ide .

When we got to the fishery their was matches on every lake , i went to sort out the pegging and on getting back to the car park nearly every one was present , we had a few no shows today which meant their was only seventeen fishing on the nineteen peg water , i wanted to leave the end pegs out but was talked into leaving them all in and when it came to my turn i pulled out number 52 an ideal area to target the ide with it being in the center of the stretch and i even had an empty peg to my left .

On getting to my peg i had a couple of areas that i intended to target ;

Margin , 0.16 garbo line direct to a size 14 hook , with black hydro elastic .

8m deck , 0.6 scone float with olivete and two droppers , 0.14 garbo line with a 0.12 hook length and size 18 hook , with matrix size 10 elastic .

8m shallow ,0.3 preston chianti float with spread shotting pattern , 0.14 garbo line to a size 18 hook , with a matrix size 10 elastic .

14m shallow ,0.2 matrix float with mid bulk shotting pattern , 0.14 garbo line to a size 18 hook with a micro bait band , preston 13 hollo elastic .

My bait was ;

two pints casters

one pint soaked micro with a touch of swim stim

6mm hard tiger fish pellets

one pint 4mm meat

After plumbing up i was surprised to find it to be only six foot at eight meter and im sure it was deeper last year , i did have a plumb around to try and find the sunken bar but even after going out to sixteen meter i couldn’t find it , so i concentrated at fishing eight meter . My other rig for this line was an on the drop rig set up for catching ide at four feet and it had a very short three inch lash which would enable me to go even shallower if i needed to follow the ide about the depths .I  had a patch of lilies to my left and this is where i planned to fish the margin with meat it was only three foot deep here .

At ten am the all in sounded i fed a big pot of casters and went over the top with my deck rig at eight meter , i began loose feeding casters with the catty every thirty seconds trying to draw the ide into my peg , it would have been easier to feed by hand but the wind was blowing in my face so i couldn’t get the accuracy required  . I was waiting for some sort of indication on the float showing that the ide had arrived , but the first hour went without a touch . The guy to my left had a big carp within the first ten minutes of the match fishing shallow on the pole at 21m !!!! but that was his only fish and bite  and it soon became apparent it was going to be a very hard match .

I wasn’t too worried that i hadn’t caught in the first hour because it can take a while for the ide to turn up , in the second hour i picked up my shallow rig to search the upper layers but still no bites and i decided to try a cube of meat which would fall slower in the water . Twenty minutes of using this and i was on the verge of going back on the deck when my float did a little dip and a slight lift saw my orange matrix elastic shoot out across the water , this was no ide and i was attached briefly to a big carp before the hook pulled out when i got it to the top kit not good .

The lad two pegs to my left was catching the odd carp on the method feeder casting really tight to the island and as we were now in the third fish less hour , i decided to follow suit but with my pellet feeder which im more confident in using. It took a couple of chucks to set the line clip and my first proper cast clipped the reeds perfect , i began getting liners from the start and ten minutes later my tip pulled round and after a spirited fight i had finally got some thing to put in the net a near 7lb carp , which was what turned out  to be my only fish of the match .

While i was fishing the tip i had been feeding both my margin with meat and my eight meter line with casters , the far bank completely died on every one and no body could buy a bite . So i had a quick look on my margin swim but ten minutes with out a bite was all i needed before i changed to try my eight meter line again , both on the deck and up in the water . This produced nothing either so i spent the last thirty minutes back on the feeder with only a couple of liners to show for it .

When the all out sounded i was relieved to call time on an awfully hard match , it was surprising to find that no ide had come out today for anyone and only four silvers from seventeen people fishing .I  don’t know whats going on with the water but it sure isn’t fishing right at the moment .

Section A 16LB 5OZ , peg 42 made up of three carp

SECTION B 28LB 11OZ . peg 50 made up of five carp

SECTION C 19LB 11OZ , peg 57 made up of four carp

In my section apart from the over all match winner we had four people with one carp each and luckily for me mine weighed the heaviest by only 4 oz , so i finally put some points on the board to stay a head of the pack by three points and with only two matches remaining it looks like going down to the wire .

What did i learn ;

Should have started on the tip when the fish where crashing along the far bank in the first two hours .

A few people caught carp by filling it in with dead maggots on the four meter line in the last hour .

Overall i set my stall out for the ide and for some reason they didn’t show today .

The carp that did come out where big all over 5lb .

Carp were cruising near the end and i should have tried dapping for them , but not confident in doing that yet .

Off to Rosemary wood next Sunday on Island pool , hope that fishes better than here .



Orrcherton house fishery

peg 12 . August 4th

Well here we go again and another club match was upon me , but this was probably the last one i wanted to fish out of the eleven matches because i never seem to get to grips with these big open water venues and last year on here i only managed 12lb . As per usual i couldn’t find much information on Orrcherton house so i went down on the Wednesday to watch the weigh in of the open match and their seemed to be some good catches spread all over the lake ,  the point pegs dominated with the pellet waggler but lots were doing well using the straight lead and fishing the margins especially the pegs with the wind blowing into it . I had a plan in mind and needed the all important good peg .

Arrived at the venue at 815 after getting held up by the Wigan Iron man competition and with the help of a club member who attends the open matches on here did the pegging so hopefully no moaning this week fingers crossed , began the draw at nine but with one angler still making his way here i decided to let him have the last peg in the bag . When it came to my turn for the pick flyer peg one on the point was still their but this week for once my drawing arm let me down and i ended up with peg 12 , but to be fair i did end up in the easiest section with the wind blowing into my face .

My plan for the day was quite simple with three lines to target ;

6m line , where it was 5ft deep my line was 0.16 garbo line attached to a 0.14 hook length  , float was a 0.4 scone float with a bulk and dropper shotting pattern , hook was a size 16 . elastic is preston 13 hollo set soft  and i intended to fish this for the first hour .

25m line ,3/4 oz straight lead with a 6lb hook length attached to a size 14 hook and bait band . going to use this with a pva bag full of 6mm hard pellets this was ment to be my main line of attack for the most of the match .

top kit , where it was 2ft deep my line was 0.16 garbo line direct to a size 16 hook the float was 0.4 middy with a bulk set mid depth and the elastic was preston 13 hollo set pingy . I planned to fish this in the last hour for some big lumps .

My bait was a bit more confusing ;

Worm half kilo

casters one pint

thirty pva bags of 6mm hard pellets

two pints 6mm hard pellets

tub pop up boilies

tub semi bouant band ums

8mm hard pellets various flavors

As the all in sounded i went to my 6m line with a big cupping kit full of worm , caster and 6mm pellets because apparently this is a venue which responds well to plenty of bait going in , i also decided that because of the depth kinder potting was out of the question as it would only bring the fish off the deck . I went over the top with half a worm and it wasn’t long before i began getting indications , in the first hour it went well with the odd big bream and barbel coming to the net and every time i began getting middered by small silvers i re feed another big pot . All the time i had been feeding 6mm pellets on my straight lead line , the wind had got a bit stronger which meant trying to reach that distance with my normal catty was out of the question but luckily i had my really strong catty in my bag .

I was confident that my straight lead line would work really well especially with the added twist of the pva bag and semi buoyant band um pellet , i began getting liners but my only positive indication came after twenty minutes un fortunately this came off on the way in because some how my hook had got trapped under the bait band . No matter what i put on the hook or where about i cast it around my peg no more bites was forth coming in the next hour .

I had been topping up my 6m line every half hour with a big pot of worm, caster and pellets while i was on the tip and went back on this line while i pondered on why my straight lead hadn’t worked , it wasn’t as prolific as my first hour but i did catch a 4lb bream which made a dolphin like bid for freedom and some small f1s . Another try on the straight lead didn’t produce anything and my match was starting to drift away from me , with only ninety minutes left my only other option was the margin so i began feeding on my top kit to my right hand side tight to the rushes with 6mm pellets , went over the top with a tiger fish soft pellet and began catching silvers and small f1s  first .

Changed hook bait for a full worm ,it went quiet and i was a bit unsure why but i soon found out when i hooked and landed a carp around 4lb not a bad start and another one soon followed before the small fish returned , putting in another big pot produced a couple of big skimmers before i hooked something big which bottomed out my elastic and i couldn’t attach my other pole sections before the hook pulled . I knew that it would cost me the section especially when the lad to my left landed a carp of around 8lb near the end and i pulled out of another 4lb bream on the whistle which lay on the surface tantalizingly out of reach of the landing net.

It looked like the weathermen had got it right for a change because when i started the weigh in the heavens opened ;

Section A , was won from peg one with 76lb including a 15lb carp on the all out .

Section B , was won from peg nine with 37lb consisting off nearly 300 silvers ,34lb got second and  i had 31lb for third in the section and as i thought lost fish cost me any chance of picking up any points today .

Section C , was won from peg 26 with 61lb and it was a close run thing with 57lb coming off the next peg .

Overall it turned out to be a good match with some nice weights coming out and another different winner that’s 8 out of 8 so far this season , he has also caught the biggest  weight , my match was another if only with lost fish costing me the section but you cant fish the perfect match all the time and im still puzzled at why my banker straight lead didn’t work today a good start and finish but bad middle of the match . My next club match is at Blundells ash pool some where i tend to do very well on with the plentifully head of big ide and carp .

Still top of the league by five points but their snapping at my heels because i haven’t picked up any points from the last two matches , hope i can turn it around before the next club match .

Hall lane fishery

peg 22 Bessies canal , July 28th

Well another club match has soon come round and fishing it in the week and doing really well , i was understandably looking forward to a days f1 bashing but as per usual for me in recently things didn’t go to plan . Arrived at the venue at 815 and was quite surprised at how many cars were knocking about , their was in fact five matches taking place on the three canals today and we would just have to wait to see if it would affect our catches today .

The weather was forecast to be blustery showers but after the heavy over night rain , we was now greeted to blue skies although the wind was gusty blowing towards the car park and i hoped it would stay dry to the end of the match . For a pleasant change the draw went well with out the usual disagreements and after being left with next to end peg 22 , i wasn’t looking forward to the long walk to the bottom of the canal . As i was walking down it gave me a chance to tell every one where their sections started and also think about how i would best target my peg .

I decided on three lines that had worked well for me in practice and these where ;

4m bottom near slope with paste , which i intended to fish for the first hour and get a good run of fish together . my rig was 4ft deep so i used a 0.4 paste float with 0.14 garbo line attached to a size 14 turbertini 808 hook and my elastic was the matrix orange size 10 .

11m bottom far slope with soft pellet , this was my second area to try when my paste line started dying on me or the fizzing got to bad , my rig here was a 0.3 scone float with a spread bulk , 0.14 garbo main line and 0.12 hook length with a size 18 gamma pellet hook the elastic was matrix orange size 10 .

14m far bank with banded pellet , this was were i hoped i could top my net up with the odd fish before going back on to my 4m line for the last hour . This was set 1ft deep with a 0.2 matrix float with 0.12 garbo line straight through to a size 18 f1 hook and a micro bait band , the elastic was matrix orange size 10 .

Bait for the day was ;

green swim stim paste

4mm hard tiger fish pellets

6mm soft jelly pellets tiger fish flavor

red and green 6mm jpzs

As the all in sounded i went on to my most prolific line first which was paste at 4m and as i had expected every one within eye shot went tight across so i had this line all to my self , things started reasonable well with an early fish and lots of indications although i was struggling to get my float set correct . After my good start the bites stopped i was unsure why because in practice once they arrived they were there in numbers , i began flicking in a couple of 6mm pellets but this didn’t work either and after forty minutes of struggling with my float i decided to re plumb up , to my amazement i was fishing 1ft of the deck but my paste hadn’t been taking the float under Strange 

I had noticed that the wind had got up so maybe the float drifting was pulling the paste off the hook but anyway my first hour had been a total waste of time , plus the anglers either side of me had now got a substantial lead on me by fishing worm and caster at 13m . Although they had more silvers than carp so if i could put a run of proper fish together i would still be in with a chance of catching up .

Hopefully my second line soft pellet at 13m would be a more productive area , i potted in a full medium cup of hard 4mm pellet and went over the top with a 6mm soft pellet on the hook . As i thought it took a while to start getting indications but i began getting the odd fish but it was very slow going and the bites were just slight touches on the float , i was disappointed with my self for not bringing worms and no doubt if i hadn’t practiced i would have because my results this year using them have greatly improved and it became obvious that’s what the fish wanted today .

Three hours in and time for line three which was far bank shallow , i was well of the pace required but i just wanted to put some fish in the net and try to work my way up the section. First drop and fish in the net a good start but you would get two quick bites then nothing for ages , i noticed that their was fish swirling near the far bank , so i changed the depth to 6 inch this produced a run of fish as did fishing full depth with no shot down the line allowing for a slow fall of the banded pellet . The wind was getting stronger so i decided that because i was that far behind i might as well fish comfortably .

So back i went on my 4m line for the last ninety minutes but this time with soft pellet because i knew that carp would be present along this area , began kinder potting hard 4mm pellets with a jelly pellet on the hook this picked up a few fish of a nice stamp but the bites was a bit iffy with just little touches i decided on the spur of the moment to try some red jpzs and this turned out to be a master stroke by me with 15 carp coming my way , i was catching up but unfortunately too little to late and to make matters worse when the all out sounded the heavens opened .

As i began the weigh in , in the rain my section had fished really well with the winner 58lb  from the end peg  and also the second and third best weights of the match both around the 50lb mark . My weight went the mighty total of 27lb for second last in the section with 17lb coming in the last ninety minutes and if only i could have got the paste working , i am still at a loss of why this happened and can only put it down to the under tow on the canal . But at least my main challengers for the club leadership hadn’t picked up any points either and we had yet another new winner of the match that’s seven different people in seven matches can it keep up to the end with only three matches remaining .

On the plus side the weights was respectable and my usual travelling companion had picked up his first section win in his first year of being in the club , well done mate must be teaching you to well .Back on the club scene next Sunday at Orrcherton house not my favorite venue and i can see the tip rod and pellet waggler playing an important part of my plan , just hope my luck changes .

Cunneries fishery

Left hand side of s canal , peg 15 on July 14th

Well another day and another match , after yesterdays disappointing out come of the charity match at Wrightington i hopped that in today’s club match that i could finally put some fish in the net and build up a bit of confidence before the Maver match this qualifier at Partridge lakes , i was glad that the weather had finally relented and gone a bit cooler with some cloud cover so the fishing will hopefully be a lot better today .

On arriving at the venue quite a few anglers from Balmoral fishing club were tucking into their fried breakfast from the cafe , while i had a twix and went to sort out the pegging the life of match organizer isn’t great !!!! With 24 pegs available to us on the left hand side of the s canal and as we only had 19 fishing i had a big decision to make regarding the corners , should i leave them in and turn it into a draw bag match but have bigger weights or have a more fairer match that could be won from anywhere ? I decided on the later knowing full well that i would be getting some ear ache during the match , i also choose to have four sections today rather than the usually three so i wouldnt have to split a section over both sides of the canal .

As everyone was here we decided to have an early draw and for a change i was allowed to draw first , out i pulled next to corner peg 15 which also had the wind blowing in to it and yet another flyer so that’s twice in two days and i just hope i don’t mess this one up like i did yesterday . On settling in at my peg and being a tad under prepared i decided on just a few rigs all revolving around fishing shallow and these where ;


0.2 Matrix float set 2ft deep , 0.12 main line to a size 18 hook with a micro band and 11 hollo elastic .

0.2 Matrix float set 1ft deep , 0.12 main line to a size 18 hook with a micro band and 11 hollo elastic .

0.2 Maver float set 2ft deep , 0.12 main line to a size 18 hook and 11 hollo elastic .

With me concentrating on fishing shallow today my bait would be consisting of ;

Sloppy crushed expander

2 pints of hard 4mm tiger fish pellets

1 pint of casters

small tub of hard 6mm tiger fish pellets for on the bait band

I had a few lines in mind to target one was my 4m left hand margin swim at the side of a bunch of reeds , 4m open water swim which was in the middle of the channel and would hopefully be my main swim , the other was a far bank line which i also  intended to fish shallow  against the rushes . When the all in sounded i started with my 2ft rig at 4m in the channel and began flicking out six pellets every thirty seconds to try and get the f1s competing up in the water , i also was loose feeding casters into my right hand margin for later in the match .

It took a good 15 minutes before i started getting indications and it wasn’t long after that i was into an f1 of around 10 oz , the first hour went swimmingly and by altering depths and feeding patterns i kept them coming putting at least 10lb in the net . In the second hour the bites started becoming a bit iffy so i started feeding the slop and i could see the fish tarting through the cloud , i picked up my really shallow rig thinking this would work really well and i did have a couple which hooked them selves against the pole tip but i was missing a hell of a lot of bites .

Every time i fed i had indications which i just couldn’t hit and these where obviously line bites  , i went back on to my 2ft deep rig again but set it 1ft deep and kept flicking the rig over and cut back on the amount of feed because i had way too many fish in my swim , this worked to some extent but lost fish mainly foul hooked was a major problem , i put another 10lb in the net though . I had been feeding my margin swim for two hours so i decided to rest my shallow swim but keep feeding it although not as heavy , i expected an immediate response and i wasn’t disappointed with three f1s in the first three drops but i then started getting bitted out and no matter how hard i fed i just couldn’t get through them .

Other anglers where catching tight across so i decided to follow suit and everything looked perfect for it to work but i just couldn’t get a bite no matter what i tried , so in the third hour i only put four pound in the net which in a fish race like this wouldnt do my chance of winning much good and i was now playing catch up . Their was only one thing for it and back shallow i went but although i had kept feeding it the fish had gone , maybe the pole going over the fishes head had scared them off and with ninety minutes left i made a big decision , i began feeding heavy with sloppy ground bait it was going to be shit or bust .

To my relive this worked a treat and my peg just got stronger and stronger with fish after fish coming to the net , i don’t know if it was the heavier feeding or the ripple on the water but it worked big time and i put twenty pound in the net and i even ran out of ground bait and had to resort to cupping in water as the fish were coming to the noise , i should have caught a lot more but losing fish earlier in the match resulted in me playing the f1s a bit more softly which just encouraged more hook pulls . Looking back i spent too long messing about searching for fish rather than getting my head down catching shallow and as it turned out i was 12lb from winning and that hour cost me big time .

Upon starting the weigh in it became apparent that it had fished really well and all the sections had been close which in my opinion had also made for a very fair match , their was still the odd person moaning about leaving the end pegs out though . Our clubs winning weight was 66lb with a few 50lb back up weights and the lowest was 20lb which was really good for us especially when it was nearly a full canal . The match on the other better right hand side was won with 140lb but they only had seven people fishing it , my 47 f1s went 44lb for third in the match but more importantly another section win for me , my forth in six matches and kept me five points clear at the top of the table and with just four matches remaining  things are looking good and i hope that i can keep my club form going to the end . On a side note six matches in and six different winners this is turning into a very good season for everyone , the overall weights are better too.

Off to Partridge lakes on Saturday for the Maver match this qualifier not sure what lakes their on yet and just hope their all on the coveys , don’t think i can manage two matches again this weekend in this weather but Sycamore fisheries at Golborne is looking good at the moment with some nice weights coming out , keep returning to see how i get on .

Cheers Gary