Cunneries hawk pool

10th September
Today i was back at the cunneries fishery as a guest with the Stockton heath lads and I don’t usually do club matches but as it was on Hawk pool I made an exception because it will be in both of the teams of three league’s I am doing on here , have only fished it once before so needed to try a few things out and like they say practice makes perfect .At the draw I had the last ball in the bag ending up with peg 18 which i was very happy with as it is in a good area to be in and I had a bit of room , so i fancied it for a few fish even though we have had a lot of rain in the past few days and was due a bit more during the day .
I decided to set up ;
2ft rig for margin + across and i used a 4×12 MD pellet float with a spread bulk along my 014 garbo main line starting above my four-inch 010 garbo hook length .
 4ft rig at top kit plus one with maggots and i used a 4×10 MD maggot float with a bulk plus dropper shotting pattern , with the usual 014 garbo main line and six-inch of 010 garbo hook length .
Bait for the day was ;
2 pints of red+white maggots
1 pint of bagem soaked micros
1 pint of bagem 4mm pellets
1 pint of bagem crushed expander ground-bait
On the all in I started at the bottom of the near slope feeding maggots through my hand and I had a great run of ide all though they was averaging six-ounce a piece , my constant loose feeding had brought them up off the deck and there was a few swirls on top , I was missing a few bites and i didn’t expect to be catching shallow today so I changed to kinder potting the maggots in which brought the fish back to the deck. In the first hour I caught about 18lb of ide plus a few barbel and It was all going really well i even picked up a couple of f1s+carp , but i was using today as a learning exercise plus I was running out of maggots so I decided to change it to pellets to try to get some more f1’s into the swim and i put in half a cupping kit full of micros+crushed expander.
While it settled I went across to the far bank and picked the spot where i had earlier plumbed up then taped in half a dozen micros before lowering my rig in over the top , i caught a couple of quick f1s before things got a bit difficult because for the next two hours i had a nightmare with liners and foul hookers, I tried setting up new swims all along the far bank and i would get a couple of early fish before it went tits up as i just couldn’t get them to settle no matter what depth I went into and I put next to nothing in the net so I went back on my near line while I had a review on what to do next .
I started by taping in some micros then lowered my rig in over the top and i soon started catching some carp+f1s but the bites were very finicky more like winter fishing when using pellets , I had to be really careful with the amount of feed i began putting in because the bottom would fizz up quite badly if I over did it and I decided to change it back to maggots because I was catching ide a lot quicker , i  set up a new swim for pellets I slightly deeper water towards my right at six meters but this time kicked it off with a nugget of crushed expander and some micros .
For the rest of the match I rotated between them both catching a few from my pellet swim and when it began fizzing up i went go onto my maggot swim which was by far the best line but i didn’t have enough bait to do it justice , at the all out I had 54lb which consisted of 22lb of ide+barbel the rest carp + f1’s which was just enough for the match win but more importantly I learned a great deal and maybe i had suffered a bit with having too much room because at times i had a lot of fish in my peg but at least i have more of an idea if i ever draw on the lake again .

Cunneries fishery

April 29th

Cunneries S canal

Today i was back at the cunneries fishery near eccleston for the third round of the teams of three league and after the previous weeks good match on the open plus some spring like weather at long last i was really looking forward to it ,as per usual i turned up at the venue pretty early because I’m struggling with my sleeping at the moment for some reason and it was the same last year as well which is a bit strange , but anyway after parking up i had a chat with a few of the lads while i awaited the rest of my adlington team and when they finally turned up we was all up beat looking for a good performance to keep us in the top half of the league table .

It soon came round to a dip in the bag of doom and as usual i was going to pull out the pegs unusually for me we had a less than average draw ;

Jordan was on peg 17 S canal

Matty was on 28 S canal

I was on 15 hawk pool which i had only fished once before catching plenty of fish and managing fifth on the lake but i had noticed that the area i had drawn really struggled there so i felt that i was up against it for improving on that performance , after settling in at my home for the next couple of hours i had an island about 12m away which had a mud bank with a few reeds over hanging the water although it was only six-inch deep tight to it and strangely for this lake i had a separate small island a couple of feet away from the main one , it looked really good as do most pegs on hawk and i decided to set up a couple of rigs to cover my options ;

Top four rig where i would loose feed casters by hand hoping that i would either get the ide shallow or i could have the barbel lined up on the deck and as it was only four-foot deep i used a 4×12 maggot float with a bulk + dropper shotting pattern , my main line was the usual 014 garbo which had a six-inch 012 garbo hook length attached .

Three foot pellet rig for fishing half way up the far slope and i used a 4×14 wire stemmed float which had an inch spread bulk starting above the short four inch 012 garbo hook length .

Worm rig at 1.5ft which i used for fishing near the small island and also along my right hand margin where i had some quiet water so i hoped a bigger stamp might settle later in the match , i used a wire stemmed joof float with an inch spread bulk above the four-inch 012 garbo hook length .

Bait for the day was going to be ;

three pints of my usual worm mix

two pints of casters

one pint of soaked micros

small tub 4mm expanders

tub of worms for the hook

When the all in sounded i shipped out to the side of the small island where i had earlier found a flat spot and then tapped in a nugget of worm mix before lowering my rig over the top of it , i didn’t have to wait too long before i began getting indications and i had ten f1s in the net during the first thirty minutes but i then started getting lots of ide in the peg although they didn’t weigh as much as the f1s , so i went onto my channel swim which i had been loose feeding a dozen casters every five minutes since the match started and i had ten ide in a fifteen minute spell before they backed off which is exactly what they did on my first match on here , i felt that as long as i was catching a couple of ide in the time it took the angler to my left to catch an f1 i decided to stay on it because it would allow me to rest my far bank swims .

I went back across on my original worm swim and picked a couple more f1s among the ide , i was keeping up with all the anglers within eye shot but they was catching all f1s which weighed more so i re plumbed up a new swim in front of the main island and started again this got me another run of f1s for about thirty minutes before things started slowing down , with half the match gone i had forty fish on my clicker but i still felt that i wasnt catching quickly enough and i made the decision to give my pellet rig a try in three foot directly in front of me , it took a couple of feeds before i began catching a few f1s and i had another good run for the next forty minutes but i then began getting liners so i re plumbed up closer to the island in 1.5ft then started again , the f1s where soon back onto the feed and i had a bite a chuck for twenty minutes when things began to slow i rested it by going onto my channel swim were i had a good run of ide plus the odd barbel , this is how i spent the remainder of my match rotating the two swims and when the all out sounded i had well over a 120 fish on my clicker although i had caught lots of ide today so i was an unsure on just what weight i had .

As my lake was going to be the last to weigh in i managed to get all my gear packed away and i then had a chat with a few other anglers on hawk  it seemed that a few lads on the more fancied pegs had struggled so i could have a chance of getting good points , when the scales finally arrived i followed them around the lake and when it came to me sixty pounds was winning then a couple of fifty pounds , my two nets went 44lb it put me a disappointing sixth on the lake and the two weights directly above me had 45lb then 47lb which i felt that if i had changed to pellets earlier i could have caught , but my reasoning behind starting with worms is the fact that you could catch different species rather than just f1s although if i was to fish it again i would stick to pellets and feed a track line with maggots for the ide so i could rotate my swims .

When i got back to the car park i met up with the other lads in the team and it seemed that we had all struggled from our poor draw as we ended up with 21 points it dropped us right down the table , we have our work cut out now to finish in the top four which was out target at the start of the competition but we have three rounds left to hopefully improve a bit .

I’m off to Hall lane tomorrow to contest the open so i can try to get to grips with bessies lake because i have not been on there in nearly two years and the summer league run by mosella starts in a few weeks .

Adlington angling center

Cunneries teams of three

April 8th

Today was the second round of the teams of three at Cunneries fishery near Eccleston and after last weekend where we managed to finish 5th on the day which wasnt a bad start as a new squad, we was all looking forward to another good showing and as we had all done the same as each other on the previous round we decided to keep the team the same , for a change the weather was forecast to be really nice with a dramatic rise in temperature , blue skies and hardly any breeze which would be good for a bit of sun bathing but not great for catching a big weight of f1s although everybody would be in the same boat so i just needed to alter my approach a bit .

After arriving at the complex there was cars everywhere as there was two club matches on hawk+kestrel and i meet up with the rest of the Adlington angling squad , everybody was in an upbeat mood looking forward to the contest ahead and it soon came round to draw time yet again i ended up towards the back of the queue although it didn’t stop me from pulling out a couple of half decent pegs ;

Hawk pool peg 19 Me

S canal legs 1+2 peg 26 Rob

S canal legs 3+4 peg 32 Matty

I had never been on Hawk pool before i knew that it would be a small fish race which isn’t something that i am comfortable doing but i had a job to do for the team , on arriving at my home for the next few hours i had an island at 12m it was mainly bare mud with a couple of reeds plus an overhanging tree which was only to be expected as it had only been open 18 months , it did look really promising and i was quite confident that was until i began plumbing up as both my near + far side margins were less than a foot deep and the deepest water i could find anywhere was a touch over three-foot down the track .

With all that in mind i decided to set up ;

Two foot worm rig it was half way up the far bank slope at about 11m and i used a 0.4 matrix series three float with an inch spread bulk above the four-inch 010 garbo hook length which had a size 16 guru maggot hook attached .

One foot worm rig which was used for fishing a foot away from both far+near margins and i used a 0.4 matrix series three float with an inch spread bulk above the four-inch 010 garbo hook length which had a size 16 guru maggot hook attached .

Top four maggot rig which i would loose feed by hand hoping to pick up some barbel on it and as it was quite still i used a light 4×10 maggie float with a small bulk plus a dropper shotting pattern , my main line was the usual 014 garbo and hook length was six-inch of 010 garbo that had a size twenty guru maggot hook attached .

Bait for the day and even though i had been told that it was an all pellet approach on this lake i decided to try a worm approach because i figured that with holding mixed species you would miss out on weight if you just targeted the f1s , although my worm mix for the day did include some micros + fish meal ground-bait which would help me attract the f1s into my swim and on my side tray i had ;

Two pints of maggots

Three pints of worm mix , soil+caster+worm+micro+ground-bait .

Small tub of worm for the hook

Small tub of 2+4mm expanders just incase things went pear-shaped .

When the all in sounded for the start of the match i began across to the far bank in two foot because even though it was warming up nicely we had a frost on the car in the morning and i felt the fish would be in the slightly deeper water , as it turned out for a change i was right because it didn’t take long before i was catching and in the first hour i managed twenty fish from the one line , i did alter a few things early on by reducing the size of the piece of worm on the hook as the fish were averaging about 8oz and because i was catching quite constantly i reduced the size of the kinder pot so i didn’t overfeed the swim .


Unsurprisingly my original line started to fade and i decided to put in a new swim towards my right as i wanted to leave the better left hand area of my peg for later in the match , yet again i was into fish almost straight away although they was mainly ide but on looking round i was doing better than most and as long as i kept putting fish in the net i was happy , after around thirty minutes i began foul hooking the odd f1 and i figured that they had backed off into the shallower water , i didn’t waste no time in replumbing up with my one foot worm rig in front of the little cover that i had along the far bank and i was back catching almost straight away , with half the match gone i had fifty fish on the clicker but i did lose the odd f1 which took me into the reeds and it was a balancing act trying to get my elastic right because i didn’t want to bump any fish off on the way in .

After the disturbance of losing a couple in the reeds i decided to drop onto my top four which i had fed with maggots since the match started i expected there to be a lot of barbel present and i had a bite as soon as my hook bait hit the deck but it wasnt the hoped for barbel but ide+f1s although they was there in numbers for about 15 minutes before they backed off , so i just rotated my two swims for the next hour and i was steadily putting fish in the net which was good fun even if they was a small stamp .

We was fast approaching the last hour and i expected to start catching really well from my left hand margin because it was an area of my peg that i had purposely ignored , i went six meters towards the empty peg and kinder potted in a ball of my worm mix this resulted in a couple of quick f1s plus a barbel but just as i felt that it was going to kick off , the all out sounded on the match behind me and all the disturbance with car doors slamming + people walking up and down put paid to my margin swim , i had no other option than to resort to going back across and after neglecting it for about thirty minutes the fish had disappeared so i decided to set up a new swim towards my right at 13m were the peg was a bit wider this produced a couple of f1s plus a small ghostie before the all out sounded on our match .

Overall i had really enjoyed my match today putting 95 fish in the net and i no doubt did quite a few things wrong on my first attempt at fishing the lake but it’s all a learning experience at the moment on here , when the scales arrived at my peg i was the last to weigh in my two nets went just over 50lb which put me forth on the lake just missing out on second by less than a pound , a couple of quite spells had cost me but i suppose that was the same for everybody as it’s always a close match on hawk and the lake winner had sixty pounds but did manage to catch some bonus fish which is always handy in these fish races .

I went down to see how the other Adlington lads had got on and our angler on the first two legs had done extremely well managing over a ton which put him second on the lake and match , our other lad on second two legs didn’t do that well but we knew that after the draw so he had to take one for the team today and it just shows how important it is to sit in the right areas when f1 fishing . As a team we ended up with 15 points for the second round running this put us 4th on the day one point behind second place so just four-ounce had cost us a money finishing position but thats team fishing for you , the other squad members had also improved a great deal from the first round managing to finish one point behind us in sixth place so everything seems to be coming together nicely.

We have a couple of weeks away from Cunneries so i will be heading back to Partridge lakes for the open match on Saturday before the Preston innovations pairs contest on the Monday so another busy weekend ahead , thanks for taking the time to read my blogs .